Choose the Best Paint Colors for Miniature Room

The living room is possibly one of the most democratic environments. That’s because it’s where we gather family and friends and, of course, we have that period of rest. Nowadays, houses and apartments have become smaller and smaller, following the market demand.

But did you know that it is possible to give amplitude to the environment through painting? Check out in today’s blog how the correct choice of miniature room painting can improve the environment.

How to choose the best colors?

How to choose the best colors

Among the main tips to give amplitude to a small room is: to choose the best colors. With creativity and knowledge, it is possible to make the environment visibly bigger just through the play of colors. Amazing, huh? These “tricks” are possible thanks to the high technology that involves the textures and finishing of the paints. Following this reasoning, let’s go to the tips on how to improve the amplitude of the small room.

See what the space is like

See what the space is like 1

As we said before, it is possible to change the perception of the measure of a small room through painting. Tones can offer different perceptions of space when used in the room.

See what the space is like

Darker shades, for example, give a feeling of coziness, making the environment visually more compact. So, by painting all the walls, including the ceiling, with a dark color, you feel more “hugged” to the room.

Now, if the project needs to increase the small room, the ideal is to choose to keep the ceiling light and the walls in a dark tone. This increases the horizontal line and gives an idea of ​​widening the space. To make the room feel bigger and “wider,” you can paint the back wall and ceiling in darker tones and keep the floor and side walls in lighter tones, creating a contrast.

Using the color palette to zoom

Using the color palette to zoom

The most precious tip for those who want to choose the best colors to paint a small room is to pay attention to the color palette. If the goal is to enlarge the size of the small room, know that the best colors in the palette are light tones.

However, it is not necessary to be restricted to beige or white: there is an incredible variety of shades that can – and should – be explored. An example: grayish greens, rose quartz, blue.

Using tone on tone is also an excellent tip to expand the space and innovate. If you choose a darker color in the room, try placing objects with the same tone as the painting on that painted wall. In this way, it is conceivable to soften the tone in the final composition of the room, and the decoration remains differentiated. If you want unbiased color in your room, break up the monotony of the same color with textures like fabrics and straws.

Combining colors and decor

Combining colors and decor

This is another great tip! To increase the amplitude of a small room, you can use the color combination between the decoration and the walls. This “one tone” idea gives the feeling of a more prominent place and achieves the ideal goal.

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