More original than gray, softer than true green, verdigris or verdigris is one of the trendiest colors of the moment. In paint or fabric, on a wall or on a bed, it is zen, modern and natural… in addition to being ultra-easy to adopt anywhere in the house!

1. Industrial bedroom

industrial bedroom (1)

If the industrial bedroom is trendy, the traditional palette of white , black and gray sometimes lacks a bit of softness. Use verdigris to shake up the codes a little and bring a touch of freshness and serenity, and voila!

2. Verdigris accent wall

verdigris accent wall (1)

The verdigris accent wall is a simple and effective way to add depth to a room with a Zen decor. Nature and sophisticated at the same time, this slightly smoky green will perfectly sublimate a piece of furniture of a brighter green, like this turquoise armchair.

3. Combine paint and wallpaper

combine paint and wallpaper (1)

The total verdigris look may lack relief. We therefore prefer to combine paint and wallpaper, to create a more dynamic decor. Between mineral gray and vegetal green, verdigris works particularly well in wet rooms, starting with the bathroom.

4. Modifying the luminosity of a room

modifying the luminosity of a room (1)

Green has the particularity of modifying the luminosity of a room when it is used in total look. If this is properly mastered, the result can be spectacular. Here, the concrete is tinted with a hint of green, to create an almost dreamlike contemporary space.

5. Perfectly dresses up a stylish interior

perfectly dresses up a stylish interior (1)

Timeless, the verdigris shade perfectly dresses up a stylish interior. It retains its very chic allure, while tinting itself with modernity.

6. Bohemian decor

bohemian decor (1)

The verdigris color works wonders to enhance a bohemian decor with a touch of retro. In this refined setting, macrame and rattan reveal all their elegance!

7. Zellige- style earthenware wall tile

zellige- style earthenware wall tile (1)

A verdigris zellige- style earthenware wall tile will catch the light perfectly, which will sometimes reveal its fresh side, sometimes its darker shades. So we dare the wall covering from floor to ceiling!

8. In office

In office (1)

When it comes to painting, we prefer a mat or velvet finish, which will accentuate the natural softness of the verdigris color.

9. Trendy and functional desk

trendy and functional desk (1)

For a trendy and functional desk, bet on verdigris metal furniture: it will suddenly be very soft, despite its very strict minimalist lines! And for maximum effect, we adopt a mat or brushed finish.

10. Verdigris curtains

Verdigris curtains (1)

Verdigris curtains are perfect for adding a splash of color to a white living room, as they provide a gentle contrast to the crisp decor.

11. Verdigris cushions

verdigris cushions (1)

Plaid and verdigris cushions are a safe bet. This green, both fresh and cozy, is able to accompany you in winter when you chill out by the fire, but also in the summer when you invest the terrace.

12. In the kitchen

In the kitchen (1)

In the kitchen , we love the verdigris facades! Especially since if this color works wonderfully in a contemporary kitchen, as here, it will prove to be just as effective in a kitchen with a chic country spirit or factory inspiration.

13. Green-gray bed linen in a Zen bedroom

Green-gray bed linen in a Zen bedroom (1)

In a white bedroom, a beautiful green-gray bed set brings softness, poetry and naturalness. A color that is not really one, in short, to give character without disturbing the serene harmony of a monochrome room!

14. Green-gray curtains with warm colors

Green-gray curtains with warm colors (1)

The combination of red and green is one of the basics, complementary colors oblige. And to bring out a beautiful vermilion-dominant carpet or a plum velvet armchair, a pair of green-gray curtains always makes an impact.

15. An artisanal ceramic in verdigris

An artisanal ceramic in verdigris (1)

Soft and natural at the same time, verdigris is the perfect ally of ceramics . On a pretty vase, large cups or simply crockery, on a table or a sideboard, it goes well with all colors. Tablecloth below or flowers inside, everything works!

16. A velvety green-gray Scandinavian armchair

A velvety green-gray Scandinavian armchair (1)

Like all weathered colors, green-gray works wonders with the Scandinavian style . Oblique feet in light wood, very soft velvet against which we dream of snuggling, wide seat and cuddly backrest, all you have to do is add a cushion and savor.

17. A mirror painted green-gray in the bathroom

A mirror painted green-gray in the bathroom (1)

An easy way to adopt verdigris at home ? It is used to repaint a mirror frame in the bathroom. All that remains is to integrate it into a white, wooden decor… with touches of green and gray, of course!

18. A minimalist vase in verdigris

A minimalist vase in verdigris (1)

If the color fits so perfectly into the Scandinavian palette, it’s because green-gray is a minimalist shade par excellence. To create a refined decor without remaining in gray and white, we think of gray green to decline on a design vase with simple lines!

19. A chic decor in green-gray and peacock blue

A chic decor in green-gray and peacock blue (1)

Too soft, the green-gray? It all depends on what color you associate it with. Mixed with yellow, it is vitaminized, married with a peacock blue, it becomes rich. In both cases, just complete it with a few touches of gold to boost its refined side!

20. A modern combination in black and green-gray

A modern combination in black and green-gray (1)

Another way to adopt green-gray in an equally successful way, we associate it with black. The result is modern and authentic at the same time, with just the right amount of contrast thanks to the black and naturalness thanks to the soft green.

21. Relaxing room

Relaxing room (1)

In the bedroom, the verdigris makes it even more relaxing. 

22. Nomadic living room

Nomadic living room (1)

It is not incompatible with the nomadic style of this apartment.

23. Bedroom

Bedroom (1)

In the bedroom, verdigris creates a real cocoon. 

24. Living room

Living room (1)

For a natural living room where well-being reigns, gray green is a great idea! 

25. Dining room

dining room (1)

The centerpiece of Eero Saarinen’s table. 

26. Vintage kitchen

Vintage kitchen (1)

Do you have vintage furniture? The verdigris will be perfect to accompany it.

27. Ceiling

Ceiling (1)

Even on the ceiling, it is customary! 

28. Furniture

Furniture (1)

Zoom on the paint collection of the Norwegian manufacturer Jotun. 

29. Curry yellow

Curry yellow (1)

To contrast the verdigris in the bedroom, opt for a curry yellow duvet cover.

30. Corridor

Corridor (1)

The verdigris colors the hallway and plunges it into a rustic atmosphere.