30 Tips to Decorate Your Coffee Table (1)

Decorating your coffee table is no easy task, however, the coffee table offers a surface that it would be a shame not to exploit. Decorating your coffee table can sometimes seem like a challenge because it is possible to have a wide variety of objects there: vases, boxes, books, design objects, etc. You have to succeed in finding the right balance so that your table is decorated and not cluttered. Today, I therefore suggest you discover some tips and advice that I suggest you discover in photos.

1. The basics to decorate your coffee table

The basics to decorate your coffee table (1)

Let’s start with a few basics. For many, the coffee table is the perfect place to store books. You can make a few piles on the table, however, try to store them properly and try to find a common criterion; as by color for example. Also, try interweaving the books with one or two objects, such as a brass bowl or flowerpot. You can even use the plant as the centerpiece of your decor and arrange the stacks of books around it.

2. The case of a modular coffee table

The case of a modular coffee table (1)

Then, if you have a modular coffee table, you can use each surface to group things together. In the photo below, the four tables become canvases for books, bowls and even plants. Because they are transparent, the whole remains very fluid. Be careful, however, you must not forget to leave room for useful items. Think that this table also has a function.

3. Decorate your coffee table in a minimalist way

Decorate your coffee table in a minimalist way (1)

If you prefer a more minimalist approach, to decorate your coffee table, here are some examples in pictures. If your living room has a contemporary style, don’t stack items on your table and only have small items on the table. On the other hand, if your coffee table is low to the ground, do not hesitate to add height with one or two plants. Plants and grained branches are ideal and will easily complete your decoration.

4. Huge vases to decorate your coffee tables

Huge vases to decorate your coffee tables (1)

Why does it work? Because the coffee table suddenly becomes the tripod of a museum piece. In this process of decorating your coffee table, the object placed there will be theatrically highlighted.

5. Flowery elements to decorate

Flowery elements to decorate (1)

Because the books positioned on the left, on the table, are in perfect harmony with the bouquet of country flowers installed in the white vase. Once again, the whole universe of the decoration of the room, colorful and vegetal, is taken up in this flowery installation arranged on the coffee table.

6. Concrete container

Concrete container (1)

Because this container, available three times, sometimes a vase, sometimes a pencil holder, is made of raw concrete and coordinates perfectly with the decoration of an ethnic spirit.

7. A table lamp

A table lamp 1 (1)

Because far from being alone on this huge wooden coffee table, it is accompanied by two transparent globes that reinforce its presence. Table lamps are often placed on small side tables, but be aware that their presence on the coffee table is strongly recommended.

8. A small wooden bird

A small wooden bird (1)

Because since the Eames couple decorated their homes with this little black wooden bird, exhibiting a small sculpture is bound to be a design trend. In addition, a touch of black in this soft and pastel universe is well seen.

9. Antiques to decorate the coffee table

Antiques todecorate the coffee table (1)

Because the decoration you place on your coffee table must be a logical reflection of the spirit of your living room. In this precious bourgeois and classic style, what better than to present this vintage flask or this crown unearthed in a flea market? These staged objects instantly lose their functions to become decorations.

10. Beautiful books

Beautiful books (1)

Because we suddenly find ourselves in a trendy bookstore where the most beautiful art or design books have pride of place. By placing them in this way, you highlight beautiful works that you will consult more, while playing on a certain symmetry, ultimately very aesthetic.

11. A tray that holds candles

A tray that holds candles1 (1)

Because in this raw and concrete universe, the decoration of the coffee table remains in the same spirit. An aged tray that smacks of experience and candles in tone, already partially consumed. Suddenly they take on importance because they are the only decorative objects in the room.

12. A stack of book and a pretty teapot

A stack of bookd and a pretty teapot (1)

Because with two coffee tables, it is possible to concentrate the different objects on a single table and thus, balance the decoration without pretending to be messy. In addition, we love the idea of ​​being able to display a beautiful teapot. Accompanied by books, it’s a real invitation to lounge on the sofa.

13. A designer candle holder

A designer candle holder (1)

Because this majestic and design candle holder is highlighted on this coffee table. Its transparent and luminous look contrasts with a dark and cozy universe.

14. A lady jeanne

A lady jeanne1 (1)

Because this ultra trendy carboy has a majestic shape that allows it to accommodate equally impressive plants and therefore, to occupy the space of a large coffee table.

15. A star and a glass box

A star and a glass box  (1)

Because, just as the jewelry box is created to display its contents, this coffee table itself is made of glass and also reveals its decoration. Maximum museum piece effect for a very aesthetic enhancement!

16. Graphic decorative objects

Graphic decorative objects 1 (1)

Because the very graphic lines of the two coffee tables find an echo in the small objects arranged on their tops. A vase, a pencil holder, a notepad or a small tray: everything works thanks to their playful design and soft colors.

17. A plant on each table

A plant on each table (1)

Because in this decoration which mixes colors, patterns and coffee tables, thinking of a unique little decoration for each table is a smart decision. Thus, you keep the cohesion of the decoration, while participating in the bohemian side of the room.

18. The silver vase

the silver vase (1)

Faced with this pretty curvaceous sofa, the coffee table hardly stands out. Never mind: we dare the silver vase, a strong piece that deploys sparkling and very organic shapes. The decoration of the coffee table thus makes it possible to visually rebalance the room. And it gives additional relief to a very wise contemporary living room.

19. Contrast of shapes and materials

contrast of shapes and materials (1)

The contrast of shapes and materials? A simple and effective decoration tip that hits the mark every time! Faced with this entirely golden coffee table, we fell in love with a glass vase inspired by the famous Dame Jeanne , all in transparency and lightness. And here is a canon but a little massive piece suddenly becomes more aerial!

20. A bouquet of fresh flowers

a bouquet of fresh flowers (1)

Do you hate what is frozen? Be satisfied with a vase, in which you will place a bouquet of fresh flowers regularly renewed. Here is a rustic and romantic bouquet that gives a boudoir look to the living room. Nothing prevents replacing it with a more graphic and sophisticated bouquet, which will create a more contemporary atmosphere.

21. Discreet coffee table

discreet coffee table (1)

In this Scandinavian-inspired living room , we opted for a discreet coffee table. This glass model is decorated with a candy box, also in glass. If the whole plays on transparency, it is nonetheless very refined!

22. Organic cocooning living room with a touch of art

organic cocooning living room with a touch of art (1)

In this very organic cocooning living room with a touch of art, the design vase brings the final touch to the decor. Shaped in the manner of a contemporary sculpture, it is associated with candlesticks with clean lines. Far from stealing the show, they put it perfectly.

23. Candles for an intimate atmosphere

candles for an intimate atmosphere (1)

Nothing like a little mess on the coffee table to bring life to the living room… as long as everything is under control! Books to chill under a blanket, candles for an intimate atmosphere at nightfall, a pretty glass vase … you almost believe that every element was placed there by chance.

24. Color brings a note of cheerfulness

color brings a note of cheerfulness (1)

The color brings a note of cheerfulness to the living room. For a natural and balanced rendering, we think of scattering a few touches on the coffee table. Ideally, these colorful elements should echo the nuances already present on textiles – cushions, rugs and curtains – or even on furniture.

25. Showcasing pretty pieces of craftsmanship

showcasing pretty pieces of craftsmanship (1)

With its deep color, this coffee table provides the perfect setting for showcasing pretty pieces of craftsmanship. The trendy colors of these wicker baskets are so vibrant that they are a real eye-catcher.

26. Plant decoration

plant decoration (1)

The plant decoration on the coffee table? We love ! Especially when you put the vases in a box, as in this very graphic contemporary living room. Guests arriving for an impromptu aperitif? We quickly moved the decoration, to replace it with a tray with glasses and drinks.

27. Brings a touch of softness

brings a touch of softness (1)

In this Scandinavian-inspired living room which gives pride of place to angles and straight lines, a sculpture skillfully brings a touch of softness thanks to its silhouette surmounted by a sphere. Simple and efficient.

28. Pedestal-style coffee table

pedestal-style coffee table (1)

A pedestal-style coffee table to showcase a pretty piece of ceramic? We love !

29. Japanese-inspired interior

Japanese-inspired interior (1)

In this Japanese-inspired interior, the tea set with minimalist lines takes the place of decoration on the coffee table. Practical and canon: we validate without hesitation!

30. Collection of vases

collection of vases (1)

It is a beautiful collection of vases that adorns this coffee table! The secret to succeeding in this type of decoration: bet on the variety of lines, colors and materials.