30 Ideas of Inspiring Art Deco Style Decor

Art Deco has no equal when it comes to bringing a refined and extremely elegant side to your decoration. It appeals to many of us, but for all that, it can seem difficult to integrate at home. Velvet, brass, generous shapes, geometric lines, bright colors, gilding and magnificent paintings characterize this style which reappears in small touches in our interiors.

1. The definition of Art Deco style

The definition of Art Deco style (1)

Flashback. If there was only one thing to quote to set the typical setting of the Art Deco style, it would certainly be its most famous hero, its best witness: The Magnificent Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. A novel to justify a decorative style ? And yes, Fitzgerald himself evoked “a movement born in the champagne of rediscovered peace”. There is no better definition to define this artistic movement born after the First World War at the dawn of the Roaring Twenties. A movement eager to assert through all the arts (interior decoration, architecture, fashion …) the need for an entire era that called for lightness and elegance in the aftermath of the darkest hours. Gatsby is its most famous symbol, sumptuous, glamorous and chic atmospheres which ideally testify to this post-war need: to put an end to the wise and smooth rigor of the first years of the 20th century.

2. The decor essentials for an Art Deco interior

The decor essentials for an Art Deco interior (1)

In architecture as in interior decoration, the Art Deco style imposes a precious, incredibly free, creative and limitless progressivism. An exquisite originality that the 2020s are eager to reclaim for an Art Deco interior that does not fear chic in the extreme. This style is expressed by noble mahogany, wrought iron and ebony materials. Gilding dominates with an assertive penchant for flashy brass on Art Deco lightinghighly design. The slender shapes invest every piece of furniture in the house, they then evoke the thunderous movement of the machines of the time. Another detail of the utmost importance: the marquetry precisely covers some pieces of furniture such as a console or a desk.

3. Art Deco wallpapers for graphic walls

Art Deco wallpapers for graphic walls (1)

To polish the Art Deco style of a room, wallpaper is ally. It allows you to play the Art Deco card fully in the decor or on the contrary to impose the touch gently. While most Art Deco pattern wallpapers find their style in the depth of dark colors awakened by golden ornaments specific to Art Nouveau revealing delicate patterns, floral or geometric, more and more models are presenting brighter colors and less graphic patterns to match a contemporary interior. Art Deco wallpaper is particularly suitable on a section of wall in the living room, as a headboard in a bedroom or in a bathroom in search of singularity.

4. The Art Deco-style living room for a magnificent reception room

The Art Deco-style living room for a magnificent reception room (1)

If there is one room where the Art Deco style can perfectly set its sights, it is the living room. Relaxation room par excellence but also room where one receives his guests, the living room is likely to best transcribe the flashy luxury of this emblematic style of the Roaring Twenties. Sofas and curvaceous armchairs will be welcome there. They will be accompanied by gleaming details: brass sideboards, marble coffee tables, brass vases. Graphic curtains with golden edging and velvet cushions will finally complete this picture worthy of the most beautiful pages of The Magnificent Gatsby. The Art Deco salon must imperatively give pride of place to a finely controlled flashy opulence, between a festive, glamorous and chic atmosphere!

5. The kitchen is no exception to the rules of the Art Deco style

The kitchen is no exception to the rules of the Art Deco style (1)

Like the living room, the kitchen is no exception to the Art Deco trend . Here again, this style distills its key precepts for a highly chic piece. A room where you know how to receive. Beautiful dark wood on the furniture and flashy notes on details such as lights or chairs will highlight the desired style. On the color side, black or deep blue will be required to create a cozy atmosphere that brighter materials and softer materials (top velvet) will be able to soften. Last detail and not the least, the Art Deco kitchen will master the exhibition of key accessories of the style: carafes worked, glasses of champagne, brass trays, graphic plates will thus take place at the table or in the window.

6. But reinvents Parisian interiors

But reinvents Parisian interiors (1)

Once again, the elegance of the Haussmannian is immediately softened by the velvet armchairs. Their imposing styles fill the void under the ceiling bringing a unique style to the living room. Just like the sumptuous floor in Hungarian point, which dresses the room with charm. The little touch that caught my attention is the variety of colors in the living room furniture. The armchairs, ottoman and cushion are dressed in different shades of blue and green.

7. The neo art deco style in the spotlight

The neo art deco style in the spotlight (1)

This reading corner has many elements that I love! First, the carpet totally in the art deco atmosphere, which comes to give pep to the room. Especially since the reminder of yellow with the armchairs vivifies this space surrounded by white walls. The Haussmanian brass door handle is highlighted with the touches of gold that remain in this small living room. Indeed, the brass floor lamp with the upper part of the opaline lamp and the feet of the black pouf are also inspired by the art deco trend, but still come together with the other elements of the Parisian style.

8. An industrial style loft

An industrial style loft (1)

This timeless decoration is coming back more and more in our interiors, mainly through the glass roof. Indeed, we find it as well on a mirror, or on the windows and partitions between the different rooms of the house. Aim to completely integrate in a subtle way the industrial decoration in all the rooms of the house. With the glass roofs, as I told you, but also with a little furniture, like the coffee table with a wooden covering and black metal legs.

9. A bit of nature

A bit of nature (1)

In addition, natural materials such as rattan and wood combine perfectly with the natural style. For my part, I love the rattan suspensions that discreetly dress the room. You will be able to play with the color of your walls all the more by adding different shades of green.

10. A chalet with current trends

A chalet with current trends (1)

Warm and stylish, this is the chalet of my dreams! I must say that the colors are sublime. Once again, But’s new collection is based above all on subtlety. We find a cocooning style discreetly associated with a mountain atmosphere. Indeed, the refined colors and the faux fur coverings echo the comfort and plunge us into a cocoon. In addition, the wooden parquet floor and the large brick fireplace immediately warm the room by providing a warm feeling. Especially since the visible logs arranged along the fireplace immerse us in a winter spirit, which makes us want to enjoy a good hot chocolate!

11. A contemporary country house

A contemporary country house (1)

For the holiday home, But has opted for a slightly more Scandinavian trend, and it matches! A rustic atmosphere with a pink tone that rejuvenates with the minimalism of the Nordic decor.

12. Timeless rooms

Timeless rooms (1)

For a chic and timeless master bedroom, neutral tones will be ideal. Just like the Nordic trendy furniture.

13. The origins and characteristics of Art Deco

The origins and characteristics of Art Deco (1)

The origins can be traced back to the times after World War I, in the 1920s, and this is no coincidence. At this time when everyone needs to forget those dark and painful years, Art Deco is there to bring comfort and luxury, as well as elegance and glamor. It has the particularity of offering a lot of creativity and freedom in the way it is distilled at home. It is also its great strength. It was in 1925 at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris that he triumphed. This decorative style is the first to break through internationally and to achieve such renown there. It is mainly found in hotels and palaces as well as luxury liners with in this case a rather ostentatious variation. It is also used by individuals with geometric patterns in particular for the chic touch,

14. Focus on details and furniture

Focus on details and furniture (1)

The contemporary decoration is rather declined by using clean lines, by playing on transparency and a certain sobriety. Art Deco, on the contrary, is based on the exuberance of colors and shapes and on voluptuous shapes. It is enough to integrate certain codes to manage to introduce it by small touches not to alter your design style. Here are some good ideas step by step:

15. Furniture

Furniture (1)

They stand out thanks to their generous shapes, often oval or rounded lines and preferably very noble materials. Marble is displayed in the kitchen, bathroom and even the living room just like ebony which gives the room a refined atmosphere to your space. Wrought iron and brass are also found quite frequently in this style. The feet and the edges of the furniture are sublimated in their rounded and soft line thanks to the gilding.

16. The walls

The walls (1)

we no longer hesitate to dress a wall or a section of wall with a wallpaper with geometric patterns and vibrant and deep colors. You find different patterns that give this paper a very nice presence. However, care must be taken not to overdo it. It is used to enhance a small corner of the room or highlight an architectural feature. Among the most popular patterns, you choose the one that appeals to you: peacock , fan, shell, zig-zag, half-moon, chevron… You are spoiled for choice.

17. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes (1)

We find them on wallpaper of course, but also paintings, curtains, rugs and even lighting. This peacock blue wallpaper with its geometric patterns tinged with gold perfectly represents the Art Deco style. It is perfect in a bedroom, office or living room. You will take care to arrange it sparingly to avoid overloading.

18. Decorative objects

Decorative objects (1)

This is a very important aspect of this decoration. They find their place everywhere: on a pedestal table, a console, a table, on the walls, on the ceiling and on the fireplace. Often gilding has its place on these ornaments: chandelier, vase, candle holder, mirrors …

19. The tapestry

The tapestry (1)

It is also very present in the Art Deco style, it is used like a painting to dress and give rhythm to a wall. Here, the coverings such as velvet, the geometric patterns on the tapestry serving as a painting, the materials… Everything here exudes the Art Deco style.

20. Living room really recalls the Art Deco

living room really recalls the Art Deco (1)

This living room really recalls the Art Deco universe, first of all by the color of the wall, by the velvet covering of the sofa, by the generous and comfortable seat of the armchair. We also like the golden touch on the coffee table.

21. Black and white checkerboard

black and white checkerboard (1)

The black and white checkerboard, the blue wall paint, the graphic patterns on the textile and on the large mirror, the golden touches and the mirrors are there to evoke the Art Deco style.

22. Mirror cabinet

mirror cabinet (1)

The mirror cabinet, must have this style for a discreetly flashy side. We play with mirrors and even furniture. This very elegant sideboard with hexagonal patterns perfectly evokes this style. In addition, it allows you to enlarge the room where you put it: entrance, living room or bedroom. In ebony wood, we notice the golden touch thanks to the handles.

23. Contemporary living room with Art Deco touch

Contemporary living room with Art Deco touch

A contemporary living room which displays some Art Deco touches, therefore completely changes its appearance. The refined and elegant touch is obtained thanks to the geometric lines and the small, rounded coffee tables.

24. Art Deco dining room

Art Deco dining room (1)

This Art Deco dining room offers a cozy and friendly atmosphere with a very cozy and luxurious touch. Very chic, it is absolutely representative of this style that can be assumed to the end.

25. More discreet living room

more discreet living room (1)

Less ostentatious and more discreet, the Art Deco touches made sparingly as here are easier to assume in different worlds. You also avoid the risk of getting bored and these objects can be placed in another room if you want to change.

26. Living room brings together all the Art Deco codes

living room brings together all the Art Deco codes (1)

This living room brings together all the Art Deco codes: the chandelier, the lamps, the furniture, the velvet sofa, the painting and the carpet with its geometric patterns, the gilding. You do not have to decline as here the entirety of your room as here, but you can perfectly disseminate a few objects here and there or quite simply opt for an emblematic chandelier for example.

27. Bring a little luxurious side

bring a little luxurious side (1)

The mirrors play with jewels and are embedded in the bedroom to bring a little luxurious side and a certain opulence. They can be cut like a diamond, playing with the light entering the room.

28. Bed set features a staple motif

Bed set features a staple motif (1)

The bed set features a staple motif in this style dubbed the Great Gatsby. All complemented by the duck blue velvet headboard and the brass pedestal table, both key materials of this style. Everything is there to bring Art Deco into the privacy of the sleeping area.

29. Art Deco in the bedroom

Art Deco in the bedroom (1)

The Art Deco in the bedroom gives pride of place to the headboard, comfortable and aesthetic. The velvet is found here on the armchair and the ottoman in the same color. The graphic rug, the lights and the mirror complete this decor.

30. Bathroom in Art Deco style

Bathroom in Art Deco style (1)

The color of the walls, but much more the herringbone faience sets the tone in this very chic and elegant bathroom. You also notice the golden touches that bring sparkle by standing out against these very deep shades.