Best Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Decoration

Christmas is the party par excellence where you want to let go of your decor. A nice party is prepared first by decorating its environment. A house that shines with a thousand lights, a traditional or more original decoration, the choice is vast! Today, we have decided to put in the spotlight the unique, the magical and the original to offer you the most beautiful in the field … and all at a low price!

In the styles presented, it’s up to you to pick the ideas that will bring magic to your decor. Natural or traditional atmosphere, DIY Christmas decorating tips , polar atmosphere and design… Everything is there for the stylish end of year celebrations!

  • Nature is in the spotlight

Nature is in the spotlight (1)

Nature is in the spotlight

The spirit of the forest enters our interiors at the end of the year. The natural style is, this year, influenced by two styles: the clean style of the Nordic decor and the mountain chalet spirit. Rendezvous in the woods to pick up some pine cones and branches to decorate his Christmas table and his living room. The total look is rarely a good idea, mix these elements with a few vintage objects, all against a background of shades of white and a refined decor.

  • A design and polar Christmas

A design and polar Christmas (1)

A new wind is blowing on the Christmas decor with this revisited polar atmosphere. Be careful, if the base is white, accessories, flocked Christmas tree… Add a golden or silver color that shines and enhances everything, but also a bright color such as fuchsia or turquoise, which is very trendy this year. Candlestick, table or tree decoration, cushions … it’s up to you to decide where you want to put these brightly colored tips.

  • Black and disco style

Black and disco style (1)

The disco style itself is not really new… what is is that it has decided to invite itself into your Christmas decor. Dare to take the plunge, and immerse yourself in the ultimate festive atmosphere. The opportunity to take you back a few years or rediscover those crazy years. Mirror balls, reflective materials, light effects, strong colors such as fuchsia or electric blue, the choice is vast!

  • Trends that span the years

Trends that span the years

Trends that span the years 1 (1)

If for you the Christmas spirit is hidden in the combination of green and red, this is not a problem, add some very natural touches to modernize this slightly traditional festive decoration. Also think of small objects from northern countries that calm the atmosphere.

The blue and gold pairing is still alive today, so if you’ve opted for it in years past, you can pull it out without blushing. Add a few family-made objects for the tree or your table, this personal touch makes all the difference. 

And why not opt ​​for a black and white Christmas for once? Are you afraid that this decoration will emit sadness? Here are some tips: put more white than black, add natural elements, such as branches, vegetation … Multiply the candles and the electric garlands and especially do not forget the essential silver or gold tip as well as some colored objects.

  • Colorful Christmas

Colorful Christmas (1)

Colorful Christmas 1 (1)

This year, if you want celebrations anchored in fashion, focus your decor on the following colors: green, gold, pink, red and all neutral colors. Gold has a whole symbolism, it adds a precious notion to even the simplest decoration. You pair it equally well with neutral tones as with bright and strong shades. It is particularly elegant when combined with sophisticated materials. Neutral colors blend into your space, white and black go hand in hand with tones: earth, honey and gray. Red is the color of Christmas par excellence, it appeals to children and adults alike. It can be toned down with a few touches of white. As for pink, it makes a very remarkable entry into the Christmas universe. All shades of pink, from fuchsia to powder pink, are present in the collections. We love the softness of this shade which goes as well with silver as with gold!

  • A bit of you in your decor

A bit of you in your decor (1)

It’s yet another Christmas influenced by the DIY trend that is shaping up this year. Family sharing around manual work, take care of the homemade! Divert and customize the decorative objects with whatever comes to hand, plants in mind. Wrap your gifts by personalizing them with your creations, make your own very pretty advent calendars, graphic balls … Do not hesitate to recycle and reinvent for the holidays, decorations that suit you. The equipment is often inexpensive. 

  • Find inspiration …

Find inspiration ... (1)

Far from the traditional green and red hues, a gentle Christmas in silver, white and powder pink tones with subtle touches. We really like this refined set and which remains in the nature trend thanks to a few well chosen objects.

Find inspiration ...

Nature atmosphere for this festive decor, what if animals came to your home this year? A perfect idea for nature lovers.

Find inspiration ...

Minimalist atmosphere, but the Christmas spirit is very present! Modern and refined, it is a decor that blends perfectly with a designer interior.

Find inspiration ...

Original and joyful, the color is displayed without complex on this multicolored tree, in a harmonious gradient. If you like color, go for it!

Find inspiration ...

Sober, but effective, all its originality lies in the Nordic-inspired decorations, always very present at Christmas, a real bias that will delight the youngest.

  • What if you used the so-called alternative tree?

We are no longer talking about the tree that we all know, but in the spirit of recycling and DIY, of a tree that you create yourself. Originality guaranteed! Stock up on ideas that are often ecological, personalized, economical and above all… unique!

What if you used the so-called alternative tree (1)

A simple recycling ladder and a few balls from previous years that you dispose of nicely, and here is a great alternative to the traditional Christmas tree!

What if you used the so-called alternative tree 1 (1)

Another beautiful Christmas tree in the advent calendar mode. It will take pride of place in a corner of the living room or in front of the fireplace, as a counterpart to the more traditional Christmas tree.

What if you used the so-called alternative tree 2 (1)

If the wood is very present, it is attenuated by the presence of white decorative subjects, in different materials, some silver tips and transparency. A perfectly successful blend that attenuates the raw side by giving it shine and modernity, while retaining the natural look!

What if you used the so-called alternative tree 3 (1)

A few branches of wood tied with string, small objects made by you or bought at a low price. A spectacular result to customize according to your imagination. This original tree occupies a wall in a pretty way. In a modern decor, tint the branches white and add decorations to the colors of your room!

What if you used the so-called alternative tree 4 (1)

You have a slate wall, so put your drawing skills in favor of a very beautiful Christmas tree drawn with some chalk. Personalization and originality are waiting for you!

What if you used the so-called alternative tree 5 (1)

You have a very contemporary interior that you like to liven up in winter with a few small ethnic touches, during the end of the year celebrations, stay in your style with this nicely symbolized tree. A few pieces of driftwood collected during your last vacation at the sea and some painting… 

What if you used the so-called alternative tree 6 (1)

With simplicity and modernity, sublimate your room with a nice play of light! Easy to make and inexpensive, bet on originality …

What if you used the so-called alternative tree 7 (1)

A refined decor with a certain charm … Here instead of the classic Christmas tree, a tree adorns your room! A very nice idea to personalize as much as you want.

  • Pretty balls and garlands to make yourself

Pretty balls and garlands to make yourself

Who said the holiday season was a big budget? It is obvious that between small elaborate dishes and decorations, the price climbs easily. So why not take advantage of the handmade trend, some supplies and here’s what to occupy with the family and prepare for the holidays without breaking the bank. 

Here are some ideas in pictures that you adapt to your decorating style with a little creativity and imagination. Refined, elegant, origami balls take on color. They are simply adorned with a dazzling white that will not go unnoticed and bring purity and softness to your decor for the holidays.

Pretty balls and garlands to make yourself 1 (1)

Pretty balls and garlands to make yourself 2 (1)

Transparency allows you to play with light for sometimes unexpected effects and a magical side.

Pretty balls and garlands to make yourself 3 (1)

Pretty balls and garlands to make yourself 4 1 (1)

Pretty balls and garlands to make yourself 5 (1)

Because a festive table must be beautiful and make you want, here are some creations to copy by putting your “touch” of course!

  • The most beautiful Christmas tables

Christmas is the time of year that brings the whole family together around a large, joyful and lively table. She also dresses in her best clothes in order to receive brilliantly and to subjugate her guests. Here are some photos that will certainly give you ideas.

The most beautiful Christmas tables (1)

Very simple, inexpensive, but elegant with a little reminder of nature.

The most beautiful Christmas tables 1 (1)

Blue, white and silver, classic, simple, but effective!

The most beautiful Christmas tables 2 (1)

All the chic of gold comes to the table

The most beautiful Christmas tables 3 (1)

A few discreet touches of pink for a gentle party atmosphere

The most beautiful Christmas tables 4 (1)

Very elegant table where the Scandinavian style is very present!

The most beautiful Christmas tables 5 (1)

A slightly rococo and retro style!

The most beautiful Christmas tables 6 (1)

Party atmosphere guaranteed with refinement and attention to detail.

The most beautiful Christmas tables 7 (1)

Simplicity in all its splendor!

The most beautiful Christmas tables 8 (1)

All in transparency, a slightly naive decor, but full of charm!