20+ Tips for a Feminine Cottage Decoration (1)

As we often say, the living room is the heart of the house. So today I am offering you decorative ideas to create a feminine cottage decoration in your living room. A fresh and feminine decorative style very worked.

1. Soft walls

soft walls (1)

Feminine cottage decor is based on fairly soft wall colors. So you don’t necessarily have to repaint them. With softer walls, you will be able to highlight your furniture. For more details, do not hesitate to add mirrors to your decor.

2. Add old doors

Add old doors (1)

Antique doors are one of those things that add an elegant look to any type of decor. Also, they add a feminine touch depending on how you use them. I love !

3. Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements (1)

Is there anything as feminine and fresh as flowers? Absolutely not ! Flowers add a touch of beauty wherever they are arranged. I recommend that you have several floral arrangements in soft, neutral hues to enhance your feminine cottage decor.

4. Hanging lanterns

hanging lanterns (1)

Lanterns are another element of classic cottage decor. Here we are going to attach them to the walls to romantically light up the room. Add your lanterns to any wall that looks a bit empty.

5. Use pastels in your feminine cottage decoration

Use pastels in your feminine cottage decoration (1)

Pastel is not only a beautiful color palette, it brings classic freshness to any room. Add patterns in pastel tones to brighten up the room. This brings classic feminine charm while further accentuating its freshness.

6. Faux fur

Faux fur (1)

If you want to add a touch of luxury and femininity without disrupting your decor, adding faux fur is one of the best ways to go. This faux fur will add that chic appeal while still being pleasing to the eye.

7. The coffee table

the coffee table (1)

Also consider decorating your coffee table to complement your feminine cottage decor. Decorating your coffee table allows you to further highlight your style and personal character.

8. The patterns for your feminine cottage decoration

The patterns for your feminine cottage decoration (1)

The patterns are inseparable from a feminine cottage decoration. When it comes to selecting a pattern, think about something that brightens the room while still being a little more subtle. I am thinking, for example, of stripes or checked prints.

9. The wallpaper

The wallpaper (1)

If in doubt, feel free to add some wallpaper. It will create a background for your decoration quite quickly and without spending too much money. There are many pattern options to choose from, as well as many ways to apply it. Opt for bold patterns and colors to bring freshness to the room.

10. Pink accents

pink accents (1)

Pink is a trendy color that will remain so for a few years to come. So feel free to add some bold touches of pink. Pair it with metallic elements to create a seamless appeal.

11. Vintage furniture 

Vintage furniture 1 (1)

If there was one thing to take away from the Shabby Chic style, it’s his love for antique furniture. Shabby Chic is particularly fond of molded furniture with a “period” style, such as a Louis XV-inspired chest of drawers, for example.

12. Light and bright colors

Light and bright colors (1)

Shabby Chic is the ultimate romantic and country decor. Ideal in a country house , this style is crazy about light and natural tones . We obviously find a great use of white, soft colors, such as taupe, and linen for upholstery. But this range of colors extends to pastel shades and more feminine: we find in particular powder pink , but also water green.

13. A rustic and flowery decor 

a rustic and flowery decor (1)

The Shabby Chic style is very recognizable by its floral patterns . Whether they are found on cushions, dishes or on a vase, flowers are an integral part of a successful Shabby Chic decor. We particularly appreciate large bouquets of field flowers in the living room or on the dining table . You can also highlight the romantic side of this decoration by choosing dried flowers which will give a lot of effect to the room and which have the merit of making life easier for those who do not have a green thumb.

14. Soft and natural linens

soft and natural linens (1)

In our little rustic cocoon, like a country house, the upholstery and linens follow the natural path. We put on materials such as cotton or linen , which we usually keep the original color. You can also opt for a thicker burlap, ideal for re-upholstering an armchair. And to put a little madness on your sheets, do not hesitate to opt for embroidered linens, which will give all its charm to your bed or your sofa .

15. Decorative candlesticks galore

Decorative candlesticks galore (1)

It is difficult to think of an interior with a Shabby Chic look without evoking these sumptuous crystal chandeliers , which bring a touch of charm and a little royal side to the interiors. A must for Shabby Chic decor, however, you have to know how to choose your chandeliers and candlesticks with taste. The main thing is above all to adapt it to the size of the room: a bedroom and a living room will obviously not have the right to the same chandelier. Too large a suspension can quickly give a cheap and bling-bling side to the decor.

16. Vintage tableware with floral accents

vintage tableware with floral accents (1)

For a Shabby Chic style authentic, why not hunt around your dishes in a garage sale ? When it comes to English tea time, opt for grandmother’s crockery, in pink tones and with a pretty floral decoration topped with a golden border. A pretty vintage tableware will give all its charm to your meals. Think about mismatching it to give it a little modern edge and not to border on overdose.

17. A harmonious decoration

a harmonious decoration (1)

You now have all the codes to decorate your interior in the style of Shabby Chic. This decoration loves opulence. However, you have to know the difference between accumulation and excess . Ensure harmony in your room and think about mixing more modern elements and Shabby Chic style to avoid the decor flop!

18. Soft and refined colors

Soft and refined colors (1)

For a 100% romantic decoration , it is obviously the light and soft colors that advocate. Pink or red correspond well to the theme of romance, but red is more powerful and sometimes too aggressive. In this case, we opt more easily for a powder pink or pastel colors. It also blends perfectly with white, a successful soothing and romantic atmosphere.

19. Sheers and white curtains

Sheers and white curtains (1)

Beautiful white or pink curtains in a living room, not very thick nor too transparent, will go perfectly to create a romantic decor . They are also found in the bedroom or on the four-poster beds. Absolute romance! For an older side, there are also thicker curtains, or even velvet.

20. Romantic decorative objects

Romantic decorative objects (1)

Decorative objects always add that little extra to a style you want to give to a room. In the romantic decoration, we find lace, pretty flowerpots, furniture with curved feet and of course hearts everywhere. Whether they are a cushion, a curtain tie or a trinket, the heart is an essential object for a successful romantic decoration.

21. Flowers and candles

Flowers and candles (1)

Who says romance necessarily means bouquets of flowers and candles. Indeed, flowers always add charm to an interior. Roses or simply flowers in pink tones represent the romantic style . As for candles, they create the romantic universe in a room, especially in the evening. On, they have more effect.

22. A bed representative of romanticism

A bed representative of romanticism (1)

The romantic decoration is a whole and sets the tone for an interior. But what is important to have an optimal result is to have a romantic bed. A four-poster bed, as seen above, with beautiful curtains, or a large bed with a padded headboard. The romantic effect is immediate with a pink bed linen!