Do you want your garden to draw everyone’s attention and like to follow fashion trends? Specifically for you, we have collected the latest gardening trends. Modern landscape design is built on the desire to see your garden beautiful, but not spend too much effort to achieve this. All ideas are easy to implement. They are designed for a long-term effect and bring you joy and benefit.

1- Perennials around the perimeter

Perennial plants will decorate the garden for a long time, grow and become prettier every year. Plant them along the edge of the plot to mark the borders as brightly as possible.

Our opinion:

– The highest unpretentious perennials are Elecampane, Meadowsweet, and Rudbeckia. They can grow up to almost 3 meters.

2- Calm Symmetry

The right and left halves echo each other in these gardens, as in a mirror. The stability and visual balance of the composition evoke a feeling of harmony and confidence in the viewer walking along the path in the center.

3- Around the campfire

You can look at the fire endlessly. Find a place in the garden for a small fire, safely set in a hole in the ground. Smoke perfectly repels mosquitoes, and heat does not hurt in the summer twilight.

4- Garden of edible plants

Friendly and helpful garden – what could be better! Plant leaf lettuce, greens, and healthy herbs. Also, pay attention to the beautiful idea of the vegetable garden – it is a flower garden and a vegetable garden simultaneously.

Our opinion:

– The most beautiful herbs for the garden are beautiful, fragrant lavender, borage bright blue edible flowers, coriander, and lacy-leaved parsley. The most comfortable plants grow and the least to worry about being dills, basil, and mint.

5- Secret path

An overgrown path leading to no one knowing where creates mystery in the garden and adds depth to the landscape. The trail can be made of any materials – sand, pebbles, or stones, as long as it is surrounded by a sufficient number of flowers and plants.

6- Holiday lighting

The twinkling lights in the garden create a sense of celebration every day – and you deserve it. Attach the garland to trees, porch railings, or along a path.

7- Sleepy corner

Take a break from worries in nature for a summer afternoon. A hammock is a tried-and-tested option, but you can put pillows, a rug, or just a comfortable bench in a secluded part of the garden. Remember to protect yourself from the sun and insects – such as a mosquito net.

8- Wild meadow

Put down the lawnmower and forget the English lawn – let the wildflowers and grasses grow freely. But not weeds, but unpretentious bright perennials that you prudently planted in the meadow. We recommend cosmea, nasturtiums, and digitalis.

9- Artificial turf

Still, you can’t give up the dream of a neat lawn and are already tired of keeping it in order? Artificial grass does not require water and cutting and looks very good. For its production, recycled materials are used, which means benefits of nature.

10- Elegant fence

A fence will provide privacy and protection. Think carefully about what material it will be made of – the wall should be combined with the design of the house. The most expensive option is cast-iron gratings. The cheapest walls are made from wire cells. A good compromise is a wooden fence, which can be very unusual.

11- Garden sculptures

No, we’re not talking about garden gnomes and flamingos. Abstract sculptures in the garden are an exciting idea, and you have enough talent to make them yourself: from cement, wire, glass, and other materials. Perhaps you will like the result so much that you will devote the whole summer decoration projects. We have a lot of ideas – from simple to extravagant, which can even be used to decorate a wedding in nature.