15 Ideas for Decorating a Small Kitchen (1)

In truth, the size of the kitchen, in many cases, is a crucial factor in its functionality. The same is true for aesthetics, but not always. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a spacious kitchen, and if you’re among those with a small kitchen, you’ve come across the right post. Thanks to the different ways of arranging and decorating these kitchens that you see in pictures, you will be able to come up with brilliant ideas to visually expand the look of your kitchen. Using as much space as possible and making an optimal compact arrangement is a matter of organization.

1. A long and beautiful kitchen

A long and beautiful kitchen (1)

The structure of this kitchen is efficient to give it a compact and functional character. The door placed in the middle of the room favors the penetration of natural light.

2. Compact

Compact (1)

Even small, this kitchen looks adorable. The layout of the kitchen furniture and appliances has been done well to create this compact and functional look. The white color of the wardrobes visually enlarges the place and provides it with a bright and airy look.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary (1)

Black is not a recommended color for a small kitchen, as dark tones visually limit and reduce space, but the kitchen in this photo is an exception. The skylight on the ceiling is probably the solution to the problem.

4. An adorable kitchen

An adorable kitchen (1)

The arrangement of the appliances in this kitchen is really awesome and smart. That’s what makes it look bigger. The table placed in the middle of the room provides a natural and compact feel.

5. Industrial

Industrial (1)

The owner of this small kitchen solved the space problem by putting the appliances and furniture in the right place. The industrial style and the use of the white color provides a light and airy vibe in this beautiful kitchen.

6. Light and airy

Light and airy (1)

White walls, white cupboards, steel appliances, natural wood flooring, and sliding glass doors are the formula used to make this tiny kitchen not seem so small. It is also the one which made it possible to transform a narrow place into a beautiful airy and bright kitchen.

7. A perfectly lit kitchen

A perfectly lit kitchen (1)

The window as the focal point of this kitchen plays an important role in bringing in natural light and thus creating a wider visual illusion of the place. Light blue cupboards add a fresh and cheerful note to this adorable little kitchen.

8. Modern

Modern (1)

The subway tile backsplash contrasting with the black and white flooring creates a balanced and relaxed vibe in this small but modern kitchen. White closets reflect a bright sense and visually expand the place.

9. Natural

Natural (1)

The predominance of natural wood is beneficial for a narrow kitchen, as the woodwork adds a warm, earthy scent which in turn provides long lasting and deep energy.

10. A copper mosaic to revamp the splashback of a small kitchen

A copper mosaic to revamp the splashback of a small kitchen (1)

To make your small kitchen more elegant, we revamp the credenza with a new shiny and copper mosaic. The decorative touch that does it all: combine the slightly bling glitter side of the mosaic with the chic sobriety of a matte black paint on the rest of the wall.

11. A fancy tile floor to brighten up a small kitchen

A fancy tile floor to brighten up a small kitchen (1)

Decorated with fancy cement tiles, the floor of this kitchen has the effect of a rug. Decorated in this way, the floor catches the eye and the room appears larger and warmer.

12. Touches of light pastel to light up a small kitchen

Touches of light pastel to light up a small kitchen (1)

Thanks to a shades of pastel colored touches, we punctuate the different corners of this small kitchen and give it more style. Next to a green fridge, the credenza and the side table are pink, and a purple wall unifies everything. The whole brings softness to a small, somewhat clinical white kitchen while keeping it very bright.

13. A professional mini cooker integrated into a small kitchen

A professional mini cooker integrated into a small kitchen (1)

Designed for small urban spaces, the central island module La Cornue now makes it possible to install a real professional cooker in a small kitchen, and thus to offer a decor full of character!

14. Storage units hanging around the window of a small kitchen

Storage units hanging around the window of a small kitchen (1)

We optimize as much as possible the small space of this small kitchen by favoring high storage. Attached to the tiled wall, a cupboard and corner shelves frame the window. So no space is wasted. The decorative touch in addition: the black of the worktop and the shelves which creates a decorative relief on the white furniture and redesigns the kitchen.

15. New finishes for small kitchen furniture

New finishes for small kitchen furniture (1)

By simply modifying the facades of the existing furniture in a small kitchen, we give it a new identity. On Ikea Faktum or Ikea Metod kitchen units, we opt for new fronts and new brass furniture handles that personalize and give a more refined look to the kitchen. The little decorative detail to remember: change your tap so that it matches the finishes of the revamped kitchen.