Your mantel is a forgotten decorating space that comes alive during the holiday season. Between nights snuggled around the fire to the home of Christmas stockings, any interior designer Pacific Palisades knows this feature brings together your whole living room. Here are eight themes when designing beautiful mantel decorations for the holidays:

1. Christmas Village

Create an adorable scene with a cozy Christmas village above your fireplace. Choose a simple paper chipboard town or go all out with model people, stores, and houses. The whole family can get involved in designing your hamlet. Finish the space with evergreen branches or hang a wreath above it all.

2. Gingerbread House

Spice up your mantel with this holiday tradition. If your gingerbread houses tend to sit on the counter, uneaten, why not build them into your décor? Let it snow on the mantel with baby powder and add a few cutout cookies to play in your winter wonderland. There are plenty of faux cookie decorations if you’d rather consume your holiday confections.

3. Lighted Garland

Don’t let your tree have a monopoly on festive lighting. A garland with lights brightens up your hearth even without a fire. Electric candles or clear ornament vases complement the shine of the bulbs peaking out from the garland.

4. Poinsettia

This festive, vibrant plant is generally relegated to corners and counters in the winter. Feature it front and center by doing a poinsettia-themed mantel. If you don’t have room for full-size plants, clip a few bracts to provide color. Poinsettia wreathes or garlands are a fun twist on more conventional holiday favorites.

5. Vintage

Have parents or grandparents who never throw away anything? Raid their attics for glass bulb light strings, classic wreathes, and retro ornaments. Not only is it fun, it adds warm nostalgia to a season filled with memories.

6. Sophisticated

The best interior designer will tell you that a few classy touches can bring a more mature feel to your hearth this holiday season. Employ metallic colors, delicate glass trees, and elegant candlestick holders to create a tasteful vignette that will be the envy of all your adult friends.

7. The Current Décor

If you love your everyday style, there’s no reason why you can’t keep it around for the holidays. Do an all-white design with frosty garlands, snowflake candles, and eggshell ornaments. Use a farmhouse favorite by hanging a rustic holiday sign above your mantel.

8. Try Something New

Seasonal decoration is an opportunity to try out an interior change without committing to it. If you hate it, just take it all down on New Year’s Day. Preview 2020 trends such as gorgeous coastal colors, textured accents, and geometric shapes in the guise of winter accents.

Whether you buy all new decorations or recycle your current items, you can create a warm space for the season. Discover a starting point that speaks to you and expand from there. If you need some extra inspiration, interior designers Santa Barbara can build off your theme with new and exciting ideas. Find one who can translate your personality into the décor of your dreams.