40 Easy Tips to Reorganize Your Kitchen (1)

To reorganize your kitchen, it is better to think before you do anything. Kitchens need storage, space and a little love to stay functional. Also, today I offer you eight simple tips to put in place to reorganize your kitchen.

1. New coverings for your cupboards

new coverings for your cupboards (1)

The easiest way to revamp your kitchen and achieve real visual impact is to invest in new coatings for your cabinets. If you have an Ikea kitchen, there are a number of companies that specialize in customizing the doors of this brand’s furniture. I am thinking in particular of Reform, Semihandmade, and Kokeena.¬†

2. Kitchen islands

kitchen islands (1)

Not all kitchen islands have to be custom-made. There are a lot of options out there to install after the fact. In particular, they allow you to increase your workspace and your storage space. In addition, the decorative potential of a kitchen island is quite significant.

3. Storage

storage (1)

Take an architectural approach to storage. For an open kitchen, hiding your kitchen storage is especially important. My advice, in this kind of kitchen, is to store as much as possible under the counters.

4. Special tiles

special tiles (1)

As the example above illustrates, finding specialty tiles for a splashback can be a great way to inject color and a little character when looking to revamp your kitchen.

5. The host

the host (1)

Whenever possible, try to choose a cooktop with a built-in host. It will allow you to free up the space above.

6. Incorporate comfortable (and fun!) Seats

incorporate comfortable (and fun!) Seats (1)

Consider adding stools around your kitchen island; or wherever there is a little extra space. These seats will allow you to add a little character, and / or a little color to your kitchen.

7. Add a little heat

add a little heat (1)

Try adding some natural wood and greenery to your kitchen. The goal: creates tactile warmth that helps balance all hard surfaces.

8. A powerful work plan

a powerful work plan (1)

To reorganize your kitchen, do not hesitate to change your worktops to install worktops that stand out. I am thinking in particular of stone worktops which are very trendy at the moment; or colored worktops.

9. A hinged panel pantry

A hinged panel pantry (1)

A hinged panel pantry will get the most space in a wall cabinet, and the one pictured here is really sophisticated.

10. Functional decor

Functional decor (1)

If you’ve inherited the dumped rolling pins, wooden utensils, and cutting boards from your grandma, you’ve got everything you need on hand to create vintage decor. Hang them prominently on an easily accessible section of wall.

11. A “spicy” life

A spicy life1 (1)

Using containers of the same size is a storage tip that allows you to make the most of your space. Transfer your spices to identical jars – and you can even add printed labels to them that will give the whole thing a professional touch.

12. Appliances integrated into an island

Appliances integrated into an island

If you plan to renovate your kitchen or redo it entirely, make the most of your space by integrating appliances in an island, such as a microwave, dishwasher or wine refrigerator.

13. A decorative shelf

A decorative shelf (1)

Add a strip of molding all around the top cabinets to create space to show off your favorite pottery. Harmonize it with other decorative elements in your kitchen.

14. Pots, pots and more pots

Pots, pots and more pots

Create harmony in your pantry and make the most of your space by pouring your dry foods into jars. You will now be able to see at a quick glance where the lentils, rice and beans are. And these foods are aesthetic enough to be stored prominently on open shelves that give the kitchen a rustic look.

15. A retractable cutting board

A retractable cutting board (1)

Pull-out storage solutions are perfect for small kitchens. A retractable cutting board can double as a work surface in the smallest of kitchens, where counter space is really limited.

16. Magazine racks in the kitchen

Magazine racks in the kitchen (1)

This storage tip is really simple and useful. Wire magazine racks can be used to keep cleaning products together. Store the ones you use most often in the front.

17. A window shelf for plants

A window shelf for plants (1)

Install a wire shelf between the top cabinets on either side of the kitchen window. Your herbs will thus receive a good dose of light without blocking the view. Watering is easy, and the herbs are ready to use.

18. A hiding place for wine

A hiding place for wine (1)

You don’t have a pantry? No problem! A deep drawer can be used as storage for wine bottles. You just have to lay them on each side, alternately.

19. A pantry built into the wall

A pantry built into the wall

Even the smallest kitchen can save space if you install the pantry in the concealed space between your wall studs.

20. Stackable cookware

Stackable cookware (1)

Since cookware takes up a lot of cabinet space, don’t skimp on creative solutions for storing pots and pans.

21. A decorative backsplash credenza bar

A decorative backsplash credenza bar (1)

Easy to install, backsplash splash bars are a stylish storage solution. IKEA sells them as a set, and their prices are hard to beat.

22. The blackboard in the spotlight

The blackboard in the spotlight (1)

A chalkboard or a wall used as a chalkboard can be both useful and decorative. Mark off a small section of the wall and paint the interior with chalkboard paint. You can also salvage an old bulletin board.

23. Open shelves

Open shelves (1)

To optimize your storage space, adopt the trendy open shelves.

24. No fresh produce on the counter

No fresh produce on the counter (1)

Installing small baskets on the wall is a creative, economical and attractive way to store fruits and vegetables while freeing up valuable counter space.

25. Make a custom-made shelf

Make a custom-made shelf (1)

The custom-made shelf allows you to store what you have in YOUR kitchen. The dimensions adapt to your needs.

26. Hang a basket to store fruits & vegetables

Hang a basket to store fruits & vegetables (1)

The hanging basket is perfect for storing kitchens when space is scarce. Bonus: the best preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables.

27. Increase storage with smart cupboards

Increase storage with smart cupboards (1)

Here is the 2.0 cupboard, the smart cupboard that saves space and increases storage spaces tenfold with their ingenious systems.

28. Use the wall space

use the wall space (1)

Wall space is your best ally if you run out of space for kitchen storage. Hang up the spices, accessories and utensils you use most regularly to have them close at hand.

29. Optimize the angles

Optimize the angles (1)

The angles in the kitchen are not the easiest spaces to arrange, but it is possible with sliding storage.

30. Make use of the space up to the ceiling

Make use of the space up to the ceiling (1)

Logically enough, place the utensils you use the least in the highest part.

31. Choose smart furniture

Choose smart furniture

If you are planning a renovation or the installation of a new kitchen, consult the options and accessories of the furniture to favor smart storage, like here to hang the tea towels.

32. Free the worktop

Free the worktop (1)

The more free the worktop, the more you have the feeling of a tidy kitchen.

33. Reserve a space for household products

Reserve a space for household products (1)

If possible, find a dedicated space for the storage of the broom, the vacuum cleaner and all the household products for the maintenance of your kitchen.

34. Combine practicality and aesthetics

Combine practicality and aesthetics (1)

Rather than using a spinner for your kitchen, take advantage of niche configurations, vertical or horizontal. You easily gain style and storage space. They allow, beyond storage, to display pretty crockery, trinkets or plants.

35. Rely on the colors

Rely on the colors (1)

Beyond trendy paints for the kitchen, you can also use colors for kitchen storage.

36. Plan a charging station

Plan a charging station (1)

Ideal if you regularly need to charge your phone or tablet in the kitchen. This storage in the drawer also has a function of protecting electronic devices.

37. Hang a shelf in the fridge

Hang a shelf in the fridge (1)

If you have access to the sides of the fridge and you run out of storage in the kitchen, hang a shelf.

38. Group your daily condiments

Group your daily condiments (1)

These condiments are part of everyday life, they often make the trip between the table and the worktop. Storage tip: group them together on an easy-to-move tray.

39. Slide storage into lost spaces

Slide storage into lost spaces (1)

Each lost space can be transformed into storage, provided the right accessories or suitable furniture are found.

40. Hang storage under your wall units

Hang storage under your wall units (1)

Easy to install, without work, this storage accessory for cutting boards and tea towels is perfect for the area near the sink.