Best Ideas of Art Deco Bathroom (1)

Why not renew the decoration of your bathroom with an Art Deco style, a timeless trend, which will bring it sobriety, elegance and originality. Before giving you some tips and ideas to achieve this timeless style, let’s start by defining what Art Deco is and its origins.

Colorful art deco bathroom

Colorful art deco bathroom (1)

So in my art deco bathroom I want: stylized geometric shapes that repeat themselves, color and touches of brass. If we are to believe the characteristics of art deco in interior design that I mentioned to you above, we will try to avoid right angles. So, if in this room we usually like to have a large rectangular mirror, for an art deco bathroom, we will rather look for oval or round objects. It is the same for lightings.

So to find your perfect accessories, nothing better than to hunt on specialized sites like . But at a more reasonable budget, you will easily find quite satisfactory options. It will then be necessary to look in the contemporary collections, the products making nods to this decorative style.

Art deco and brass bathroom

Art deco and brass bathroom (1)

So I showed you some beautiful colored examples, however I find that the monochrome bathroom is the one that should stand out the most. Of course, brass always has a place of choice in this interior decoration. Wallpaper is another solution to affix the iconic silhouettes of the art deco style on the walls and at a lower cost. Graham & Brown, for example, offers similar patterns in their retro range.

The right combination of tones

The right combination of tones (1)

One of the keys to a successful Art Deco decoration lies in the combination of warm and cold tones. This allows you to play with dissonant hues. We like deep colors such as emerald green, peacock blue, and of course black. To accentuate the chic side, opt for metallic shades: copper, gold or silver. Art Deco decoration is also the use of rich and noble materials: mahogany, chestnut, ebony … You can therefore bet on wooden storage to bring character to the Art Deco style of your bathroom.

As we have seen before, the wallpaper with geometric patterns is a central element of the Art Deco style. Gatsby, symmetrical, oval or even round patterns. In fact, the variations to cover your walls are endless. There are a variety of eye-catching colors and patterns to choose from. Don’t forget to choose graphics with metallic touches to enhance the light and above all to best reveal the patterns. If you prefer tiling for your bathroom, there are also many possibilities to dress your walls and / or your floors.

Marble and brass go hand in hand

Marble and brass go hand in hand (1)

Marble and brass ensure a successful Art Deco atmosphere. Indeed, the flagship material of the style, marble can slip under your feet. Prefer a marble effect tiling to bring finesse and elegance to your bathroom. However, you can choose white mosaic to line the floor of your shower. Then add some brass accessories that will captivate the light, to amplify the chic and luxurious look.

We don’t forget the lights

We don't forget the lights (1)

To play the Art Deco style card to the end, choose the right lighting. Between functional and decorative, it is therefore essential to work well with the lighting of your bathroom. To awaken the Art Deco style, we install preferably round lights or fine and refined suspensions.