ideas of decorating coffee table for Christmas (1)

Christmas is approaching and the house is dressed in lights and joy! Also embellish the coffee table in the living room, perhaps even with some “DIY” decorations, to create a magical and original atmosphere …

1. Make Festive Table Ornament From Natural Materials

Make Festive Table Ornament From Natural Materials (1)

Decorating with candles is a classic idea for the holiday season. The soft and delicate flame of the candles reminds us of the warm interiors of mountain chalets and their wood-burning fireplaces. To invite this atmosphere into your home, all you need is a coffee table ornament with a natural wood plank, a few different-sized pine cones, and a mini candle holder to make from a small bowl that you can paint in color. silver, gold, or copper.

2. Make a candle holder and a natural candle

make a candle holder and a natural candle (1)

Adult Christmas DIY enthusiasts also have the opportunity to make their own decoration with a homemade candle holder and a natural candle, flavored with an essential oil-based home fragrance of their choice. The tutorial at the bottom shows how to recycle an old glass bottle into a candle holder.

3. Natural wooden candle holder for the living room

natural wooden candle holder for the living room (1)

If you don’t want to experiment with making a candle, you can always use one you’ve purchased to complement a homemade wooden candle holder, like the one pictured above.

4. Recycled vase

recycled vase (1)

Looking for a quick and easy adult Christmas craft idea? So take a glass vase you have at home and decorate it with a little paint and glitter!

5. Snow globes in jars

snow globes in jars (1)

In this image, an adult Christmas DIY suggestion to do at the last minute: adorn their coffee table with a wooden board and snow globes made in glass jars and decorative mini figurines.

6. Natural Christmas balls

natural Christmas balls (1)

If not, try this adult Christmas DIY project made from natural materials that involve covering a bauble (new or old) with hazelnuts.

7. Personalized Party Coaster

Personalized Party Coaster (1)

And why not create your own themed coasters for Christmas? Here are the materials to get for this project: decorations for your printable coasters (you will find a link below to the decorations used in this tutorial, to print for free), photo paper (to print the decorations at self), a few regular-sized tiles, a Mod Sponge, scissors, a brush, glue.

8. Ecological paper tree

ecological paper tree (1)

Mini paper and wood trees are another great coffee table or dining table decoration for the holiday season. Above is a Scandinavian-style paper tree template that is really simple to make with just two copies of the printable tree templates (see links at the bottom of the page), scissors, and glue.

9. Small paper tree

small paper tree (1)

The tree in the photo above is another Christmas table decoration model to make out of paper. This project requires the following materials: 2 sheets of cardboard paper, a ruler, a pencil, tape, glue, three types of crepe paper of similar shades.

10. Ecological wooden tree

ecological wooden tree (1)

Homemade and ecological table decoration for Christmas.

11. The beauty of glass

The beauty of glass (1)

This designer glass vase attracts attention but does not obstruct the view. It decorates small rooms by bringing a sophisticated touch to your decor.

12. Candles and lights

Candles and lights (1)

These jar candlesticks offer a sober style to your interior decoration. The scattered sprigs of fir decorate the glass jars. The fairy lights add the festive atmosphere which the room needs to approach Christmas.

13. Glass branches

Glass branches (1)

These branches arranged in this glass jar bring a natural touch to your Christmas decor. Place your accessories on the coffee table near the tree to optimize the zen and festive atmosphere they create in the room.

14. The little tree

The little tree

This small wooden tree allows you to create a natural atmosphere in your room. It finds its place on a low table. Surrounded by a few candles and other Christmas balls, it will warm the hearts of your guests.

15. The triumph of simplicity

The triumph of simplicity (1)

This wooden box accommodates your plants in order to maximize their natural side. The large glass candle holder placed nearby brings the design touch that is missing from your Christmas decor.

16. Fir twigs and jute

Fir twigs and jute (1)

These sprigs of fir gathered in these raffia planters offer a unique Christmas decoration. They can replace the traditional fir. Display them on a low table to show them off.

17. Christmas bouquet

Christmas bouquet (1)

These fir branches have been brought together to compose an aesthetic Christmas bouquet. They bring a green touch to your decor.

18. The green bouquet

The green bouquet (1)

These branches are arranged on a low table to give the appearance of a bouquet decorated with Christmas balls. They embellish the wooden coffee table. The presence of this decoration is enough to welcome Christmas to your home.

19. The glass jar

The glass jar (1)

The three jars tinted in white decorate your coffee table by creating a winter atmosphere in the room. They welcome branches or dried flowers. Everything is to be placed on a wooden or metal coffee table to create a sophisticated natural atmosphere.

20. The elegant tray

The elegant tray

This design tray with refined style welcomes your decorative balls. Everything is to be placed on a low table. This style is a change from the traditional Christmas tree you are used to rolling out as Christmas approaches. You can nevertheless create a tree with your light garlands to complete the decoration.