Wedding invitations are the first step in organizing any wedding. The way the wedding invitation is designed says a lot about the quality of the event. This is why it becomes all the more important to make sure your invitation catches the eyes of your invitees.

These days people, considering the current pandemic situation, prefer sending the wedding invitations via email instead of a physical card. Email invitations can be made much more creative by sending them in the form of a video to your invitees. Video invitations are much more interactive and give the video maker much greater freedom for creativity.

Here are 13 ideas for your wedding invitation video –

Creative Video Ideas for Wedding Invitations

  • Cultural Invitation: The most frequent type of invitation is a cultural invitation to your wedding. You may choose to highlight all the different kinds of traditions that your families have around the wedding. Traditions are a real eye-catcher, and the whole theme of the video can revolve around tradition. This also makes the video much more colourful and vibrant.
  • Stop Motion Invitation: Stop motion video technique borrows from stop motion animation, and it is used frequently in videos of all kinds. You may film yourself in stop motion using an SLR camera and put the frames together using a video slideshow maker. This will help you create the perfect wedding invitation video at minimal cost but high quality.
  • Save The Date Invitation: This type of invitation is meant primarily for people who are not sure they want to go paperless for their invitation. It contains all the details of the event and calls the invitees to clear all engagements for the day. You may use an online invitation maker in order to make the task of making the video much more lucid and low cost.
  • Hobby Themed Video: If the couple has a shared hobby that they love to do together, they may base the video on the hobby. The video and the pictures included in the video may consist of instances of the couple enjoying the hobby together. This can form a personal and interactive video that interests the invitees even more.
  • Floral Invitation: The floral themes are a frequently used theme in wedding invitation video. If the couple likes common flowers they may use them in the video to form a flower-themed video.
  • Season Themed Invitation: Every season is associated with a particular set of colours. You may use these colours to form the theme of the invitation video. If possible, you may also shoot the video in the season in question to provide greater resonance between the video and the theme. This would make the video invitation more appealing to the invitees.
  • Old Style Invitation: You may give the wedding invitation an old-timey look and feel. This may be done by using a sepia filter, along with old music and country background. You may also shoot the video with a certain decade in mind so that it matches the overall theme of the invitation.
  • Monochrome Invitation: Professional designers cannot stop talking about how beautiful videos that are based on a single tone look. Monochrome invitations are soothing for the eyes, especially if mellow shades are chosen. Moreover, these kinds of invitations are very appealing for all occasions.
  • Dark Invitations: Invitations that play around dark shades have a limited audience, but also have the capacity to be romantic depending upon the couple. Dark floral accents along with black and grey are frequently chosen for wedding invitations. They work exceptionally well with monochromatic pictures and videos.
  • Invitation with Floral Wreath: Floral wreaths are especially suitable for weddings. A lot of wedding videos choose the floral wreath as a border or frame for the video. You may make a similar choice for wedding invitations as well. Especially if the rest of the video has bright shades and hues, the floral wreath works exceptionally well.
  • Eco-Friendly Invitation: The idea of a wedding invitation in the form of a video is very eco-friendly. Hence, why not base your video around the concept of eco-friendliness itself! Fill the video with your love for the environment, and how sending such a video helps save trees and reduces your carbon footprint. It is bound to impress your invitees as well.
  • Nautical Invitation: The navy blue colour is especially suited for related wedding themes. It is also a colour that has been increasing in popularity of the past years. The nautical theme is used to signify a voyage or a journey. Wedding invitations of a nautical theme particularly suit the idea of marriage and are hence used very frequently.
  • Maps and Travel Invitation: Similar to the nautical theme, you can also use a theme concerned with maps and travel to signify voyages and long travels. These themes are available widely and in a lot of variety online on video makers. All the user needs to do is add his video or pictures, and a high-quality video will be ready in no time. These themes are also widely used in wedding videos.

Hence, several ideas are available for the creation of your perfect video invitation. These may range from dark shades to light and from nautical themes to floral ones. So go forth, choose a theme, and show your creativity!