20 Round Bed Designs for a Unique Bedroom (1)

In the morning, what matters is not whether you get up with your right or left foot, but that you are ready to face the day. It goes without saying that to be calm, you should have slept well, and one of the essential conditions for this is to have a good bed. If you’re interested in anything glamorous and would like to ditch the rectangular shape, try round beds; they are modern and can be very practical as well.

1. Round bed design

Round bed design (1)

For a long time, round beds were considered a symbol of royalty, and it was thought that only wealthy people could have them; but trust us, they are a must have in everyone’s home. They are really comfortable and can create a dreamy atmosphere.

2. Integrate leather into the design

Integrate leather into the design (1)

For a modern touch, add a little sophistication and elegance to your bedroom. Incorporate cream and white colored leather around the edge of the bed, or opt for a black leather bed like this outright.

3. A colorful round bed

A colorful round bed (1)

Sleek beds are ideal for a minimalist bedroom design. Colorful round beds are perfect for brightening up a bedroom where furniture and accessories are limited.

4. A round and modern bed

A round and modern bed (1)

Some round beds are just perfect for a modern bedroom. It is the case of this one besides.

5. Modern style round bed

Modern style round bed (1)

If you have enough space, then it is possible to opt for a large round bed model and make it the focal point of your interior design. Choosing the right size is important for a comfortable bedroom. The bed itself does not have to be very large. It could however have a large headboard or a decorated frame like in the example above. It can also serve as a separator between spaces.

6. Round bed in woven resin

Round bed in woven resin (1)

In fact, beds of this type are not always perfectly round! Most of the time they are oval in shape and sometimes they can even have irregular shapes. Rather, they are defined by their curving shapes and smooth lines. In some cases, the shape is emphasized by a frame that has similar characteristics , becoming the whole with the mattress.

7. Round bed inspired by the sea and shells

round bed inspired by the sea and shells (1)

The round bed by Stella Marina features a design inspired by the sea, seashells and oysters! The headboard is quilted and comes as a soft and velvety extension of this “seashell”. The bed plays with curving lines and has an elegant, romantic and glamorous overall look.

8. Minimalist interior

minimalist interior (1)

Other round beds are with a more simple and refined design. However, that doesn’t make them any less interesting. The Miami bed by Bolzan Letti has a simple but original design. It has a black headboard, its lines are smooth in contrast to the curvy shape of the bed. The cover is removable and available in leather, faux leather or fabric.

9. The round bed with the square

The round bed with the square (1)

Another very simple and modern round bed design is Zero Size. Its design combines two basic shapes: the circle and the square. Although the base is circular, the headboard has straight lines and angles that match the mattress. The result is a balanced and harmonious look.

10. Minimalism is elegance

Minimalism is elegance (1)

This is what can easily define the design of the Lullaby Due bed. Although its design is modern, its overall appearance reminds us of the 60s. This is a bed with a timeless look. Its round frame is complemented by a wing headboard. The swivel base allows it to become a central element in the layout of a room. The headrest also has a rotary base 360 that rotates in both directions.

11. Rustic style interior

Rustic style interior (1)

There are many reasons that prove the advantages of a rectangular bed and yet the round shape holds! In a bulky space with large windows, a round bed could match the interior design very well and integrate style and ambiance wonderfully. So if you want a round bed for your interior, don’t hesitate any longer!

12. Plato round bed with pocket sprung mattress

Plato round bed with pocket sprung mattress (1)

Even for a man’s bedroom, this bed would look great.

13. Leather Round Bed

Leather Round Bed (1)

Italian style bed with a stunning queen fit headboard!

14. Modern round leather bed

Modern round leather bed (1)

Creamy Italian leather vibrant with crocodile textures. It uses mirror-like stainless steel accents to give it a modern touch.

15. Round platform bed in white faux leather

Round platform bed in white faux leather (1)

A round bed covered in durable white faux leather with ambient lighting on the headboard.

16. Round bed with padded frame

Round bed with padded frame (1)

The padded frame of this bed adds comfort while taking up less floor space for a bedroom.

17. Royal Round Bed

Royal Round Bed (1)

High quality Avanti leather is used for this round bed with a beautiful curved headboard.

18. Stone residence

Stone residence (1)

There were enough pops of red in this room, but the brown round bed is a focal point that creates a statement.

19. Queen Size Round Platform Bed

Queen Size Round Platform Bed (1)

A round bed with a thick structure and soft leather. It also has two side tables.

20. Modern king circle design

Modern king circle design (1)

This one suits both modern and contemporary bedroom decor.