12 Ways Choose the Type of Flowers to Decorate Your Home (1)

With creative recycling, you can really invent anything, especially if it’s pots for plants to recreate that somewhat vintage atmosphere. The colors and shapes are soft and rounded and every room in the house becomes the center of attention when adorned with such delicate decorations. Flowers can be the highest expression of shabby chic style and become a real furnishing accessory.

1. Roses

Roses (1)

Roses in a white vase decorated with a burlap ribbon: a shabby inspiration that always enchants with flowers and makes the house a nest of wonders. 

2. Peonies

Peonies (1)

Peonies in the white cage in shabby chic style: a unique idea to highlight these flowers and make them an element of splendor for the home.

3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas (1)

Hydrangeas, with their neat colors, are the perfect flowers to enter the home in a shabby style. Placed in a wicker vase, they become even more adorable.

4. Tulips

Tulips (1)

Yellow tulips impart a burst of color and joy that the shabby style does not disdain. These flowers are the emblem of simplicity which becomes an added value.

5. Gold buttons

Gold buttons (1)

Yellow and pink buttercups gathered in a wicker basket: shabby chic style can be created in any way, all it takes is a pinch of imagination and the right flowers.

6. Wild flowers

Wild flowers (1)

Wild flowers are the symbol of wonderful beauty in its heterogeneity. Placed in a pewter vase, they obtain a first-rate shabby style.

7. Lavender

Lavender (1)

Lavender shows all its delicacy in this beautiful recycled wood vase: a wonderful idea to decorate any room with delicate originality.

8. Choose a round bouquet

Choose a round bouquet (1)

Round bouquets are the most common. Elegant and harmonious , they instantly brighten up the house and have a worked look. By mixing different varieties and sizes of flowers, they bring relief to an interior and become the star of the room. For the colors, you have the choice: an association of 3 ranges of colors maximum brings a nice balance to a bouquet, but the bouquets in shades are also very soft. Personally, I really like round bouquets to give the house a festive air. These are the ones I usually offer to “mark the occasion” for a particular occasion.

9. A fuzzy bouquet for a rustic and wild decorative touch

a fuzzy bouquet for a rustic and wild decorative touch (1)

Less formal than the round bouquet, the fuzzy bouquet is nevertheless a bouquet that I particularly like. This style of composition plays on different lengths of stems and, in general, a fairly present foliage. I love its wispy, wilder side , which reminds me of the bouquets picked from my childhood. In terms of decoration, I find that it has a “fresh picking” spirit that goes particularly well with bohemian and relaxed interiors!

10. A uniflorous bouquet for a refined interior

A uniflorous bouquet for a refined interior (1)

As the name suggests, it consists of a single variety. The sobriety of a uniflora bouquet is very suitable for soft and refined interiors . This type of bouquet makes it possible to put a flower in the spotlight, but also a color. If you know the recipient’s favorite flower, this is a great way to make them happy for sure! As far as I’m concerned, mine is the peony, and when it’s the season I often treat myself to an load! I also find that its round and generous shape is particularly suitable for this type of bouquet. If you have a message to convey, the single flower bouquet is also an opportunity to play on the symbolism of flowers.

Speaking of peonies, should be noted that the lifespans of cut flowers vary depending on their variety. Some fragile flowers such as peonies for example have a lifespan of 4 to 6 days. When your flowers are delivered, they will therefore arrive in buds so that you can make the most of them!

11. A bouquet of dried flowers

A bouquet of dried flowers (1)

Dried flowers are the trend of the last few years which has not weakened! And if bouquets of dried flowers are so popular with decoration enthusiasts, it is because they offer many advantages. In addition to the bohemian-chic touch that they bring to an interior, they do not require maintenance, and above all they do not fade!

By avoiding too much exposure to direct sunlight to prevent the colors from drying up, you will be able to keep your bouquet for at least a year . If you have been following me for some time, you know that for my part I have adopted the bouquet of dried flowers in my decoration for several years already. In my last 2 apartments, I always had one in the entrance. Less conventional than the traditional bouquet of fresh flowers, the bouquet of dried flowers is a great idea to offer to make the pleasure.

12. A single white orchid in a pure bathroom

A single white orchid in a pure bathroom (1)

Absolute purity emanates from this bathroom. Only the light color of the wood breaks the white of the walls and furniture. The very simple shapes are inspired by nature, and the room conveys an obvious feeling of calm and well-being.