10 Ideas of Bedrooms With a Glass Chandelier (1)

The glass chandelier is not the type of fixture found in all bedrooms. And yet, it has a splendid effect on any bedroom. Discover in this post some magnificent bedrooms that stand out for their glass chandelier.

1. A masculine and elegant decoration

A masculine and elegant decoration (1)

This bedroom could certainly be that of a man if we trust the three paintings at the head of the bed. However, it can also very well be a woman or a couple. The curtains and the glass chandelier are synonymous with elegance, while the green accessories bring a note of freshness.

2. A sumptuous glass chandelier in a monochrome setting

A sumptuous glass chandelier in a monochrome setting (1)

This bedroom has been completely dressed in white. This color of purity is splendid; however, an all-white decor can sometimes be boring. In this case, accessories like the glass chandelier are essential to create a more interesting style.

3. Glass chandeliers at the head of the bed

Glass chandeliers at the head of the bed (1)

This is the first bedroom on the list where the glass chandeliers hang above the bedside tables. The ambience in this room is like that in a luxurious hotel.

4. An original chandelier in the middle of the bedroom

An original chandelier in the middle of the bedroom (1)

Who wouldn’t love to have such a spacious bedroom? The colors used may be neutral but the room is not likely to be monotonous with such a beautiful chandelier.

5. A sophisticated chandelier

A sophisticated chandelier (1)

Here is the kind of chandelier that is usually found in the living room. And yet, it looks great in this sumptuous bedroom. It brings a sophisticated touch and a luxurious note to the decor.

6. A dream ceiling

A dream ceiling (1)

The ceiling in this bedroom is arguably the most prominent location in the entire room. Not only are the patterns and textures on it captivating; but in addition, the glass chandelier makes the decor even more sumptuous.

7. Like in the living room

Like in the living room (1)

What is certain is that this kind of chandelier is not made for just any bedroom. If yours is spacious, the ceiling is high, and your decorating style is elegant enough, then you need this glass chandelier.

8. Original design

Original design (1)

The design of this glass chandelier is not common even in the living room. So, if you would like to have a unique and sophisticated bedroom, this is the chandelier for you. In this bedroom, it appears to be accompanied by matching wall sconces.

9. Black, white and gray

Black, white and gray (1)

A bedroom decorated in black, white and gray can only be elegant. It is therefore the kind of bedroom where the glass chandelier is strongly recommended compared to a simple light fixture.

10. Like a princess’s room

Like a princess's room (1)

The furniture and the shades of purple used in this room undoubtedly give it a royal note. The number of decorative accessories is limited but has been perfectly chosen. Aren’t those glass pendant lights awesome?