15 Rustic Furniture Ideas for a Cozy Bathroom (1)

The rustic decor style has not gone out of fashion. This is undoubtedly because it makes any interior cozy and welcoming. The idea is not necessarily to completely decorate your rooms with a rustic design; a few small touches are enough to make the difference. In case you have a rustic bathroom or want to bring a rustic touch to your bathroom, consider investing in a rustic sink cabinet or cabinet.

1. Furniture entirely in wood … or with a counter covered with another material

Furniture entirely in wood ... or with a counter covered with another material (1)

Rustic bathroom furniture can have an industrial, vintage, or mid-century modern edge, but it’s still wood. If you are a handyman, you can even make your own rustic piece of furniture, transforming a wooden table into a sink for example. The only downside to wood is that humidity is harmful to it over time. Nevertheless, it is possible to cover the countertop with stones, concrete or other more durable and water resistant material. This will also allow you to bring a unique touch to the decor.

2. Rustic cupboards and vanities

Rustic cupboards and vanities (1)

If you prefer closed storage, then you should bet on a rustic sink cabinet or a closed cupboard. This will help you hide all those things you need but which do not do your decor justice. It could be a reclaimed wood vanity unit made up of drawers and shelves or a stained wood cabinet. You can transform an old table or sideboard into a sink cabinet. Don’t forget to change the handles.

If you are a fan of the shabby chic style, it would be nice to whitewash the piece of furniture. For a modern touch, you should instead try the floating vanity, but in reclaimed wood. This will undoubtedly bring a note that is both modern and cozy in your bathroom. The open shelves are quite practical for storing towels and various bathroom products. For a small bathroom, it is best to avoid the double sink cabinet. A simple washbasin cabinet accompanied by a wall cupboard or floating shelves is more interesting.

3. Open shelves and vanities

Open shelves and vanities (1)

The open sink cabinet is another interesting option to make your bathroom cozy. This type of cabinet is less bulky and ideal for small bathrooms. You might say it’s not practical to cover up small messes. However, this is handy as you will be careful not to create a mess. The good thing about this type of furniture is that you will still have storage shelves.

For a cozy bathroom, you can opt for open vanities and shelves that are totally rustic or that also feature another style: shabby chic or industrial for example. With a wooden cabinet and metallic stones, you will succeed in your rustic industrial decor.

4. The hexagonal wall covering

the hexagonal wall covering (1)

Without windows and showing only modest dimensions, this small bathroom combines constraints. We love the choice of the hexagonal wall covering, which makes it possible to mix wood and light stone. This dynamic movement is carefully thought out to visually enlarge the room.

5. Combination of white and wood

Combination of white and wood (1)

In the bathroom, the combination of white and wood is a classic. This does not prevent you from achieving a resolutely contemporary decor! Here, we focus on a gray parquet, at the forefront of the trend, which highlights the atypical configuration of the room. The very sleek design furniture without handles displays a rigor mitigated by the choice of a warm wood species.

6. Opt for wood to enhance the basin

opt for wood to enhance the basin (1)

If this bathroom benefits from pleasant volumes, it only has a small window. To enjoy a bath without having the unpleasant feeling of suffocating, we therefore opted for a platform. The master stroke? Forget earthenware and opt for wood to enhance the basin. We love the raw wood shelves, which bring a natural and authentic touch to a very modern bathroom.

7. Raw effect wood wall covering

Raw effect wood wall covering (1)

The raw wood bathroom is not exclusively reserved for a retro decor or country house spirit. Here, we chose a raw effect wood wall covering, which creates a cozy enveloping effect. The choice of white furniture with a minimalist design immediately breaks the rustic side, to create a very contemporary decor.

8. Bathroom with zen spirit

Bathroom with zen spirit (1)

For this bathroom with exposed beams, we opted for a light wood type. Each element is chosen with the greatest care: vertical and horizontal wooden handles, shelf which bars the round mirror… The great attention given to lines and materials allows the room to be visually enlarged while creating a very Zen spirit.

9. Vegetal against mineral

Vegetal against mineral (1)

This wooden bathroom plays with materials brilliantly. And not to spoil anything, the gray and raw shade of the concrete sublimates this essence full of character. We like the choice of striated wood, which infuses a discreet note of dynamism to this organic decor.

10. Bathroom dares to use black

Bathroom dares to use black (1)

This very chic ethnic bathroom dares to use black. In this cozy setting, the wooden vanity unit is resplendent. And if mirrors and wall lights are very small, we dare to use artisanal jewelry as a decoration.

11. Boho bathroom

Boho bathroom (1)

In this boho bathroom, duck blue subtly highlights the exotic essence of the furniture. This sophisticated shade contrasts nicely with the very natural decor, which gives pride of place to organic materials: wool, wicker, etc.

12. Raw natural stone and delicate mosaic

Raw natural stone and delicate mosaic (1)

In this contemporary bathroom, materials are used with subtlety to structure the space. We are particularly inspired by the accent wall which opposes horizontal lines and vertical lines: a trick that gives lightness to an imposing freestanding bathtub.

13. Wood makes it possible to play with lines and perspectives

Wood makes it possible to play with lines and perspectives (1)

A characteristic which makes it possible to sublimate the volumes or visually enlarge the space. For a more airy rendering, we opted here for bathrooms with a curvaceous design and a glass wall without a frame. We have also replaced the traditional niche or shelf with a small round table, which discreetly echoes the design of the mirror and the basin.

14. Use of wood as a covering and for furniture

use of wood as a covering and for furniture (1)

The use of wood as a covering and for furniture can make the space stuffy, especially if the bathroom is lacking in light. To avoid this pitfall, we use two different species, preferably focusing on a pronounced contrast, in order to give more relief to the decoration.

15. Dark wood parquet

dark wood parquet (1)

In this stylish interior, the dark wood parquet wonderfully warms the atmosphere. We like the choice of very contemporary furniture in light wood, which blows a breeze of modernity … very gently!