15 Ideas of Luxurious Bedrooms Decorated in Black and Gold

Black refers to a certain mystery and the golden color symbolizes both luxury and glamor. A bedroom decorated with these two colors can only be sumptuous. Discover in this post some luxurious bedrooms decorated in black and gold.

1. A royal decoration

A royal decoration

Who wouldn’t love to lie down on this golden bed with the soft candle lights illuminating the black walls after a long day? Whether it is a four poster bed or not; a golden bed always brings a royal touch.

2. For black lovers

For black lovers

If you particularly appreciate the dark and don’t mind overdoing it, this bedroom should inspire you. Here, it is the pillows that bring the golden touch.

3. A gold patterned wallpaper to make your bedroom shine

A gold patterned wallpaper to make your bedroom shine

In case black walls are too dark for you, incorporate more gold than black. An interesting idea would be to hang gold patterned wallpaper.

4. An accent wall

An accent wall

Create a glamorous decor by creating a gold accent wall in your bedroom. Wallpaper is not the only option; there are many other interesting wall coverings.

5. Gold from wall to ceiling

Gold from wall to ceiling

Who said golden color has to stop on your accent wall? Create a unique decoration with a golden ceiling. You will feel like in the bedroom of an Egyptian king.

6. A beautiful duo of colors

A beautiful duo of colors

The golden color is ideal for breaking up the too dark appearance of black. This is part of the reasons why these two colors make a perfect duo. A gold frame will shine perfectly against your black wall, especially if it has a matte finish.

7. Metal accessories

Metal accessories

The easiest way to integrate the golden color into your bedroom decor is to bet on gold fixtures, mirrors and other metallic accessories. Break your black walls with these elements and your room will be more luxurious than ever.

8. Golden lights

golden lights

We do not necessarily think of chandeliers when it comes to lighting dedicated to the bedroom. And yet, in a room decorated in black and gold, it seems essential. The candlestick does not have to be traditional. As long as it shines alongside the black of the walls, it will be perfect.

9. Black furniture for a luxurious bedroom


If you have decided to keep your walls white, create a nice contrast using black colored furniture. The golden touches can be made through decorative accessories.

10. Glamorous and natural

Glamorous and natural

The golden color does not necessarily have to be particularly golden; these animal print cushions are for example gold but reveal a more natural aspect.

11. Gold, black … and gray

Gold, black ... and gray

If black seems too dark for the walls, you could opt for dark gray and reserve black for furniture and accessories, alongside gold.

12. An astrological decor

An astrological decor

This color duo offers you the opportunity to try an astrological decoration. Awesome; no?

13. Black and gold decoration in the neo-baroque bedroom

Ideas on black and gold decoration in the neo-baroque bedroom

And if there is a place perfectly suited to accommodate any black and gold decoration, it is undoubtedly the Baroque room. The luxury of rich gold ornamentation and gothic black furniture are just awesome together!

14. Black brick wall cladding

Black brick wall cladding

Of course, modern adult rooms can also enjoy the beauty of the black and gold decor. The black brick cladding and the golden ceiling cornice from which the paint seems to flow are super original, especially in combination with the pink carpet and armchairs.

15. Black and gold decoration in the adult bedroom

black and gold decoration in the adult bedroom

If the living room is somewhat demanding in terms of colors, the bedroom is devoted to complete rest and one can absolutely afford to use dark colors. In addition, we must not justify our choice in front of anyone!