Almost everyone has them, but what to do with them is unclear. We will tell you how to decorate a narrow corridor in such a way as to fall in love with this space once and for all. To love the shortcomings of one’s neighbor means to manifest the highest wisdom. We are sure the same can be said about the shortcomings of the interior. Moreover, in these very shortcomings, you can find places for yourself. For example, a small kitchen might encourage you to set up a full-fledged dining area in the living room; a small bedroom will not allow you to put a desktop next to the bed, which, by the way, psychologists do not recommend doing.

For the owners of narrow corridors, we also have good news – you have a rare opportunity to maximize your decorating abilities and finally overcome the fear of bright colors and bold design ideas. And there – who knows, perhaps in a year, acquaintances and friends will not recognize your home and will admire your courage and creative intuition.


The simplest, most understandable, standard way, which, by the way, can be implemented in a somewhat non-standard way. For example, using a mirror mosaic.


If you decide to implement this technique, we encourage you to walk past the covers with beaches and autumn forests. But a print with a vintage contour map, palace walls, or huge windows overlooking Paris at night can entirely create the right mood and energy.


“Pushing the walls apart” can also be a typical way of diverting attention in small spaces. This can be done by hanging photos in frames, posters, and cards.


So that a person passing through your corridor is not afraid of the walls squeezing him, make the claustrophobe lookup. How? Make the ceiling blue. Or gold.

Unusual lighting

Light is most often responsible for the atmosphere of the entire interior. Here, take advantage of this.

Street insider

Why not turn the corridor into a narrow European street? For implementation, you will need clinker tiles and several street lamps.


The dawning at the end of the tunnel attracts you like a magnet. At the end of your corridor, there will be the same “gift” for the one walking.


These are stripes on the walls. Bold, bright, simple, and effective.


Do you keep forgetting everything? Paint the hallway wall with chalkboard paint and write. Write down everything you were going to do, what you forgot to worry about, and what you will expect in the future. Drawings are welcome.