It’s winter, it’s cold outside, and we want more and more to stay at home, warm. Since the living room is the indoor place where we spend more and more time, we are always wondering how to make the winter warmer and more comfortable. To make a cocoon decoration in the living room, you must evoke feelings of warmth and friendliness, playing with the senses, especially sight and touch.

1- Soft and comfortable furniture

Soft and comfortable furniture is so important for cocooning that you have to “dive” on the sofa or armchair. You can easily cover your furniture with decorative chenille covers, faux fur, mohair or faux suede for a more masculine look. The seat cover can also be replaced with velvet, suede, wool or cotton. Avoid materials like silk, polyester and any sparkle and create a fresh impression. For example, choose thicker plush curtains, and if the living room floor is tiled or wood, choose a soft, warm rug.

2- Scandinavian style cocoon decor

The color also plays an important role in winter cocooning. Decorate with colors like yellow, gold, Ochre, brown, red, burgundy or olive green. Avoid buffs, purples, blues, grays, blacks, whites and creams. Brown blends well into wood-form trims such as walnut, cherry and oak. Avoid pine and maple.

3- Freestanding Fireplace

Even if you don’t have an actual fireplace or gas in your home, you can still opt for a freestanding fireplace to create a very warm focal point in your living room. The lighting in the room must also be soft and welcoming. Choose Pearlescent lights or muted colors instead of clear bulbs. Designer table lamps are also a great option.

4- Winter Warm Decor

There’s nothing like coming home in comfort, Zen and elegance, especially after a long day at work or a cold winter. In some countries where the cocooning spirit is a way of life, the interiors are harmoniously combined with rustic materials and soft elements that evoke nature. Wood is the key ingredient that brings warmth to every home – light wood floors, coffee tables or just a little decor.

5- Winter Decor Accessories ideas

Deco cocoons are synonymous with tranquility, so we recommend avoiding fluorescent colors and flashy walls and furniture. Choose neutral and timeless colors like gray, ecru, beige and cream, and accentuate them by adding decorative items or brightly colored textiles. For pastel decor, choose pastel colors: pink, light purple, but also light blue and green.

6- White Lounge

7- Elegant design with fireplace

8- Scandinavian design salon decorated for winter

9- Variety of light

Add a variety of light sources to your living room for a sense of tranquility, such as lamps, table lamps or even a light-colored garland. Don’t forget to add candles for a Zen and romantic atmosphere. You can never have too many candles. In addition to adding a cozy vibe to your home with soft lighting, they also add pleasant scents to your home. Be careful not to choose a fragrance that is too strong, it might bother you.

10- Sofas, Chairs and Beds

Put a small amount on sofas, chairs and beds with the help of large cushions made of wool, cotton or velvet. Respect the same color scheme you chose for the rest of the show. Like a cushion, blankets add a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

11- Decorative elements

A few decorative elements are essential to bringing warmth to a place, and a rug is one of them. Thick, smooth, soft, long hair or wool, rugs can be placed on the floor, stacked if possible or hung on the wall as a tapestry.

12- Curtains

Don’t forget to hang curtains on the windows to create an intimate indoor environment that will also protect you from the cold. You should like wool and suede material, velvet, which will go a long way to helping the sense of well-being.