8 Inspirations for Mix and Match Style Lounge (1)

Precisely dosed and well thought out, the mix & match decoration creates a unique atmosphere that is quite representative of the owners’ state of mind. Between favorite furniture and pieces from elsewhere, the mix & match has more than one trick up its sleeve. Dare, you will see! Discover our favorite pieces for a precisely mixed and matched decor.

A mustard yellow armchair with capitons

A mustard yellow armchair with capitons (1)

The padding of this armchair is a good omen: they announce a maximum dose of comfort in the living room! And because style matters as much as comfort, we choose yellow: enough to wake up the decor effectively. This original armchair will bring a retro touch to match all styles.

For the covering, you can either choose it in mustard yellow short velvet, for an Art Deco atmosphere, or in mustard yellow fabric for a Scandinavian inspiration.

A coffee table in wood and black metal

A coffee table in wood and black metal (1)

The coffee tables in black wired metal and wood are typical of the industrial style. Their advantage? They combine perfectly with other styles of decoration such as the Scandinavian style or the boho.

Their minimalist design makes them furniture that can easily be added to an existing decoration. To break the raw and cold side of the industrial, do not hesitate to install in the center of the table a pretty bouquet of flowers or a gilded metal tray with candles or books on it.

Berber carpet

Berber carpet (2)

These traditional carpets of the Berber people have become very trendy in recent years. Made of wool, the Berber carpet is covered with geometric patterns but can easily find its place in an existing decoration. Made in Morocco, they have the particularity of combining the style and the cocooning side that we always look for when we want to buy a carpet.

It adapts perfectly to a boho style thanks to its ethnic inspiration. Its light and neutral colors also allow it to be associated with a Scandinavian or industrial style decoration, to bring a little warmth to the whole.

A modern dark gray sofa

A modern dark gray sofa (1)

It is the classic sofa par excellence, that everyone owns or has owned at least once in their life. The gray sofa, of Scandinavian inspiration , is a must-have for interior design!

Its basic side allows all fantasies! In a Scandinavian-inspired living room, we associate it with wooden furniture and we install one or more cocooning throws on it to warm it up. In a living room of industrial inspiration, it will be chosen in a darker gray, almost anthracite. Cushions with leather inserts or a cotton plaid will be his best allies.

You can also find your gray sofa, for a vintage-inspired decoration. Finally, for a more colorful decoration, do not hesitate to add printed cushions, with flowers, animal prints or even folk-style embroidery.

An accumulation of colorful cushions

An accumulation of colorful cushions (1)

Striped, with geometric patterns, nicely decorated with pompoms, in silky material … Ethnic cushions will be invited on a classic gray sofa to enhance it as it should. Like an echo of the Berber carpet, it becomes an essential accessory for a living room with a successful mix & match style.

Do not hesitate to choose models with removable covers, in order to change the cushions according to the seasons or your desires!

A faux fur throw

A faux fur throw (1)

Faux fur is the ultimate cocooning material. From the living room to the bedroom, you can easily adopt it in your interior to bring a little softness. On an armchair or bench in the living room, we install a faux fur throw to warm the whole. A thicker faux fur blanket will keep you from feeling cold in the evening, and to concoct little cocooning evenings.

In the living room or bedroom, a white or colored faux fur rug is always a good idea. It’s up to you to choose if you want it in a classic format (square, round, rectangular …) or if you prefer animal skin rugs.

Industrial metal harnesses

Industrial metal harnesses (1)

Impossible to compose a living room with a mix & match style without a touch of industrial decor. And not to overdo it, opt for one or more harnesses in black or copper-colored metal that will fit in just as well with bohemian accessories as with contemporary furniture. Perfect for creating side tables and installing bouquets, books or even floor lamps.

A beige Scandinavian footstool

A beige Scandinavian footstool (1)

A footstool ottoman is a Scandinavian basic that will not escape your living room. A holy grail of comfort which, with its beige color, mixes and matches with just about everything. Even, absolutely everything. With it, you risk nothing, if not to gain a few more points in terms of comfort.