Do you have things that it’s time to get rid of, but your hand doesn’t rise to do it? Here are 12 things you need to take to the trash We know-how and love to save what “it’s a pity to throw away” and “may still come in handy. “However, there is a limit to what is possible, even in this action. In order not to miss it and not turn into Pushkin, take an inventory act, “armed” with our list of things that it’s time to get rid of.

1. Shoeboxes

It’s simple: they take up space, a lot of space. And shoes can be stored in special hanging organizers.

2. Things related to bad memories

Effigies of nocturnal scavengers leftover from her ex-husband, an embroidered tablecloth shed from Chinese moccasins, a clumsy result of pottery courses that have not yet been completed – everything that brings to the surface not the most pleasant memories should be sent to the trash or given to “good hands.”You will not miss this warehouse of longing, but the place will be freed up moderately.

3. Broken dishes

Cracked vases, chipped bowls, glued (heaven forbid!) cups with superglue. Not only are broken dishes a clear sign of permanent material need, but glue fumes can cause terrible allergies or, worse, poisoning.

4. Doubles

You bought a new carpet in the living room, but the old one seems to be okay too, so let it stand on the balcony for now in the company of a collapsed chair, a bedside table without a door, and a non-working vacuum cleaner. This is the wrong way of thinking. Fundamentally wrong.

5. Remains of building materials

A jar with remnants of paint of a dubious shade (had not been opened for six years), a bag with the remnants of cement and traces of wetting (forgotten for eight years), a roll of wallpaper left after the repair before last, a box with three kilograms of tiles (no one remembers where). You won’t need all this. Never.

6. Uniform from a previous job

A wardrobe full of things, but nothing to wear? That construction robe, four changes of waiter aprons, and a mouse-chewed quilted jacket prevent you from fitting in a new wardrobe.

7. Bulky souvenirs from trips

A five-kilogram cobblestone that all airport customs laughed at for 20 minutes, a panel with offensive semantic overtones that all members of your family hate, and a collection of disgusting-looking cups made of bat guano are quite charismatic in themselves… Was ten years ago when they settled in your interior. The time has come to say goodbye.

8. Gift wrapping and cartons

The velvet box in which you were presented with a silver bracelet on that every leap year that you will never forget in your life does not carry any meaning. Bracelet yes, box no. Like a microwave box, inhumanly beautiful plastic packaging from a pedometer, and, of course, endless meters of gift ribbons. If you have not found a use for all this wealth so far, you will never find it. Humble yourself and take a decisive step towards the garbage chute.

9. Beautiful bottles of alcohol

Yes, this is just a work of glass art, and the fact that you managed to accumulate four dozen samples of it is awe-inspiring. If you are a collector, gather dust on the balcony, and are sometimes shown to guests, then the whole ringing meeting is called the trivial word “garbage. “How do you deal with garbage?

10. Old household appliances

Remember the broken vacuum cleaner on the balcony? But the sufferer can have “compatriots”: a burned-out hair dryer (even if a new one has already been bought, suddenly this one can still be reanimated), a broken electric toothbrush (they played enough), an iron with a broken wire, and so on. These items can no longer be used. So, they are superfluous in your house.

11. Folding furniture

About 20 years ago, when you just moved in and had nothing, you ate from this folding table, which did not fit more than two plates, and sat on this tiny chair. Romantic, nostalgic, but again devoid of any meaning. Where to seat guests? Have you ever taken out your folding headset in the past two years? Yes? We leave, clean, and sigh with inspiration. Not? We collect will into a fist and get rid of the trash.

12. Irrelevant things bought for the sake of fashion

Figurines with symbols of the past year, a strange-looking vase that no one else had at one time, an allegedly futuristic stool that even a cat shuns. You probably have several similar archaisms. Well, if not, we congratulate you: trips to the garbage chute can be suspended.