Best Ideas of Sumptuous Rooms Decorated With a Moroccan Theme (1)

Thanks to the richness and diversity of the Moroccan decorating style, a modern bedroom inspired by the Moroccan theme can combine a rich color palette, elegance and a contemporary note. Moroccan bedrooms exude luxury and symbolize an adventure with its incredible color shades and exotic patterns.

1. A beautiful bedroom with a four-poster bed

A beautiful bedroom with a four-poster bed (1)

The invigorating pastel blue color that predominates in this authentic Moroccan bedroom lends an opulent character and provides a cheerful and lively feel. As for the ethnic rug, it adds a warm and exotic accent.

2. A fantastic setting

A fantastic setting (1)

Here is a breathtaking decor of a Moroccan themed bedroom! The pairing of navy blue with the bright yellow of the window curtains and the deep red of the bedding completes an opulent Moroccan vibe.

3. An invigorating style

An invigorating style (1)

This is a modern bedroom inspired by Moroccan style, in the most elegant and subtle way. Bright pink walls paired with pastel blue curtains and purple bedding set create a lively and cheerful vibe in this so small yet wonderful bedroom.

4. A distinguished decoration

A distinguished decoration (1)

Authentic, unique, fantastic, that’s what we can say about this wonderful Moroccan themed room. The added value in design by Moroccan architects can be easily noticed in this bedroom with blue walls.

5. A soothing decoration

A soothing decoration (1)

The simplicity of this stunning Moroccan themed bedroom is simply exquisite. The creamy beige walls, the sheer curtain and the pretty pink carpet provide it with a pleasant and serene ambiance.

6. A decoration full of life

A decoration full of life (1)

The texture that predominates in this sumptuous and welcoming Moroccan themed room creates a charming ambiance and a cheerful atmosphere. The combination of warm and rich colors such as the orange striped bedding, the bright red curtain of the four-poster bed, give a sensual appearance to this place.

7. An exotic design with a canopy bed

An exotic design with a canopy bed (1)

This is a stunning bedroom steeped in subtle Moroccan accents. The bed features a unique and captivating design while the creamy colored textured walls provide a radiant ambiance.

8. A Moroccan bedroom dressed in white

A Moroccan bedroom dressed in white (1)

There are several details that make this Moroccan themed bedroom a wonderful and perfect room; such as the accent mirror above the bed, the serene white walls and soft, smooth textures contrasting against the raw concrete elements, and especially the minimalist frame with a modest color palette.

9. A dazzling bedroom

A dazzling bedroom (1)

The splendid bed with an iron finish and the chosen curtains certainly represent the focal point of this beautiful and cheerful room decorated under the Moroccan theme.

10. The purple gold combo

The purple gold combo (1)

Purple has been one of the hottest colors for the past decade. Whatever the tone and nuance concerned, it is a color that brings a sophisticated touch and an incomparable style. Pair purple with gold and you have a majestic combination. Moroccan bedrooms decorated in purple look natural, exotic and at the same time opulent. By using purple and gold together in your décor, you’ll have a bedroom fit for a Middle Eastern king or queen.

11. A romantic bedroom in red

A romantic bedroom in red (1)

You will not find a theme better suited than the Moroccan theme to create a romantic and sumptuous bedroom. Red is an integral part of the Moroccan decorating style. Velvet elements in this color will provide you with a romantic and fabulous decor. If you don’t like red, you can also decorate a Moroccan bedroom with shades of pink or orange.

12. A relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere

A relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere (1)

Another way to achieve a Moroccan decoration would be to adopt a Mediterranean approach. Rooms decorated with this style are more relaxing and less “busy”. Nevertheless, Moroccan culture and style of decoration still have a great relationship with those of Arab countries and the Middle East. You will then have no trouble decorating a Moroccan bedroom with Mediterranean touches…or the other way around. The lanterns, the windows typical of the styles as well as the Mashrabiya panels will help you easily combine these two designs.

13. A modern Moroccan bedroom

A modern Moroccan bedroom (1)

It is quite possible to make a decoration that reminds you of Alladin; however, not everyone appreciates this. A more modern approach is less exotic, but that doesn’t make it less Moroccan. The modern Moroccan style is generally characterized by a contemporary or modern background, enriched with decorative elements and typical Moroccan fabrics. Once again, lanterns are the preferred fixtures to accentuate the Moroccan style of decoration. Don’t forget the Moroccan rugs, multicolored ottomans and geometric patterns here and there that complete the style.