20 Ideas of Modern Shower Designs You Absolutely Must Discover (1)

Would you like to redo your bathroom or at least make a change? This post will undoubtedly interest you. Discover without further delay some modern shower designs that could inspire you in your new project.

1. What a shower without doors really means

What a shower without doors really means (1)

A shower without doors is usually a walk-in shower. It is therefore practical, simple and modern. As mentioned above and as the name suggests, it does not reserve any space for the door.

2. Easier cleaning

Easier cleaning (1)

It is not always a pleasure to clean the glass door in the bathroom. A shower without doors will save you this task.

3. The walk-in shower: an option offering maximum safety

The walk-in shower, an option offering maximum safety (1)

In a walk-in shower, everything is on one level. So you don’t have to worry about tripping even if you go to shower with the light off. This is also one of the main advantages of the Italian shower. This type of shower is particularly practical and yet, it must be said that the aesthetic side is not neglected.

4. For an open and airy bathroom

For an open and airy bathroom (1)

The bathroom in this picture above would certainly look smaller if it had a door and if the shower area was on another level accessible by a small step for example. Therefore, if you want to have an open and airy bathroom, go for the modern solution and turn to the walk-in shower.

5. A design suitable for all styles

A design suitable for all styles (1)

Choosing a doorless shower for your bathroom isn’t going to ruin everything. On the contrary, it is an interesting layout that adapts to all styles of bathroom.

6. An important project

An important project (1)

There is no shortage of the advantages of a walk-in shower; however, be sure to call in a specialist because given the specificity of this shower, drainage, ventilation, water evacuation and many other points must be seriously fixed.

7. Modern and refined bathrooms

Modern and refined bathrooms (1)

Sometimes the simpler the better! These images above testify to this. Indeed, why want an opulent and cluttered bathroom when these modern designs are much more practical and relaxing?

8. A little sobriety, and a touch of discretion

A little sobriety, and a touch of discretion (1)

This first bathroom will give you enough privacy, thanks to its partial wall of a clear and neutral tone , while sublimating all the potential of the recess lighting. The atmosphere here is soft and soothing, while remaining modern and timeless. The mixture of textures and earthenware gives a dynamic relief to the room, in all harmony!

9. A full wood that warms the heart

A full wood that warms the heart (1)

Completely wrapped in wood, this bathroom accommodates a nicely dressed shower, with homogeneous and continuous wood coverings. Releasing a warm and even Nordic atmosphere , as in the Finnish baths, the shower is simply separated by a discreet glass wall, knowing perfectly how to be forgotten. The rest of the room remains modern and sleek, with very sober white wall fittings.

10. Deep tiling: respect and robustness!

Deep tiling, respect and robustness! (1)

This bathroom – which could not be more contemporary – is equipped with gray slate tiling, on the floor and on the walls. This goes perfectly with the dark essence wood of the washbasin cabinet, delicately repeated as a reminder at the level of the cabin boundary, on the ceiling. We really like: the skylight on the ceiling for natural light, and the small niches in the partition wall!

11. Minimalism and purity, in black and white

Minimalism and purity, in black and white (1)

Choosing the right lighting for your bathroom is essential . Neither too hot nor too cold, the latter should not alter your perception of colors. To go in this direction, associate it with light colors on the wall and on the floor, and contrast the whole with small dark touches: metal frames for a wall, decorative objects, equipment and shower head …

12. Stroke of genius in a long room

Stroke of genius in a long room (1)

This relatively narrow bathroom is however skillfully distributed. The bathroom elements and the shower cabin are placed against a polished, raw and light concrete wall. The rest of the room is decorated with a quasi -total look blue or Berlin blue, in contrast to the flooring in cement tiles . The lighting in the form of spots is a good synthesis of the object of this room: a result of subtle mixtures!

13. Rollers that no coating can match

Rollers that no coating can match (1)

The pebble coating is very popular for its maritime connotation and its holiday feel! On the other hand, it does not adapt to all arrangements, and we recommend that you use it by keys. Well tamed, it can be a great decorative ally, to give character and body to a pond, originally monotonous.

14. Convenience and harmony united

Convenience and harmony united (1)

A real feat of originality, in this long bathroom ! Here, the bathtub and the cabin are almost a single element, in order to optimize the space, and to break the rectilinear aspect of the room. As for the anthracite gray, it “brings simplicity and unity between the two equipment”.

15. A unique urban jungle achievement

A unique urban jungle achievement (1)

Some do not hesitate to set the bar very high in terms of layout. This was the case in this nature-themed bathroom. Ubiquitous light wood, skylights, large trompe l’oeil effect tiles … Everything is there to invite you to relax under this pommel, like a rain sky!

16. An Italian shower at the height of simplicity

An Italian shower at the height of simplicity (1)

Nothing more than this hexagonal “honeycomb” tile is needed to add a touch of originality to this room, which includes everything you would expect from a bathroom.

17. Conquering … space!

Conquering ... space! (1)

There is no shortage of space in this shower area of ​​a luxury apartment in Bucharest. Modernity, underlined by discreet spotlights and a slate color – particularly pure – flirts with a very well done floor, bringing a touch of warmth . All that remains is to step on it, to contemplate yourself in a mirror … imposing!

18. Everything for the well-being!

Everything for the well-being! (1)

Shower and bath are once again grouped together in the same water area, for a very successful “spa” feel . Soft lights , spacious storage niches and designer sanitary elements dress this room, which we would all dream of visiting, at least once, right?

19. Column duality for this Italian shower

Column duality for this Italian shower (1)

A rough floor, and two shower heads! This arrangement, like a Caribbean villa shower , makes you want to vacation. At the same level, it limits any superfluous movement , for 100% relaxation. Like its open storage, and easy to access!

20. Originality perfectly mastered

Originality perfectly mastered (1)

More space, and more light. The main strengths of the Italian shower are perfectly exploited in this body of water. The geometric tiles in shades of gray bring, for their part, relief and vigor to the whole.