The main summer color is also the most fashionable this year. Don’t be afraid of bright colors! Today we will learn how to choose green wallpaper for your interior. Whether you have started a renovation or are just thinking about your future interior, it is always difficult to choose the wallpaper. Hundreds of thousands of colors and possible combinations, many styles, materials and price ranges. Well, how to choose? Today we will focus on green.

Wallpaper in the room

Use wallpaper in the room or paint the walls? This choice is faced by many. Each solution has pros and cons, but wallpaper has one of the important advantages. You are unlikely to achieve such a subtle pattern and the combination of shades, even if you invite an artist’s home. But what this drawing will be – it’s up to you to decide. And of course, you will have to choose from many options. At the same time, be guided by the room, the style of the interior and your own desires.

Green wallpaper

If you chose green as the main color and green wallpaper will be in your room, it is important to think about what other colors they will be combined with. These colors can be both in furniture and decor, and on the wallpaper itself. A classic and simple combination – green and white.

But if you want something a little more daring, green looks great with black and brown. This is often found in nature, because green and brown are the main natural shades of the summer forest. Romantic and soothing combination – green and blue. Well, it’s worth meeting green with pink, yellow, red shades – and the most cheerful interior in the world awaits you.

Green furniture

What if you want not just green wallpapers, but a whole green interior? Moreover, it is now so fashionable, and the green monocular is a sign of an aristocratic interior. Finding high-quality green furniture is not so easy, and our choice falls primarily on the new Philipp Selva collection.

This furniture has long been a symbol of exquisite taste, love for comfort and the ability to see beauty in simple forms. Elegant modern interiors from the Italian brand have won the hearts of designers and connoisseurs of beautiful furniture around the world. And he never ceases to amaze!

From the items of the new collection, everyone can create their own living room, dining room, bedroom or office. But one thing will remain unchanged – the royal green shade.

Wallpaper with a pattern

Drawing is an important nuance when choosing wallpaper. Will it be a light, barely noticeable geometric ornament? An excellent choice for an unobtrusive interior. Large patterns and ornaments are characteristic of more daring interiors, with such wallpaper you can decorate, for example, only one accent wall, and decorate the rest in calmer colors. But in the first place will be planted and floral motifs.

Wallpaper with flowers

On wallpaper with flowers, there can be small, almost imperceptible flowers, or large, bright, multicolored ones. In some cases, green serves only as a backdrop against which a real Garden of Eden blooms. And one of the main trends of this year was the image of palm trees, ferns, cacti and even exotic animals walking around the jungle. If you are afraid that it will be too bright, try highlighting one zone with similar wallpaper.

Striped wallpaper

First, you need to make a choice – horizontal or vertical, wide or narrow. Horizontal stripes can make a space appear wider, while vertical stripes can visually elevate ceilings. And also think carefully about what the second color will be. The simplest solution is white, but who knows what your imagination is capable of? After all, the green summer color is able to inspire exploits and give unexpected ideas.