20 Ideas of Headboards for a Luxurious Bedroom (1)

Choosing the furniture for a bedroom is not an easy task when you start from scratch. By creating the wrong combination, the appearance of the entire bedroom can fall into a mess. Lots of dark colored furniture will strain the mood which is supposed to be as stress free as possible. But with a single piece of furniture or an element in the dark color, you will give your room a focal point that will make it modern and chic without looking heavy and too dull. Here are some dark colored headboards to make your bedroom even more luxurious.

1. Velvet: an ideal fabric for a luxurious touch

Velvet an ideal fabric for a luxurious touch (1)

Velor is a safe fabric choice for headboard upholstery. Its texture is perfect for obtaining a chic and serious atmosphere in your room. Go for a blue or dark green to make it stand out. Add an even more luxurious touch with a design featuring pretty curves.

2. Geometric shapes for a modern touch and wood for an exotic touch

Geometric shapes for a modern touch and wood for an exotic touch (1)

If you have a problem finding a headboard that matches the colorful walls in your bedroom, a dark-colored wooden model is always a good solution. This geometric headboard will provide your bedroom with an exotic atmosphere. 

3. Patterns and texture to break up the dark side

Patterns and texture to break up the dark side (1)

You might think that a black headboard would be a bit drab in your bedroom, yet that wouldn’t be a bad choice. Here for example, the curves around the edges and the lattice texture keep the look airy while delivering that luxurious color. 

4. Luxurious and masculine

Luxurious and masculine (1)

It is sure that you are going to love this tufted headboard if you are not afraid of the dark. In leather rather than velvet, it is very attractive. It is perfect for a single room. 

5. A dark brown headboard

A dark brown headboard (1)

Rustic wood is great for a headboard. Its dark grains and rich texture are perfect for the ‘farmhouse’ look you crave for your bedroom. In addition, it will bring a dark color that is less dramatic than black.

6. A graceful color

A graceful color (1)

For those who want a sufficiently graceful headboard, this headboard will be perfect. Its slate blue color is dark enough to make it a focal point without taking away your penchant for pastel colors. 

7. An emphasis on color, not fabric

An emphasis on color, not fabric (1)

Not all headboards have to be upholstered in velor. Linen fabric in a dark shade is a great way to draw attention to the color, not the fabric.

8. A gray headboard

A gray headboard (1)

Gray is a beautiful color. Regardless of the shade, it is always soft and comforting. This particular headboard embellished with upholstery nails would fit even the most industrial of decorations. 

9. A beautiful contrast

A beautiful contrast (1)

A dark headboard can provide a nice contrast in a decor marked by light colors. 

10. An original design

An original design (1)

This black headboard is beautiful. It will make you think of a safari. 

11. A chic model

A chic model (1)

Do you agree that this headboard is ideal for leaning back while reading a book or drinking coffee on Saturday mornings? The artistic decor style allows the bedroom to remain chic no matter the other styles going with it. 

12. The contemporary headboard

The contemporary headboard

If you are more of a contemporary decorator, you might rather want a headboard in flashy colors , such as a bright yellow, an electric blue or even an orange, which would be adorned with patterns in geometric shapes . We will rather look for rounded shapes to counterbalance the bright colors.

13. The cocoon headboard

The cocoon headboard

Give a comforting atmosphere to your room by opting for a cocooning-style headboard. We will then choose warm colors, which associated with wood will provide a warm atmosphere. In this case, we can find a trendy Maisons du Monde headboard in very cozy shades of colors: rosewood, caramel, taupe, beige etc … Regarding the shape, we will take rounded lines to accentuate the feeling of comfort.

14. The designer headboard

The designer headboard

For a designer and trendy bedroom, we appreciate the headboard models that feature leather. They give both an impression of comfort, a trendy and warm look. You can opt for a quilted and rounded model, perfect if you have a Scandinavian bed with clean lines.

15. The nature headboard

The nature headboard

If you want a natural and simple look , rattan is an excellent material to achieve this result. The headboards are rather light and suitable for small rooms or a massive headboard could give the sensation of block space. The colors are clear and brighten up a room very easily without attracting the eye in a disproportionate way. Those who would like to accentuate the spirit of nature, can opt for organic cotton bed linen or a natural coconut or latex mattress.

16. The luxury headboard

The luxury headboard

If you love opulence and want to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, a tufted and velvet headboard is a great solution. Regarding the color, you can go for a flashy tone that will highlight this element which will then be central in your bedroom decoration.

17. Caning headboard

Caning (1)

Caning is one of the essential materials in our interiors. To stick as closely as possible to trends, we love the association of a retro touch of this woven rattan and a black wooden frame. Made in oak and cane, the Shigeko headboard is one of the sure values ​​of the moment. You can make it the highlight of a minimalist decor, or combine it with precious materials – such as velvet – for an opulent and cozy decor.

18. The wooden headboard

the wooden headboard (1)

Bringing charm and authenticity to the bedroom, the wooden headboard remains a safe bet. At AM PM, it adopts classic lines and is adorned with raw wood. Called Noto, this acacia headboard is one of the most versatile models around: whether it’s bringing the final touch to a boho bedroom, warming up a contemporary bedroom or adding a twist to a romantic bedroom, it works every time.

19. Modern dark blue

modern dark blue (1)

The studded tufted headboard is timeless. Revisits this absolute classic with gusto. Opting for washed linen that is soft to the eye and to the touch and for a terribly modern dark blue, the brand signs one of its prettiest models of the season.

20. Simple and elegant model

Simple and elegant model (1)

The Selve tufted headboard displays a timeless Nordic design. This simple and elegant model will however find its place in a contemporary bedroom or even in a stylish interior, to which it will bring a touch of modernity. We are more particularly fond of this variation in dark blue.