18 Fabulous Kitchen Ideas Decorated in Yellow (1)

The color palette used in the kitchen determines the style and atmosphere that will prevail there. Just as well, the whole energy directly depends on the color palette. In this article, we have decided to suggest a color that suits all kitchen styles and is essentially synonymous with a base for a bright, welcoming and positive energy. That color happens to be yellow. A yellow kitchen will certainly reflect a bright and serene atmosphere and will help you create a comfortable and cozy appearance inside. Below, we have selected some kitchen designs dressed in yellow that could serve as inspiration.

1. A bold style

A bold style (1)

The cabinets that are painted yellow spread a powerful and extremely bright vibe in this natural looking kitchen. The predominance of yellow accompanied by the natural and subtle decorative palette provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

2. Pale yellow

Pale yellow (1)

The shade of yellow in this sunny kitchen is just adorable. The pastel yellow cupboards give a pleasant feeling to this place so natural and bright.

3. Chic

Chic (1)

Yellow is the color that mainly provides the invigorating and cheerful character to this kitchen. At the same time, it creates a complete image of a natural and comfortable kitchen.

4. Contemporary 

Contemporary (1)

In this kitchen, the pale yellow cupboards break up the gray neutrality and cold look in this kitchen. They provide the place with an ultra modern and contemporary vibe.

5. Cozy

Cozy (1)

This yellow kitchen is dazzling. It reflects a serene and calm atmosphere. The predominance of light yellow brings a cozy note.

6. Industrial

Industrial (1)

The yellow color of the walls of this industrial and modern kitchen is simply pleasant! The warm character of the nuances used in this kitchen helped to establish a serious framework. The light yellow cupboards offer the lit side, a lively and light character at the same time.

7. Bohemian

Bohemian (1)

Here is a monochromatic yellow kitchen with a bohemian setting. It reflects a warm and naturally pure energy. The monochrome decoration spreads a serene and soothing atmosphere.

8. Happy

Happy (1)

Sunlight accompanying the color scheme in this kitchen creates an opulent and sunny feel in this beautiful kitchen. The atmosphere is particularly cozy.

9. Mediterranean

Mediterranean (1)

The Mediterranean style of decoration applied in this kitchen fits well with the yellow color of the walls, which happens to be the main source of brightness and dynamism in the room.

10. Elegant

elegant (1)

How about this gorgeous, modern kitchen? Lemon yellow cupboards give it that fabulous look. Not to mention its elegance and its luminous and warm character.

11. Gentle

Gentle (1)

The pale yellow color brightens up this kitchen and provides it with a wonderful and radiant ambiance. The natural light that enters through the large window accentuates this ambiance and brightens the atmosphere.

12. The joy of summer in the kitchen

The joy of summer in the kitchen (1)

Yellow is one of those colors that make everyone happy in summer. It also has the same effect in the kitchen, mainly if the bright yellow and used with a lighter tone, such as pastel yellow as a background for example. The farmhouse style kitchen in the following image has a dynamic and cheerful decor thanks to the yellow furniture. It’s not visually overwhelming though, as the gray of the backsplash and stainless steel play a soothing role.

13. When yellow is needed!

When yellow is needed! (1)

The kitchen dressed in yellow and gray is not only designed for summer. Admittedly, yellow reminds of the sun, but the color combination can very well be chosen throughout the year. Preferably, opt for a neutral gray background, and bring a good dose of bright yellow to brighten up the room.

14. High yellow furniture

High yellow furniture (1)

The most obvious way to use this color in your room is to choose yellow cabinet fronts . To avoid the total look, you can opt for white kitchen units at the bottom and yellow facades for the high units.

15. Yellow wall

Yellow wall (1)

If you don’t feel like changing the fronts of your kitchen cabinets, you can also paint your walls using yellow. In this case, you can paint the entire wall or just a part to create a very trendy visual effect.

16. Yellow zelige tile splashback

Yellow zelige tile splashback (1)

Know that you can also use the yellow in your kitchen with the help of a pretty earthenware. You can choose a geometric model for a more modern decor or the famous zelige tiles which are particularly in view at the moment.

17. Yellow kitchen furniture

Yellow kitchen furniture (1)

You are thinking about your new kitchen and you want a warm and bright atmosphere. Do you want color and originality? Yellow is definitely a color to consider. One of the solutions to put yellow in your kitchen is the furniture, thanks to the dressing of the facades. It is less easy to find yellow than gray or wood trim, but it is not impossible either.

18. Yellow decorative accessories

Yellow decorative accessories (1)

We finish our tour of the kitchen with the accessories. Unlike the other three possibilities, choosing yellow accessories for your kitchen allows you to use this color in small quantities. What are the colorful objects that are usually found in a kitchen? We can think of the fridge, the bar stools, the curtains / blinds, the small household appliance (my toaster is yellow for example)… Which is interesting when we work on objects rather than walls or furniture, is that it requires less work and therefore it is less expensive to set up.