Do you have a small balcony and really want to do something? In addition to piling up clutter, we can also read in the summer evening breeze, have a few drinks, or chat with friends and confidants. It’s very pleasant to think about. Everyone wants to have their own corner for solitude and relaxation, but how, and most importantly, where to arrange such a place in the conditions of our modest dwellings? Do not know? But the happy owners of apartments with a balcony have probably already guessed.

It will be about creating a zone on the balcony that will allow you to disconnect from worries and retire for an hour or two. Whether it’s a summer open veranda or an insulated and glazed balcony – here are tips for the harmonious transformation of this space into a relaxation area.

1- Materials

Where do we usually find a state of calm and tranquility, where do we rest? Someone relaxes in nature, someone on the beach, someone likes home comfort, so we recommend choosing a material based on what we want to get, but it is better to give preference to natural materials such as wood. For example, lining or bamboo will go well with stone. You can use the stone in a mosaic or directly on the floor as a pebble.

2- Color

Color selection is one of the most important tasks, as this factor will have the greatest impact on our rest. Colors can both excite and soothe, so you should strive to choose neutral shades that will have a beneficial effect on the relaxation process.

3- Furniture

Everything depends on your desire. The ideal option is a small table and two chairs. However, if you wish, you can equip a whole bed or a hammock, but you should not go to extremes. If you rest only in a horizontal position, then you can equip a soft corner sofa or put a bench with a mattress and pillows. A small bookcase and a comfortable armchair are a heavenly spot for lovers of reading.

4- Plants

Plants have a very beneficial effect on people, besides, they can play a practical role in the interior of the loggia. For example, a long planter placed on the window will hide you from the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by. A couple of vases with flowers on the wall will nicely dilute the atmosphere, and a small decorative tree will bring you closer to nature.

5- Workshop

Are you passionate about working with wood or have you long wanted to buy a potter’s wheel and get smeared with clay? Maybe you love scrapbooking and decoupage? For those who relax in the process of creativity, on the loggia you can arrange your own workshop, with many drawers and shelves, where all the necessary tools will be at arm’s length, where you can not be afraid to get dirty or scratch the table, where you can enjoy your favorite hobby.

6- Turn it into a jungle balcony

If you are a person who likes plants very much or loves nature, then this is suitable. Plants will not only make our balcony very comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye. We can grow our favorite plants on the balcony, and if there is a need for greening indoors, we can also move them indoors. If you put a chair on the balcony, a fresh and natural reading corner is born!

7- Create a reading corner

Which brings us to our second idea, a well-designed reading corner. To do this, we needed to find the chair we felt most comfortable with, and then add a small side table on which to put a book or a cup of tea.

8- Create the summer lounge of your dreams

All it takes is a lounge chair, we can also add chairs, a table, a pot of cold drinks, some flowering plants.

9- Add a ladder to the plant 

We can grow succulents, but also flowers and even small vegetables! Chives and garlic sprouts are not only edible, but also look good in decoration, and the vegetables you grow yourself will definitely taste more fragrant [dog head].

10- Decorate the balcony

 Hang a banner, braid a ribbon or garland, or add some twinkling mood lights that light up at night! Lighting is a great way to add color and coziness to our small balcony, and sparkling lights can help create an evening or night atmosphere.

11- Transform it into a wine tasting balcony

This is a great idea and a great way to use the space. No matter if the mood is good or bad, there is an emotional outlet at home, and to a certain extent, family relations can be better maintained.

12- Add a comfortable seating area

Adding a small bench and table is a great way to shape the space into a social space that is conversational, relaxing and simply fun.

13- Put a hammock or hanging chair on the balcony

If we like to relax, be comfortable, listen to music or podcasts, relax, etc. Then an outdoor hammock or hanging chair is a great option.

14- Use a different floor or stick a new floor

Using a different floor or sticking a new one allows us to completely transform the balcony floor, making it instantly charming and sophisticated.

15- A small round table and two chairs

Create a space that’s private enough to dine or share a drink with our loved ones, a small balcony that’s simple and romantic!

In conclusion

The renovation of a small balcony is very simple, only you know what type of small balcony you are interested in, maybe you want to focus on socializing, rest and relaxation, decoration and greening, etc. I hope these cases can give you some ideas!

Tips: You need to pay attention to the problem of wind, rain and cleaning. Those are the troubles behind the beauty, so consider closing the balcony if you have the conditions~