Kitchen has to be one of the essential spaces in the house to get some attention while designing. It constitutes a home and not a house that is the attachment people have when it comes to the kitchen. It is essential to have your workplace to be designed according to your ideas to get the motivation to work. When things are arranged or designed neatly, that is when the daily activities will resume. Thus mentioned below are a few ideas or basic structural ideas to help you move forward with setting up your kitchen design in the best way possible.

Small Space, Yet High Utility

For the ones who are confused in utilising the space or are of the impression that nothing can be done with a small space, you have the most absurd belief. You can turn your small kitchen into a beautiful spot by painting the walls either with a white or grey to give it imaginary feels of the spacious kitchen. Avoid using the colours like red or orange because they give you an illusion of having a small and tightly packed kitchen. Coming to the kitchen cabinets, to utilise the small space entirely and make it look beautiful use glass textured shelves to give it a classy impression.

The Ones Who Prefer Ample Storage Space

For the ones who are inclined towards having an ample storage space instead of having cabinets in the kitchen. You can cut down on all the cabinet space and just put a slab to keep the stove and other utensils. To make space for storage, you can prefer a tall cabinet which will take up a corner place and hosts all your utensils. This will make space for your storage place. You can also get a small storage room attached to it if you want both fancy cabinets as well as the storage place in the kitchen.

The Breakfast Junkies

For the ones who believe in having a good start in the morning, the kitchen does play an important role. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to prepare breakfast for yourself or for the family and right mood matters to start the rest of your day. You can paint your kitchen with vibrant colours such as red or yellow. They have a huge impact on your brain cells as bright colours are to be believed for enlightening your mood. Plan on extending the slab you have for keeping stoves, this can save up your money on buying a dining table. Indeed a smart kitchen design will help save your money.

Natural Light Lovers

For the ones who prefer natural light in their kitchen, it requires zero investment if you are smart enough to have a kitchen design planned smartly. One thing to have a lot of natural light penetrate your kitchen is by having large windows with light-coloured curtains. You can also have translucent windows to have the light rays penetrate through the window. Having, natural light is a good idea, and if you are willing to pay a little extra, you can have a glass rooftop which will let sunlight throughout the day. However, it is necessary to keep plants in and around the roof to cool down during the afternoons.

For The Perfectionist

For the ones who are known to be perfectionist, they expect their kitchen design also to be planned in an organised manner. It is one of the toughest jobs to design a kitchen for the perfectionist is because the kitchen is the place where we play around with utensils and food. There are chances of ingredients being spilled over or the utensils scattered all over; this indeed will annoy the perfectionists. Therefore it is essential to follow the golden rule where it is essential to follow the golden ratio rule. It is essential to arrange the utensils in an organised manner. Therefore people who are perfectionist give more importance to have simple cabinets rather than having complicated cabinets because at the end of the day if they don’t find the right place, they are likely to get annoyed. Therefore carefully plan an awesome kitchen design if you are a perfectionist.


Of course, there are various kitchen designs which you can opt from the handbook of the interior designers, but satisfaction lies when you discover the design by yourself and design it according to your ideas. Do some research on the internet, you will get a technical approach to support your creativity and then plan your kitchen design and do consult an interior designer for minor changes if you wish to save up your money for other things, if you are one among the categories mentioned above, I’m sure you have got a faint idea about it.