15 Ideas of Vintage and Shabby Chic Washbasins for the Bathroom (1)

Vintage style is more common in vogue these days for the simple reason that there is nothing more beautiful than old and fancy things. The shabby chic style is not left out either. It’s a mix of vintage and casual decor that’s less formal. Are you a fan of vintage? Do you particularly appreciate the shabby chic style? This post will definitely interest you.

1. Shabby chic style sink cabinet ideas

Shabby chic style sink cabinet ideas (1)

The shabby chic style can be seen as a mix of vintage and rustic styles but with a less formal and more worn / old look. Those who choose to adopt this style do so today precisely because it makes their interior cozy, chic while remaining relaxing.

You can easily create your shabby chic vanity unit with an old chest of drawers on which we apply the ideal paint and patina, and on which we do some sanding. White and gray are not the only colors allowed. We can very well have a colored sink cabinet with an old effect.

2. Vintage rustic sink cabinet

Vintage rustic sink cabinet (1)

We often combine the vintage style with the rustic style in order to obtain a more cozy effect. A rustic vintage sink cabinet is then another good idea for your vintage bathroom; but also rustic. If you wish, create a more casual and less refined style with a darker wood stain, weathered finishes, wood in a warm color and a different countertop. For example, you could choose a wood vanity cabinet with a rustic vintage look but with a marble or stone countertop. Compared to the more refined vintage vanity unit, the vintage rustic vanity unit pairs perfectly with the open shelves. You can use baskets to group items or products on your open shelves.

3. Refined vintage sink cabinet

Refined vintage sink cabinet (1)

If you really want to have a fancy bathroom, you will need the perfect sink cabinet. Choose a black, white or gray color model with refined handles and gold details. It will also be an opportunity to replace the faucet so that it adapts to the chosen style.

4. Single large basin

Single large basin (1)

Usually a double sink is separate. For this style of vintage double sink, there is a single large basin that is wide and two taps. The vintage touch can be recognized by the type of taps and the color of the exterior part of the washbasin, which also matches the bathtub and the wall. This tone of blue is often found in vintage decorations; so if you want your bathroom to relive the good times, simply change your faucet to an old model and paint your sink vintage blue.

5. Piece of furniture accommodates the sink

piece of furniture accommodates the sink (1)

The vanity unit is to be distinguished from the vanity unit. The first can be easily separated from the tank, it simply sticks to the ground. This piece of furniture accommodates the sink while hiding the entire plumbing. It can be fitted with a door or not according to your preferences. We approach the question of the vanity unit because it is an element that allows to bring a particular style to the bathroom and to the sink. A piece of furniture that you have DIYed with old-looking wooden planks can add a vintage touch to your sink. For everything to be in harmony, choose a simple faucet for the sink.

6. Vintage washbasin model

vintage washbasin model

Here is a vintage washbasin model par excellence.

7. Ceramic sink

ceramic sink (1)

The ceramic sink is popular for its smooth surface. On the other hand, the problem is that it gets dirty easily and does not defend itself well against lime attacks. For cleaning you will need bleach or white vinegar. It was just a little tip in case your sink is ceramic and you are having trouble cleaning it. Here is a white ceramic sink that normally isn’t that old. It is therefore the elements around it that bring the vintage style. As such, the piece of furniture on which it is installed, the pastel green on the wall and the armed green on the accessories.

8. Metal stand as vintage sink

Metal stand as vintage sink

Old objects are often the most resistant. The metal stand also reminds us of how special vintage is and how modern it is.

9. An older model of sink

An older model of sink (1)

If you are lucky enough to find an older model of sink in the markets or on the internet, this would be ideal. Here is a little preview.

10. Simply shabby

Simply shabby (1)

This bathroom shows how simple accessories can really make or break a room’s look and feel. The wicker towel basket on the floor would already be effective on its own, but with the addition of the flowers growing from the top, it becomes a contrasting and colorful part of the room.

11. Old wood

Old wood (1)

This bathroom tends more towards the rustic side of shabby chic, but the pale yellow combined with the rough finish of the vanity unit works effectively to provide a country chic feel.

12. Shabby design

Shabby design (1)

Perhaps a little too neat to classify as truly shabby chic, this bathroom nonetheless takes elements of the style and uses them effectively. The color scheme, large mirror, dual sinks, cabinet design, and various storage options all work together to create a room identifiable as shabby chic, but one that could possibly use a finishing touch to make it more so.

13. Two basins

Two basins (1)

Saving space can be difficult, especially when two people are using the same facilities. This bathroom accommodates a man and a woman, with two sinks featuring a magnifying mirror on the left and a full-length mirror placed on the right.

14. The elegance of pink floral prints

The elegance of pink floral prints (1)

Floral prints are gorgeous, especially when part of a shabby chic decor. The following bathrooms are embellished with floral prints in different ways. When redecorating your bathroom, you will have the choice between curtains, wallpaper or floral towels.

Pink is a perfect color for a shabby chic bathroom; especially since one of the colors of the year 2016 is rose quartz. However, you can also choose blue, green or yellow floral prints. If possible, add a vase of fresh flowers to your bathroom.

15. Rustic country furniture and accessories or just a used look

Rustic country furniture and accessories or just a used look (1)

When it comes to shabby chic interior design, the older the better. Furniture with peeling paint, untreated wood, and anything that will look old and even worn will be welcome in a shabby chic bathroom.