Best Ideas of Adopting Vintage Style Sofas in the Living Room (1)

For quite some time now, the vintage trend has been taking hold in the world of decoration. The vintage sofa is no exception to this rule and becomes one of the elements that contributes to the popularity of this style. Bringing a touch of elegance to an interior, it is necessary to respect certain criteria to choose the right sofa. All our advice.

Art Deco sofas

Art Deco sofas (1)

A vintage sofa may originate from the ” Art Deco ” era, a style that emerged in France at the beginning of the 20th century before spreading around the world between the 1930s and 1940s. It is characterized by geometric compositions, inspired by cubism, and an important work on color.

Chesterfield sofas

Chesterfield sofas (1)

It is also possible that a vintage sofa refers to sofas called ” Chesterfield sofa “. The latter appeared in the 18th century and are characteristic of the English nobility. Recognizable by its unique padding, in leather or velvet, this model displays a rather sober and classic appearance at the same time.

The peculiarities of a vintage sofa

The peculiarities of a vintage sofa (1)

The vintage sofa is the centerpiece of a welcoming and chic decoration. It stands out above all for its shape. Often small in size, with two seats, it is suitable for small spaces such as narrow living rooms, bedrooms or in entryways as a booster seat. The vintage sofa often has an old design, brought up to date.

Bench style sofa

Bench style sofa (1)

Having a vintage sofa at home means giving priority to comfort , but also providing a decorative element in its own right. In its interior decoration, this piece of furniture serves as a reference since it has an authentic character.

For example, a vintage sofa can serve as a bench in the corner of a spacious living room to constitute a library space, or serve as a booster seat in passageways such as hallways or entry. It also goes perfectly with several small armchairs to create an easily transformable living room. Finally, the vintage sofa brings an indisputable originality to the decoration of a living room.

A vintage sofa for the living room

A vintage sofa for the living room (1)

The living room sofa is obviously the centerpiece of this living space. It is therefore essential that the latter be selected so that it can harmonize with the rest of the furniture. The best is to choose a model tailored to the needs and timeless.

The must have of the moment is undoubtedly the vintage sofa because it has a particular look that offers character and charm to interior decoration. It also gives the impression of emerging directly from the past, without being faded from time. In addition, these sofas can go very well with a more modern interior decoration.

A vintage sofa for an office

A vintage sofa for an office (1)

You should know that sofas are not only intended for homes. They can also be integrated into offices. They go very well with the understated atmosphere of a workplace and at the same time add a touch of sophistication and elegance.

For true vintage enthusiasts and old leather fans, it is better to go find a vintage sofa in a garage sale or in flea markets. These sofas benefit from the aura and authenticity of their time, making them unique collector’s items and models.

Sofa and armchair in a very art deco style

sofa and armchair in a very art deco style (1)

In general, sofas with a vintage feel present a perfectly clean look. Even if they do not have large cushions, they offer a pleasant comfort. As for ready-made fabrics, warm materials are preferred. Wool, velvet or thick cotton will provide enough warmth for a chic and cozy atmosphere.

Regarding the colors, different colors are possible for his sofa. The shades darker with distinct shades such as copper brown, peacock blue or anthracite give more intensity and can hide small spots. The light shades like dusty rose, pale pink, orange or solid mustard yellow sublimate delicacy in his living room and, not insignificant advantage, it will be less tired.

Sofa in a Scandinavian style with black metal legs

Sofa in a Scandinavian style with black metal legs (1)

The legs of vintage sofas are often thin and designed in dark wood or metal to bring a touch of modernity and give it an industrial style. It can also be slightly flared to give a Scandinavian look . Some models feature a visible wood structure to create an elegant contrast with the fabric.