15+ Ideas of Mid-century Style Bedrooms (1)

There are endless ideas for mid-century bedroom decorating. This style may seem outdated to us nowadays, but with the know-how and creativity of the designers, it is still in the news and still has a timeless value. This style can be really classy and elegant. It can compete with all other styles. Note that the important characteristic of a mid-century room is the enhancement of the woodwork with an airy and luminous nature. Most of the spaces with this theme are decorated at the same time with patterns and textures in a subtle way. Others have seen themselves with earthy tones, but more experienced designers choose bold colors for more appeal.

1. A chic decor

A chic decor (1)

This huge wall decoration featuring a giant billiard ball is self-sufficient. She is perfect in this spacious room. With such a decorative object, you do not have to furnish the room with more furniture or other accessories.

2. A perfect layout

A perfect layout (1)

If you like blue, this room is for you! Using this color with wooden furniture like in this photo is really awesome; and this wall decoration also fits and complements the bed set.

3. Very charming by the lake

Very charming by the lake (1)

This bedroom is connected to the exterior; you can instantly feel the freshness of the garden once you leave your room. She may be simple, but she has an incredible charm.

4. In a ranch house

In a ranch house (1)

Here we love the patterns used on the cushions as well as the soft carpet. Everything in this room is in perfect harmony, even with the gray background.

5. A little retro

A little retro (1)

Well, we never miss a decoration with the color white as in the case of this bedroom. The owner is surely a fan of Marilyn Monroe, but aside from this retro decor, the rest of the decorative elements give pride of place to modern style. Nice combination, right?

6. Various colors

Various colors (1)

There is a certain creative and artistic touch in this bedroom with the use of patterns on the wall. The chosen colors are very soft and look refreshing.

7. Very stylish

Very stylish (1)

We are really won over by this ” LOVE ” symbol mirrored on the wall. We also love the combination of blue and gray in this white bedroom. It’s too chic!

8. A dream setting

A dream setting (1)

A platform bed with a very comfortable mattress and a whole bunch of pillows! It is too beautiful ! The proximity to the courtyard is even more pleasant. Imagine having morning coffee in this place!

9. Simply mid-century

Simply mid-century (1)

A simple yet beautiful design for a bedroom with a patterned bedspread. Things have been done without exaggeration with the use of solid colored curtains and other light colored elements. What about that lounge chair? It’s typically mid-century!

10. In a modern residence

In a modern residence (1)

Brick walls and tartan prints create a rustic, cottage feel in this room, but it maintains its mid-century charm with its ceiling and other woodwork elements.

11. Wooden furniture with clean lines

Wooden furniture with clean lines (1)

Wooden furniture with simple straight lines are typical elements of the mid-century modern style. This keeps a decor open and does not clutter it up. These are also essential characteristics for a bedroom where you are supposed to relax.

12. Low furniture

Low furniture (1)

Base furniture is recommended for a mid-century modern bedroom; whether it’s the bed, dresser or chairs. The tones of the furniture and wooden elements create a soothing and warm atmosphere.

13. The association of white color with dark wood

The association of white color with dark wood (1)

White is essential for the bedroom to be cool and serene. However, so that it is not cold either, dark-colored wooden elements are to be preferred. Be careful, however, not to fill the room with bulky and sturdy wooden furniture. Furniture in this style has thin, open legs (in the case of chairs, bedside tables and dressers).

14. The reasons to favor

The reasons to favor (1)

Graphic details cannot be separated from mid-century modern style. Geometric patterns and abstract prints will liven up your bedroom without taking away the calming side.

15. Mid-century modern color palettes

mid-century modern color palettes (1)

Consider trying one of these color palettes if you’d like to decorate your bedroom with mid-century modern flair. Red and teal, orange and avocado green as well as mustard yellow and brown may be color combinations that you are not used to seeing, but they are typical of mid-design. modern century.

16. Patterns and textures

Patterns and textures (1)

As the lines are clean and the decoration should not be maximalist, it will be necessary to give a certain importance to the patterns and textures. Otherwise, you risk having a boring decor. The mixture of textures and patterns will add depth and an interesting touch to the decoration.

17. Lighting

Lighting (1)

Large geometric lights are recommended in mid-century modern interior design. In the bedroom, it would be nice to have a chandelier or a hanging lamp for a simpler style.

18. Furniture that symbolizes the mid-century modern style of decoration

Furniture that symbolizes the mid-century modern style of decoration (1)

If you’ve always dreamed of having a bright and airy bedroom; then mid-century modern design is for you. Don’t forget to include at least one piece of furniture that represents precisely this style.