christmas tree decoration

Synonymous with parties and magic, the Christmas tree proudly sits at the center of the living room. Whether Christmas rhymes with tradition, or whether you are looking for a more original decoration, here are 25 ideas to decorate it and spread a festive atmosphere throughout the house.

1. A red decor with a vintage feel

A red decor with a vintage feel

These are two timeless that we never tire of. Red and green remain essential at Christmas and are also the assurance of avoiding missteps. We, therefore, decorate our tree with pretty red balls, which we choose in glass for their elegance, and we add some vintage-looking suspensions: a small locomotive here, a wooden soldier there …

2. A tree all in pink dressed for a romantic Christmas

A tree all in pink dressed for a romantic Christmas

Not only reserved for little girls, but pink also finds its place on the tree for the end of the year celebrations full of sweetness. Balls, angel hair, and fabric roses hang from the branches of the tree, bringing a touch of fantasy to classic Christmas decorations.

3. A Scandinavian-inspired tree decoration

A Scandinavian-inspired tree decoration

Soft, pastel shades are reminiscent of the snowy landscapes outside, wooden elements for the natural side, and paper lanterns to illuminate the house. Scandinavians know a lot when it comes to transforming their interior into a cozy little cocoon. We are inspired by it to dress his tree in Christmas colors.

4. Childish decorations for a fun tree

Childish decorations for a fun tree-compressed

Little wooden soldiers dressed in red and white balls decorated with red reindeer compete for a place on the branches of this tree, which mixes traditional colors with the codes of childhood. Guaranteed result!

5. A tree with a very natural decoration

A tree with a very natural decoration-compressed

The forest and its bestiary invite themselves on the tree for decoration with a very natural spirit. Pine cones, acorns, and mushrooms coexist with owls, squirrels, and little hedgehogs in an atmosphere full of sweetness. Perfect for getting away from home without leaving home.

6. A green and gold decoration for an elegant Christmas tree

green and gold decoration

Yes, you can put green on your tree without risking the tone on tone, nor a too shy decoration. To create contrast and highlight its suspensions, we choose different shades of green, as well as decorations with original shapes. Also essential: a touch of gold to illuminate the whole, to sprinkle generously to accentuate the festive side (light garlands, balls, and other elements to hang on the branches …).

7. A delicately red Christmas tree

A delicately red Christmas tree-compressed

Overloading your decorative tree? Not so trendy! To fully enjoy the beauty of the tree itself, prefer a light decoration. A few red elements, to contrast well with the green branches, a light garland, and voila!

8. A brown and blue tree for an original Christmas

blue and brown decoration

Inspired by the decoration of American trees, these very wide ribbons easily and effectively dress the tree. Blue and brown hues blend nicely, for a very original Christmas.

9. Royal blue decoration for a chic Christmas tree

royal blue decoration

This royal color gives the Christmas decoration its natural elegance. Very chic, blue invites itself on the tree and gives it a look full of nobility. Associated with a hint of gold, it offers a nice alternative to the classic and traditional red. Suspensions in wood or paper, glass balls, feathers, or velvet effect, we vary the materials and shades to give relief to the decoration.

10. A frosted decoration for a polar tree

A frosted decoration for a polar tree

A north wind blows on Christmas. With its frosted decoration, this atmosphere with polar accents is inspired by the ice floe. We, therefore, rely on white to suggest snow and cold, a few silver touches as well as pale blue notes. Polar bears, snowflakes, and ice skates will find their place around and on the tree.

11. A glazed brown decoration for a gourmet tree

A glazed brown decoration for a gourmet tree

Neutral but warm tones, curvaceous suspensions, this decoration is available in very delicious icy brown tones. Enhanced with a few golden sparkles, the tree creates an atmosphere full of softness, which warms the interior of the house.

12. Unicorns on the tree for a magical decor

Unicorns on the tree for a magical decor

Tired of Santa Claus, his reindeer, and little elves? Dare to immerse Christmas in a fairyland of a different kind. Unicorns, fairies, and other magical creatures invite themselves to the tree to create an enchanted universe. Sprinkled with white, pastel pink, and glitter, this atmosphere full of sweetness is also adorned with a light golden veil to illuminate the atmosphere.

13. A white and golden tree for a real holiday decoration

A white and golden tree for a real holiday decoration

An essential part of a holiday decoration, gold always has its place on the tree (and in the house). To get rid of its too flashy side, it is associated with white which delays its “bling-bling” aspect. He also plays transparency with glass balls decorated with gold edging or wire suspensions, but so that he can still express himself, we also reserve larger pieces, such as traditional garlands and other stars. of Christmas.

14. A multicolored decoration for a colorful tree

A multicolored decoration for a colorful tree

Having trouble choosing a theme or a color? Why not mix it all up? This decor full of good humor energizes the tree and lets your imagination run free. Blue, red, green, yellow, pink, it’s also an opportunity to mix shapes and materials.

15. A red and green tree for a traditional Christmas

A red and green tree for a traditional Christmas

It’s a great Christmas classic. The red and green tree is a safe bet, which also allows you to be in the cliché. So we have a lot of fun when it comes to decorations: balls, garlands, Santa Claus, barley sugar … We multiply the references and we play with accumulation.

16. A Christmas tree with candy canes

A Christmas tree with candy canes

What could be sweeter than sugar cane? Absolutely nothing! This is why I am offering you an idea of ​​a Christmas tree decoration inspired by sugar cane. Use them by adding rich red and white decorative elements; as well as pairing them with crisp white elements that give sugar cane a classic charm.

17. Black and white decoration

Black and white decoration

The first trend to decorate your Christmas tree this year is black and white. A black and white Christmas tree will allow you to create a high fashion Christmas spirit. Add classic warm white lights to enhance the traditional appeal of the tree, and combine it with a gingham pattern for a modern touch.

18. The feather decoration

The feather decoration

Continuation of our Christmas tree decoration ideas with the theme of the feather. Adding feathers will create a whimsical appeal to your tree. You will see, your tree will be fuller and more enchanting. You will see, the feather will bring a very interesting texture.

20. Winter wonders

Winter wonders

If you love to watch the snowfall, its mellow, and the tranquility that it exudes, then this Christmas tree decorating idea is for you. The best way to do this is to use vibrant shades of white and pair them with hints of blue, metallic silver, and artificial snow.

21. Coastal and beach style for Christmas

Coastal and beach style for Christmas

Would you like to be able to swim in clear waters all year round? If so, then creating a coastal Christmas tree will be perfect for you. You will see, this type of decoration will bring maximum warmth to your living room. Choose rather turquoise Christmas decorations.

22. Dare the rustic style for the holidays

Dare the rustic style for the holidays

If you want to decorate your Christmas tree in a rustic way, you will have to keep it simple by adding natural elements. Work with clean lines. Add wooden, silver, and/or white elements.

23. All blue decoration

All blue decoration

Next, decorate your Christmas tree, we are going to look at blue. Blue is one of the most versatile shades on the palette. It is one of those colors that goes well with many shades, textures, and decorative elements. Combine lighter shades with darker undertones.

24. Decorate your Christmas tree in gold

Decorate your Christmas tree in gold

For a traditional Christmas party, golden undertones are the order of the day. Glitter balls, stars, and pearl garlands sparkle on the tree. Feel free to create an echo by stretching a golden tablecloth over the festive table. Discover all our most beautiful decorations for a golden Christmas tree in the authentic Christmas atmosphere.

25. Decorate your tree with strong colors

Decorate your tree with strong colors

If you want an original Christmas decor full of energy, deep colors are in order for your tree. We do not skimp on the decorations either, everything is in excess for a very rococo atmosphere. Discover all our most beautiful decorations for an original Christmas tree in the art deco Christmas atmosphere.

Finally, to decorate your Christmas tree, why add a single row of lights when you can have multiple rows? Combine your lights with minimalist decor. Remember to arrange them in a harmonious way so that they are beautiful both on and off. Plus, keep your Christmas tree as simple as possible to bring the contrast to life.