20 Ideas of White Kitchen With Colors (1)

Passing the fashions, it remains a safe bet and it adapts to all colors. So what are you waiting for to inspire you with this slideshow and give your all white kitchen a touch of decor?

1. A white and gray kitchen

A white and gray kitchen (1)

A white and gray kitchen is the assurance of a kitchen that will never go out of style. Classic among classics, it is elegant and contemporary and can get cold very quickly.

To bring it a little warmth, nothing better than natural materials like here, wood in the lead, for a winning trio. Wooded worktop, exposed wooden cutting board, small furniture, hanging in woven palm leaves, rattan shelves, there is no shortage of ideas. Also consider the sisal carpet to bring a little warmth to the floor.

2. A white and wood kitchen

A white and wood kitchen (1)

It is certainly the warmest duo. Sometimes contemporary, sometimes countryside but also Mediterranean or Scandinavian, the white and wood kitchen, whether natural or not, adapts to all styles. A timeless alliance, plus softness, it also matches raw materials. For example, a white and wood kitchen will match very well with a waxed concrete floor or a marble splashback.

Here, a country-style kitchen. Natural materials have invaded the space: wooden worktop, lime wall, small terracotta decoration, suspension in woven rattan canes, in short, a chic countryside mix for a kitchen that smells of green holidays.

3. A lacquered white kitchen

A lacquered white kitchen (1)

The white lacquered kitchen has that slightly cold side that could scare you away. But when it fits into a contemporary universe or with a well-defined identity, it displays all its charms and becomes very distinguished. More sophisticated than in a matte version, the white lacquered kitchen highlights the volumes and illuminates the room that welcomes it thanks to its varnished finish.

In this very bright room, the choice of a lacquered white kitchen makes perfect sense. The furniture and designer accessories that surround it give it a modern style and the few touches of color in opposition to its immaculate hue highlight it.

4. A white and black kitchen

A white and black kitchen (1)

The famous black & white duo is still topical in the kitchen. It allows a room of character because very contrasted, and the highlighting of certain elements such as, here, the splashback. Focusing on the combination of black and white also brings rhythm to the room and awakens an immaculate kitchen.

The matte black splashback plays with the wall frieze in this kitchen like a hallway. It brings rhythm between high furniture and low furniture, allowing a less smooth style.

5. Gray and white go hand in hand in the kitchen

Gray and white go hand in hand in the kitchen (1)

A decorative recipe to raise your kitchen to the top of chef’s kitchens: combine the white elements of your kitchen with a gray worktop and zinc accessories.

6. The kitchen is dressed with passion thanks to red!

The kitchen is dressed with passion thanks to red! (1)

Brighten up your white kitchen by adopting high red units. For that, it is very simple, it is enough to change only the doors of cupboards! Then extend that bright hue with a few accessories here and there.

7. The white kitchen warms up with wood

The white kitchen warms up with wood (1)

The wooden worktop warms the kitchen all dressed in white. Continue the natural effect by lining the entrance to your kitchen with a plant wallpaper that projects your decor in a natural atmosphere.

8. A very trendy white and black kitchen

A very trendy white and black kitchen (1)

More and more in vogue, white is associated with black for a very successful color contrast. Here we like, the suspensions of industrial spirit that respond to the black oven, high chairs, black coating and black steel handles.

9. A white family kitchen

A white family kitchen (1)

Welcoming and bright, this white kitchen allows itself a few touches of primary colors on the walls and accessories. Blue, green and red give it a more relaxed atmosphere.

10. White and blue kitchen

White and blue kitchen (1)

A total white look in the kitchen Everything is white here! Only a few colored elements such as blue and black disrupt the whole.

11. A designer kitchen

A designer kitchen (1)

White is timeless especially in the kitchen where it can quickly be synonymous with design. Here, the gray and glazed central island matches the elegance of the white furnishings.

12. We don’t laugh with white

We don't laugh with white (1)

Opt for this kitchen if you have a very nice open space on the dining room. The advantage of having a white kitchen is that it blends with any decor. We can then imagine several shades of wallpaper.

13. Immaculate white

Immaculate white (1)

This small but practical kitchen has large white lacquered cupboards which add height to the room. The return of the light wood bar supported by a stainless steel foot breaks with the total white look of the worktop.

14. Wood and white

Wood and white (1)

As we have seen, white goes very well with stainless steel. It also goes well with wood. The oak wood worktop brings a little charm to this large, well-appointed kitchen.

15. Duality white and light wood

Duality white and light wood (1)

We play on the play of colors and materials. The large wooded cupboards associated with the white doors make a very nice domino effect. We even push the idea for the white table with wooden chairs.

16. Kitchens painted with pastel colors

Kitchens painted with pastel colors (1)

Pastel colors are very fashionable for painting and decorating a house. Pastel wall paint helps bring clarity and softness. An ideal choice of color to create a peaceful kitchen atmosphere. In addition, shades of pastel bring originality. In association with the white of the kitchen furniture, they will form a setting full of charm and vitality.

If you want to give your white kitchen a Scandinavian style ; blue, green or pastel pink are perfect wall paint choices. Thanks to the combination of colors with white and pastel, your kitchen layout will gain in lightness. And if you hesitate between different shades, know that water green, sky blue and powder pink are the most recommended pantones for painting a white kitchen.

17. The marriage of blue and white in the kitchen

The marriage of blue and white in the kitchen (1)

Blue is a color that evokes calm, elegance and tranquility. It is therefore a shade of choice for painting a beautiful kitchen. Thanks to a wall paint in light blue or bright blue, your white kitchen will gain depth and sobriety. It is also a solution perfectly suited to the wall painting of a white kitchen open to living room . You can play with contrasts to mark the change of universe and to delimit the different spaces.

White and blue form an ideal harmony of colors for a decoration inspired by the sea and the marine world. Between the depth of cyan blue and the lightness of white , the atmosphere of your dining space will be soft and conducive to relaxation. For lovers of contemporary decor, a petroleum blue wall paint will be an excellent choice. Finally, why not adopt the pantone color of the year 2020, the “Classic Blue” ? So many nuances to play with to color a white kitchen.

18. Warm colors in a white kitchen

Warm colors in a white kitchen (1)

Completely white kitchens are often criticized for appearing too cold. Thanks to a warm shade of color on the walls, the look of the white kitchen will appear more dynamic. Terracotta , beige or a more solar shade of orange will warm the atmosphere. The kitchen will be friendlier and warmer. An ideal atmosphere for your family lunches or to prepare colorful and flavorful dishes.

Be careful, however, not to have more than three colors present in your kitchen. The intensity of a warm tone looks very chic if combined with a pure white or an ivory shade . However, if you accumulate colors in the kitchen, the wall paint may give the decor of the room too intense and even slightly aggressive.

19. The association of dark shades with white furniture

The association of dark shades with white furniture (1)

The advantage of having a kitchen with white furniture is that it becomes possible to opt for a darker wall paint. By combining a very light shade with a deep shade, this particular kitchen decoration will create beautiful perspectives. This is a great way to decorate a large modern kitchen or an open plan kitchen in a loft.

The dark paint will enhance the aesthetic of the kitchen furniture. To accentuate the modernity of the kitchen layout, opt preferably for designer furniture or sets of lacquered furniture.

20. Gray in a white kitchen

Gray in a white kitchen (1)

The gray wall paint brings a touch of modernity to a decoration. In a kitchen, gray has a reputation for bringing out the whiteness of the equipment. The kitchen decor will appear crisp, professional and clear.

Ash gray or light gray are two shades that are particularly suitable for a kitchen wall paint. They will give character to the room without darkening it. In addition, they allow you to play with the perspectives and volumes of the room thanks to a play of contrast between the white of the furniture and the gray of the wall space. An alliance that is both contemporary and refined.