20 Ideas to Create the Retro Style at Home (1)

To create the retro style at home is to evoke the atmosphere of the past. First of all, you have to understand when you want to be inspired and start to find everywhere what can suit you for this purpose. The search for vintage objects and furniture is a great adventure that holds many surprises. Visit the old granaries of the grandmother, search for antique shops and second-hand dealers which are numerous all over France. You can also embellish your interior by mixing styles, to give warmth, color and to reproduce the charm of different eras.

1. An old radio

An old radio (1)

An old radio that turns the tide of time. Choose the time of your dreams and get inspired!

2. 50s style wenge cabinet

50s style wenge cabinet (1)

The 50s style wenge cabinet. When the beauty of retro style decorates with that touch of originality that should never be missing.

3. Retro chair from the 60s

retro chair from the 60s (1)

The retro chair from the 60s can match both a contemporary decoration or a purely classic. With the retro style, we create a new atmosphere throughout the house.

4. 60s wall clock

60s wall clock (1)

The 60s wall clock is so beautiful and original that it looks like a contemporary room. This is how vintage style overcomes space and time.

5. Vintage-style wooden cabinet

vintage-style wooden cabinet (1)

The vintage-style wooden cabinet can enhance even a small passage, such as an entryway. Simplicity is its peculiarity.

6. Temptation to furnish

temptation to furnish (1)

Why not give in to the temptation to furnish an entirely retro room? Choose the style you want carefully, then go looking for your furniture and furnishing accessories!

7. Old rocking chair

old rocking chair (1)

The old rocking chair that decorates the patio but also, why not, the interior of a house. It gives off a fantastic warmth, a legacy of times gone by.

8. Vintage style lamp / telephone

vintage style lamp telephone (1)

The vintage style lamp / telephone, so original and aesthetically incredible: it is a unique piece, which always attracts attention wherever it is.

9. Magnificent vintage console

magnificent vintage console (1)

A magnificent vintage console in carved wood, an example of fine Indian craftsmanship. This is the highlight of your home, the one that catches everyone’s attention.

10. Old vintage bathtub

old vintage bathtub (1)

Take an old vintage bathtub, paint it however you like and place it in your bathroom. Whether small or luxurious, in any case it will make the difference!

11. The orange armchair

the orange armchair (1)

Not only furniture, like the orange armchair, in a typical 60s style, but also tasteful furnishing accessories. How beautiful is the retro-styled phonograph!

12. Vintage radios

Vintage radios (1)

Vintage radios are also perfect pieces of furniture to give a vintage style to your home. If you have a modern home, this element can fit into it without any problems.

13. Vintage furniture reinforces this style

Vintage furniture reinforces this style (1)

Vintage furniture reinforces this style and decorates the room in a functional way. In this photo you will be able to see a classic example of antique furniture that accentuates the quality of the room. Also, don’t forget that parquet is the type of floor that lends itself best to any kind of furnishings.

14. Leather armchair

Leather armchair (1)

Leather armchairs are a simple and unique vintage idea. They give a refined and elegant style which considerably increases the feeling of refinement. Period armchairs can also be matched with tables respecting the same style and tone.

15. Wicker is also one of the key vintage style materials

wicker is also one of the key vintage style materials (1)

In addition to wood, wicker is also one of the key vintage style materials in a home. Look for armchairs like the one in the photo and combine them with old suitcases… You will considerably enhance the design and vintage effect of your home.

16. Imagine a sofa

imagine a sofa (1)

If leather armchairs can make a room elegant, imagine a sofa! The vintage style lives in perfect harmony, which is why it is interesting to test different materials and colors. One of them could be boiled down to dark walls, typical of the modern style, with light vintage furniture.

17. Accessories are essential

Accessories are essential (1)

The furniture are not the only ones to make the difference. Accessories are essential to complete the picture. For this reason, consider adding stylized vintage lamps and the end result will be perfect.

18. Recreating a vintage style

recreating a vintage style (1)

Wallpaper, as we well know, is essential in recreating a vintage style in a home. Pay attention to the details… a beautiful old television will be the centerpiece in a beautiful old room.

19. Vintage wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper (1)

If wallpaper is really not for you and you want to create a vintage wall, while keeping a certain sobriety, the solution is in exposed bricks. As for the objects, a beautiful old-fashioned floor lamp will help you complete the whole.

20. Exposed beams

Exposed beams (1)

Exposed beams, especially in small houses, are another way to harmoniously recreate vintage style with modern composition. Beams in the rough will significantly enhance the perception of the era in the room.