15 Ideas of Kitchen Designs With Exposed Wood Beams (1)

The architects have worked so hard to help you improve your kitchen interior and create a pleasant and functional place where you will come together with your family to start the day well. Among the details that have changed the way of decorating and transformed a traditional kitchen into one that is convivial and family, emerge the beams which are left exposed. Exposed beams enhance the aesthetic side of the kitchen. They are perfect for breaking up the simple look of the white ceiling. They avoid the cold atmosphere and add a natural and warm note to the kitchen. In case you are thinking about renovating your kitchen interior, keep reading below to see different kitchen designs with exposed beams that we have put together to give you some ideas.

1. A beautiful kitchen

A beautiful kitchen (1)

The warm wooden beams play an important role in bringing a warm and cozy atmosphere to the interior of this bright kitchen. Their bold nature and tidy arrangement create a crisp, symmetrical perspective.

2. Impressive

Impressive (1)

The very tall structure of this kitchen, embellished with a mixture of deep colors, dark brown and beige, blends perfectly with the rustic wooden beams on the ceiling. This rustic character of the ceiling with a position rather distant from the beams sublimates the beauty of this kitchen.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary (1)

The unfinished character of the beams with light color and in perfect symmetrical order creates a modern and contemporary feel in this kitchen. A natural and cozy air also comes from the natural oak used for the woodwork.

4. Cozy

Cozy (1)

The designer was able to create a wonderful setting in this narrow kitchen, through the exposed beams in a dark and deep color. These beams are a natural accent and provide a warm atmosphere that is also cozy.

5. Cottage inspired

Cottage inspired (1)

Wooden beams are essential for the success of a cottage decoration. Also, you should not be surprised by the warm and artisanal appearance of the kitchen here. Quite rustic and bold, the beams are a focal point and complement the natural cottage look in this room.

6. Magnificent

Magnificent (1)

In this kitchen, the wooden beams are arranged strictly and neatly. They are an important addition that accentuates the beauty of such a place and adds an earthy, warm and cozy feeling.

7. Warm

Warm (1)

Without the exposed beams, this kitchen would be a bit cold and drab. They bring a warm and cozy note to the interior. Their caramel color reflects a really pleasant feeling.

8. Farmhouse style

Farmhouse style (1)

Here is a fine example of a farm house kitchen; all fresh and elegant with its white painted wooden beams, which add charm to the style and establish an interesting setting.

9. Industrial

Industrial (1)

The designer has decorated this kitchen with a bold industrial style and the exposed wooden beams are like the icing on the cake. With their rustic character, they bring a relaxed and daring atmosphere.

10. Mediterranean

Mediterranean (1)

The wooden beams create a pleasant warm effect in this kitchen. It must be said that these are interesting elements for a Mediterranean design.

11. With central beam

With central beam (1)

This kitchen where the beams are impressive was made by a Dutch architect. The kitchen has been composed with plans of different levels, a central island, a lower table for dining and at the back, the worktop. These planes are linked by the beams, forming a tree in the middle of this room. Use a wood with a natural distortion if you can to provide a natural and unique style. This element creates calm and relaxation in a kitchen that is both sophisticated and minimalist.

12. Open space

Open space (1)

Next, let’s discover a house designed by Tanzanian architect Tanabe Plan Studio. The LDK open plan is determined by the shape of the ceiling and beams. On the kitchen side, four suspensions fixed between these beams provide verticals to structure the space. This open plan interior can be modeled however you ultimately want. It’s up to you to furnish in one aspect a flow line like in this photograph or so, as you see fit!

13. In an old house

In an old house (1)

Here is a house which was designed in the old Meiji 43 palace house. We see there beautiful dark beams creating a unique atmosphere. The modern island kitchen is functional. It adapts to family life while retaining the appearance of the old private house. The kitchen has become an attractive space where tradition and modernity merge harmoniously.

14. A house in Niseko


Niseko in Hokkaido is a land of Japan where a natural environment of striking beauty stretches. As this is an area where there is heavy snowfall, accommodation must be adapted to these conditions. The first floor is often buried in snow while the second floor has the main living space. The sturdy pillars and beams are impressive, the roof is well aligned and allows the wind to pass through. Even those unfamiliar with architecture will feel safe with this powerful beam. It is remarkably effective even on the decorative side because it brings real dynamism to the room and allows large openings to the outside.

15. Rustic and relaxed

Rustic and relaxed (1)

Beams can produce a feeling of heaviness and squeezing, not to mention the dark color of the wood… Well, here’s a nice counterexample! In this photograph, the kitchen is light in design, with a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. The white painted beams and ceiling are highlighted by a touch of black decoration. Bright and contemporary, this kitchen with beams is a complete change from traditional kitchens.