25 Awesome Decorations for a Teen's Bedroom (1)

Running out of inspiration for your teenager’s bedroom? Teenager or teenager, fans of colors or not, music and / or surf fan, there is something for everyone! From the floor covering to the walls, including decorative accessories and bedding, we have selected pieces that will make people jealous. Let yourself be tempted by our 25 stylish teen rooms.

1. Decorate your room in a refined way

Decorate your room in a refined way (1)

To personalize a teenager’s room without damaging the walls, you can attach ribbons or strings and hang pictures in Polaroid format. Another tip, tape pictures with colored masking tape.

2. Heading towards space

Heading towards space (1)

Notice to teenagers passionate about the cosmos, this room could well please them. In this room, black dominates to better highlight the carpet, the bed linen and the slate wall on which you can write and draw.

3. An office area in the bedroom

An office area in the bedroom (1)

In order to combine work and relaxation, an office area can be installed in the bedroom. Here, it is an extension of the bed to save space and create a functional space. We love the colorful storage under the raised bed.

4. A 100% girly piece

A 100% girly piece (1)

Here is a bedroom that should delight young girls in bloom. The decoration is mainly pink but the color is not present everywhere so as not to overload the room. They can be found on a wall, on a carpet or on a photo panel.

5. Colorful storage

Colorful storage (1)

To be able to store a maximum of objects and books, these storage modules are very practical. You can personalize them and compartmentalize them with doors, storage boxes and other colored bins or leave them open so that things are easier to access.

6. A revisited four-poster bed

A revisited four-poster bed (1)

The four poster bed has a crazy charm but can be very expensive and bulky. What if you made it yourself? Install a single bed and hang a fabric to form a canopy in the color of your choice. You will get a modern day princess bed!

7. A carpet like no other

A carpet like no other (1)

The flooring is very important in the teenager’s room, in order to personalize the space. By opting for a patterned carpet, like this one which represents the London Underground map, you immediately give the room character!

8. Choosing a modern bedding set

Choosing a modern bedding set (1)

Beyond the style of the bedroom, the bed set contributes greatly to the ambience of the room. Prefer modern, colorful or graphic sets to energize a small space and add decorative objects (desk lamps in the same tones).

9. Making your bed with pallets

Making your bed with pallets (1)

Among the many DIYs that exist for the teenager’s bedroom, you can make a bed using a pallet (which you will have sanded and repainted) and a simple box spring. The bed will then be on the floor, in a loft style, and can be used as a sofa during the day.

10. A rock’n’roll decor!

A rock'n'roll decor! (1)

Is your teen a rock fan? Offer to make a wall decoration with four hands, using vinyls of his favorite artists and black masking tape. You can then frame the different discs above his bed.

11. Put a slate wall

Put a slate wall (1)

In the bedroom, the slate wall is conducive to escape but it can also be useful for reciting lessons and writing reminders. In addition, it is an undeniable decorative asset and adorns a wall in a plain or fairly refined bedroom.

12. A wooden loft bed

A wooden loft bed (1)

This nature-style bedroom is suitable for a boy as well as a girl. The wooden loft bed allows two to sleep in the same space while having enough space in the rest of the room.

13. Have storage under the bed

Have storage under the bed (1)

This Space Up raised bed from But lives up to its name since it allows you to store many things under the bed and thus have more storage space. It is very practical in a small room. The little extra? The edges of the bed which accommodate storage niches.

14. One bedroom, two worlds

One bedroom, two worlds (1)

Do you have two teenagers under the same roof but no room for two separate bedrooms? Don’t panic, here is an example of a mixed room where the two spaces are quite distinct in terms of colors and furniture. Inspire you!

15. Install a raised bed

Install a raised bed (1)

This is the space-saving bed par excellence. It has storage (more or less high and deep) under the bed and can take the entire length of a wall in order to be able to install a bookcase for example. The rest of the room will be clearer to accommodate an office.

16. A sporty spirit in the bedroom

A sporty spirit in the bedroom (1)

Notice to football and sports fans in general! This teenage bedroom looks a bit like a cloakroom and has some very nice decorative accessories. The cupboards, the bench or the colorful coat rack are all original pieces of furniture.

17. Loft spirit

Loft spirit

Brick wall, exposed clothing, sleek furniture, this teenage bedroom reminds us of Brooklyn lofts. They will love it!

18. Comics

Comics (1)

Many teens spend their time reading but also watching the adventures of their favorite heroes. If this is your case, why not imagine their room around the Comics universe ?

19. Neon!

Neon (1)

Also consider adopting less childish furniture and colors for their bedroom that are more like them. The it of the moment: the neon colors to be dared with sparing all the same!

20. Urban trend

Urban trend (1)

Bricks on the wall, a headboard in the shape of buildings, tags, you get it, here, the urban trend is king! As for the choice of colors, stay on yellow, blue and of course gray.

21. With a lounge area

With a lounge area (1)

When they pass from childhood to adolescence, our offspring like to create a little corner to receive their friends. The ideal is therefore to opt for a mezzanine bed so that the space below turns into a mini living room. All you need to do is invest in a small sofa bed and a coffee table.

22. Girly teen

Girly teen (1)

Just because your little girl is growing up doesn’t mean she has to give up pink in her bedroom. Instead of fuchsia or Barbie pink, we prefer the more powdery shades that we associate with other black and white accessories.

23. Leave room for creation

Leave room for creation (1)

When he is no longer old enough to scribble on the wall, let your teenager express his creativity in his bedroom. Rolls of masking tape and here’s a homemade headboard that he / she will enjoy looking at every day.

24. Miami Vacations

Miami Vacations (1)

Finally, give your teen’s bedroom an air of vacation by betting on a Miami / surf / sun style! A painting of a Florida beach, palm tree cushions, a surfboard on the wall and flashy colors, such as turquoise blue and pink will be your best allies.

25. Ethnic bed linen

Ethnic bed linen (1)

Ethnic style is trendy throughout the house, even in the teenage bedroom! The proof, this bed set invites us to travel and immediately gives a very recognizable style to the room. All that remains is to decorate it with a few colorful decorative objects.