Oak is probably one of the naturally hard and durable woods you can use for all kinds of furniture. It is easy to maintain and work on, resistant to fungal attack, and polishes well. From the 1980s towards modernity, oak has been a popular wood choice for varieties of kitchen furniture, especially cabinetries. 

Although oak cabinets are a reminiscence of the 1980s and 1990s homes, they have proved to be perfect for modern kitchens, thanks to their durability properties, ease of maintenance and attractive earthly tones that align with modern aesthetics. 

If you are searching for cabinetries ideal for modern cookhouse designs, oak kitchen cabinets should be your first choice. Read this article to find out why. 

Features that Define Oak Kitchen Cabinets

As already mentioned, oak cabinetries date back to the 1980s and 1990s interior design. Traditionally, they mostly come in the distinct pale gold color and coarse texture of oak and are extremely durable. Modern oak drawers, on the other hand, are mostly customized and versatile in terms of color, shape, design, and ornamental aspects.

Below are the major features that define oak cookhouse cupboards. 

Coarse Texture

Unlike drawers made of smooth-surfaced woods like maple and pine, oak cupboards have a distinctive finish, the specific feature that puts them ahead of others in terms of functionality and aesthetics when in kitchen interior design. Oak cabinets are water and fungi-resistant and are easy to work on, thanks to the coarse and visible texture that marks their distinctive finish. 


Oak drawers are indeed very versatile, from finishing options to style and color options. Depending on the look you want your cookhouse to have; you can opt for light, medium, or dark oak finish options. Besides this, these drawers come in a myriad of styles, from antique to contemporary.

You can install traditional oak cabinets in your modern kitchen if you prefer a transitional outlook. Alternatively, you can also choose modern oak cupboards and pair them with shiny materials like stainless steel appliances for a bold modern kitchen outlook. 

Long-Lasting Beauty

Countless designs of oak cupboards, both vintage and modern, in modern apartments and offices, are a testament to the fact that design is not just about making something beautiful but making them work beautifully as well. From vintage to modern designs, these drawers have a bold look that can scatter warmth and comfort to any cookhouse. 

With their simple but alluring outlooks, you can easily use them to complement any delightful theme you chose for your modern kitchen. The good news is that all the natural undertones of oak wood can blend with varieties of colors for a pretty modern outlook. 

Will Oak Kitchen Cabinets Go out of Style?

Oak cabinetries have been at the forefront of interior design for over four decades and have not shown the least signs of going out of fashion. Modern homeowners opt for these cabinets for the following reasons. 

  • The Functional Appeal of Oak Cabinetry

Oak drawers are generally easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the coarse texture of oak wood. Because of their natural finish and tones, these cupboards can hide dirt marks and scratches and can easily withstand tear and wear. 

Moreover, oak kitchen cabinets are unfathomably cheaper and easy to find and work on, compared to drawers made of woods like maple, pine, or cherry. If you love the functional appeal of modern kitchens, then oak drawers should be one of your options. 

  • Natural Wood is Trending

Natural wood is currently a trending design option in terms of kitchen cabinetry material. Besides its durability properties, natural wood looks timeless and is easy to find and beautify. With modern homeowners falling for materials that look bold and are easy to find and style, the skyrocketing popularity of oak kitchen cabinets can be justified. 

Because of the value modern homeowners have attached to wood cabinets, it is evident that oak cupboards will be in fashion for a long time. Their natural wood material, oak, is probably one of the most high-quality, good-looking, and durable types of wood you can find. 

  • The Popularity of Transitional Kitchens

At a time when societies everywhere are transitioning from traditionalism towards modernity, homeowners everywhere are trying to express that element of transition inside their cookhouses. Hence, a blend of vintage and modern elements is a common characteristic of modern kitchens. 

With the classical appeal and long history of oak kitchen cabinets, no extra effort is needed in terms of creating a transitional kitchen. If your oak drawers have a traditional appeal, you can easily match them with modern implements or fixtures for the modern transitional design of your choice. 

Tips on how to Modernize a Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

Now that you have discovered more about oak cabinets, you should learn how to use them to create your dream kitchen outlook. Apply the tips below if you want to modernize your cooking area using cupboards made of oak. 

  • Refurbish the Cabinetry

The look of any kitchen interior is to some extent determined by the cabinetries installed in the kitchen. Hence, your kitchen may look outdated if the cabinetry appears to be worn-out or out of fashion. 

You can refurbish your oak drawers by repainting them, replacing worn out fixtures, or, installing on them additional decorative elements, depending on the modern kitchen design outlook you want. 

  • Create Color Contrast

You should consider incorporating more colors in your cooking area if you don’t want your oak cabinets to overwhelm the contemporary design. One way of doing this is by painting the kitchen walls white and installing oak cabinets with dark-looking or shiny accessories, depending on what works best for you. Regardless of what you opt for, the color contrast that will come out will express modernity while adding warmth and attraction to your scullery. In brief, consider the following when it comes to incorporating colors. 

  • Kitchenware and cabinet accessories
  • Backsplashes
  • Walls and Ceiling color
  • Install Modern Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Rather than waste time and money refurbishing old drawers, you can simplify everything by going for modern oak cabinets. These drawers come with sleek features like artwork, contemporary countertops and metallic fixtures like stainless steel or golden knobs, handles, and hinges. 

With modern oak kitchen cabinets, you can easily detract from the vintage appeal of oak and make your scullery look contemporary. However, you need to determine the following before making a purchase. 

  • Cost of cabinets
  • Available space in your scullery
  • Your preferred kitchen interior design theme

Final Thoughts

Oak kitchen cabinets are generally perfect for any modern kitchen design, thanks to their functionality, durability, and versatility. The fact that they are among the easiest to find and work on, means that they will not be out of fashion anytime soon. Follow us for more insights on kitchen interior décor.