Although skincare takes place topically, the effects of it often go deeper than the skin’s superficial layers.  That is something that sisters, Pinar and Songul recognized upon launching their very own business and beauty brand, MagniSkin.  Their business tailors to nonsurgical facial and body beauty enhancement procedures aimed to improve the confidence of their clientele.  Having only been recently established as of the summer of 2019, MagniSkin has made some major strides since and has even taken on many prestigious as well as celebrity clients.

Although entrepreneurship was an aspiration that both sisters had always innately shared, it was not until they pursued degrees and attempted careers in their corresponding fields that they realized where their true passions lie.  One went down the teaching path while the other pursued project management.  It simply wasn’t for them.  Finally, the set about bringing their dreams into reality and hence, becoming the ultimate sister duo of girl bosses.  

In the summer of 2019, MagniSkin came to life.  Both sisters were working around the clock to bring their vision to life.  Paired with the latest technologies in the beauty industry, they were able to establish their business offering a variety of beauty treatments ranging from non surgical Brazilian Butt Lifts to EmSculpt to laser hair removal and more.  Upon being asked which treatment is their favorite, they responded, “we favor no treatment here at MagniSkin.  Each treatment has its own unique touch and are all performed with equal love and dedication.”  

When the sisters are not busy interacting with clients and performing treatments, they stay busy building up their business through other means.  Social media management plays a big role in promoting their business and the sisters do their part to make sure they keep up with the times and latest trends.  They can be found producing content for their social media following in between treatments at the salon.  Every second matters and the sisters have made a point to use every moment at their disposal to its very fullest.

All the time, dedication and effort that the sisters have poured into MagniSkin has proved to be exceptionally fruitful.  Fast-forwarding to now in 2021, the sisters have built a serious repertoire for themselves.  Not only does their social media account boast a substantial following but their salon has also treated a wide array of clients some of which can be noticed through public appearances like popular TV show, Love Island.  The sister duo, Pinar and Songul, have provided beauty enhancement services to not one but four Love Island co-stars, Francesca Allen, Arabella Chi, Elma Pazar, and Ellie Jones.  The non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift was a commonality between the stars.  

Having only been open for two years, MagniSkin has scaled its way to the top making it an ultimate destination for beauty treatments.  Having accomplished so much in a few short years, it is only a matter of time to see what else is in store for the sisters and their establishment, MagniSkin.  To keep up, check out their website and Instagram.