For many makeup enthusiasts, eyebrows are the end all and be all of their look. Without perfectly groomed or filled in brows, they feel incomplete. And who wouldn’t, when your eyebrows have been overplucked and there’s not much shape to be seen without the help of your trusted products?

Even with so much importance placed upon eyebrows, however, it’s still essential to manage the time you do your makeup and make sure you’re getting the right look. Consider the different ways that eyebrow makeup for sale you just bought can change your image:

Reviving Your Natural Look

The way you do your makeup should not be just about following the look that is most current and trendy. No matter what the overdone and overly perfect brows of your favorite artists say, in real life, filling in your brows to create a shape that is not your natural brow shape will only make your makeup look drastic or severe. Unless this is the look you’re going for, try to mimic a more natural shape, one that your brows originally had when you were younger. This will take you one step closer to that highly coveted natural, no-makeup look.

Giving You That Youthful Glow

The case for thicker brows became compelling because of the image they impart. When you were younger, before you discovered the importance and joy of makeup, your brows were bushy and untamed–a sign of youth. Now that you are older, your brows may have thinned a bit, but with the help of powders, pomades, gels, and pencils, you can still get that youthful look without needing to apply too much makeup. All it takes is a few masterful strokes and voila! Your brows and you have never looked younger!

Lending You Much-needed Confidence

Before, brows were just another part of the face. Now, they can be the crowning glory of your look. You’ll see as many beauty tutorials focusing on just the brows and how to keep them looking on point. It’s all serious business and you may need to load up on tools and product to get the most natural look, but when you do and you get compliments for your brows, you’ll have that confidence to get you through the day. Worrying about how others perceive you distracts from your other tasks; when you are confident with how you look, there is no room to worry so you can concentrate on the important tasks at hand.

Helping You Land a Job

Though people don’t want to be judged for their appearance, when you are starting a new job, potential employees may still judge you based on your overall look. This is why you put your best foot forward when coming in for an interview–from your very best clothes to your most favored makeup products. You are showing them your best self, and thankfully, well-shaped eyebrows help give you a friendlier and more capable look–qualities that they might be looking for in a job where all the candidates are equal in achievements and recommendations.

Your brows do so much for your face and your confidence. Considering this, it’s surely worth the 15 minutes you spend grooming them every day.