15+ Ideas to Choose the Right Furniture for Garden (1)

Whether it is to relax or to sit comfortably around a table, the garden armchair is an essential piece of outdoor furniture, but you still have to choose it well! Trendy or more traditional seating, optimization of space or preference for certain materials, ease of maintenance, all the criteria are essential to take into account before making a decision. Your chair should look like you and reflect your tastes. So, how do you choose the right garden furniture?

1. Choose the style according to the space

Choose the style according to the space (1)

Your garden armchair naturally finds its place in your exteriors, you must absolutely take into account the space you have available. Indeed, no need to overload, on the contrary.

The furniture is highlighted as long as it is well exposed. If you are short on space, you can use the angles to create additional seating. In addition to being practical, corner armchairs give a cozy feel, so what’s the point in depriving yourself of them?

2. Wooden armchairs

Wooden armchairs (1)

The wood will give a warm tone. Timeless material, it always has the coast and goes with all styles of decoration. In teak, acacia wood, or fir, the wooden seats are available in abundance. For more comfort, you can add a cushion on the backrest of some models. You can also opt for a mixture of wood and canvas. This saves you the need to add cushions and at the same time, additional expenses.

3. Recycled plastic armchairs

recycled plastic armchairs1 (1)

Recycled plastic is very trendy. We are using it more and more, because in addition to being an ecological material, it is very easy to maintain. With a sponge and a little soap, your armchairs can be cleaned in the blink of an eye. In addition, plastic ages well over time, especially if it is of good quality. Its structure allows it to have very varied and designer armchair shapes. In other words, no reason to do without!

4. The hanging garden armchair

the hanging garden armchair (1)

If you want to spice up your outdoor decor, the hanging chair is very trendy. You can install it in a corner or in the middle of your garden, the hanging chair is the essential decorative accessory to create a design and cocooning universe. I am absolutely a fan of the two models presented by AM.PM and La Redoute and in particular the Bosseda model supplied with or without its support. It is indeed a very beautiful object with its metal structure covered with woven rattan.

5. Garden armchair

Garden armchair (1)

Just imagine the ones you’ll want to curl up in. Your garden furniture must be practical, comfortable and adapted to your use, but also aesthetic. Opt for a contemporary or more classic design, the important thing is to always feel good. The garden is also an extension of your interior: keep the same style or play with color with cheerful cushions to accessorize if necessary.

6. Large dining table, essential outdoor furniture

Large dining table, essential outdoor furniture (1)

From the first moments when we start to take out the outdoor tables and chairs, we can finally formalize the festive season. Indeed, it is generally during this period that we let go and take the time to live. What could be better than enjoying your breakfast on the balcony and enjoying the freshness of the morning? Or even enjoy family, friends and family during extended dinners?

Therefore, depending on the size of your exterior and your personality, there remains a wide range of tables to dress your garden. Round, square, rectangle, in wood, acacia, rattan or even metallic, the range of choices is wide.

7. Small table, cozy corner spirit, for a successful outdoor decor

Small table, cozy corner spirit, for a successful outdoor decor (1)

On the other hand, in addition to the tables of average size, adequate for dinners, the basses also remain. I really like the latter because they transform in no time an empty exterior into an ideal outdoor lounge for a drink. Thus, with the help of these different tables, we can create various atmospheres according to our needs. For example, it is possible to create a classic and formal universe for family dinners or a more cozy and casual atmosphere for lounging in the company of friends.

8. Choose rattan

choose rattan (1)

Whatever your choice, also make sure to respect the properties of your furniture. For example, if you choose rattan, I highly recommend that you shelter it in the winter. Indeed, even if rattan can withstand a few small showers very well, it is preferable to protect it from prolonged stays in the rain and therefore to store it in a dry place in winter.

9. The high table

the high table (1)

Whether on a terrace, a balcony or a garden, the high table fits into any environment. This is mainly due to its slender shape. These tables take up little space. It is then easy to push them against the wall, in order to clear your balcony.

In addition, being high they can be provided, below, with a storage space. This is then perfect for storing mood candles, bulky books or magazines during dinner for example.

10. High bar

high bar (1)

On the other hand, if you are more oriented towards industrial trends, this table called “high bar” is then designed for you. In perforated metal, its contemporary design adapts perfectly to small balconies. You will no longer have any excuse not to take advantage of it!

11. Comfortable outdoor seating for lounging in the sun

Comfortable outdoor seating for lounging in the sun (1)

Owning a garden table is a good thing. But making a small outdoor lounge is even better! Once again you are free to play between materials, colors and styles. Sun loungers, folding chairs, benches, hammocks or even floor cushions, the choice will be tough.

12. Benches and armchairs

benches and armchairs (1)

For garden furniture, the benches and armchairs seem perfect to me. One, two or even three-seater, if not more, the outdoor sofas harmonize with the convivial spirit of the summer aperitifs I was telling you about earlier. Once the bench has been selected, decorate it with cushions to increase its comfort. Then, add sparingly modern, vintage or bohemian decor elements according to your wishes.

13. Rustic aspect of the pendant lights

rustic aspect of the pendant lights (1)

I fell in love with this small living room. The bamboo lanterns, decorated with a tie-dye of pink and white, are sublime. I really like the slight gradient that counterbalances the rustic aspect of the pendant lights.

14. The hammock

the hammock (1)

In addition, rather fond of relaxation areas where comfort is at its peak, the hammock is then made for you. Indeed, like high tables, the hammock can be acclimated anywhere. Hanging between two trees, it will become your favorite place. No one will be able to detach you from it. Then once the beautiful days have passed, it is quite possible to return it and install it in your home. The living room or the bedroom are suitable environments for it. However, if you don’t have rooms that are large enough, don’t panic. Being mostly made of fabric, you can perfectly store it in a closet until next summer.

15. The shade sail

The shade sail (1)

Certainly, garden tables and chairs are ideal and essential for the outdoors. However, many other decorative elements and accessories also have their say! Yep, we don’t often think about it, but it’s the little things that make your environment even more pleasant. This is why, do not hesitate to decorate it with parasols, shade sails, green plants or even rugs.

16. The little extra of the outdoor decoration

The little extra of the outdoor decoration (1)

On the other hand, just like the interior, the carpet is an essential element to complete your decor. It is true, the outdoor carpet is not necessarily the first idea crossing our mind. However, this finalizes your decor and intensifies its cozy corner. In addition, it makes the space less tasteless. On the contrary, through its various shapes, patterns and colors, the rug invigorates your universe. Thus, with tropical or ethnic black and white patterns, made as you see fit.

17. Green plants as centerpiece

green plants (1)

Finally, before concluding, the last and final step not to be banned is the “green plant decoration”. Indeed, it accompanies wonderfully every environment, whether indoor or outdoor. Green plants and flowers spice up your space. I would even say that they are the centerpiece of your decor.

However, be careful with your exposure. Plants don’t like everywhere. I therefore advise you to check the layout of your balcony beforehand and to choose suitable plants and flowers. So, inform yourself beforehand in order to benefit from a green garden in the long term.