35+ Ideas of Recycled Christmas Decoration (1)

Preparing the Christmas decoration, from your dining table to your fireplace, is possible without spending a lot. The secret: recycling, understand the fact of giving a second life to obsolete or out of breath objects. Find out what to put aside today for a 100% recycled Christmas decoration.

1. Glass bottles transformed into candle holders

Glass bottles transformed into candle holders (1)

To make delicate and green candlesticks, transform simple glass bottles. Inside, water and some plants, especially the foliage. Accessorize the whole thing with a beautiful candle and voila. You can also cap the glass bottles if you don’t want to play with their transparency.

2. Coffee beans transformed into golden pearls

Coffee beans transformed into golden pearls (1)

To change from the traditional golden Christmas decorations, why not bet on the coffee beans long forgotten in the back of the cupboard? Used to decorate the Christmas table or distilled on the fireplace between a few candlesticks, they will be the sparkling touch of an end-of-year decoration. And if you happen to go for a walk in the forest or in the parks, think about picking up acorns and/or pine cones that you will dress in a beautiful golden dress!

3. Dried orange slices made into garlands

Dried orange slices made into garlands (1)

Are your citrus fruits no longer edible? Turn them into Christmas decorations. Nothing too complicated, just cut them into slices and dry them in the oven. Accumulated along a string, they will make a pretty Christmas garland. They can also be distilled on the table or serve as a knife holder.

4. Jars turned into snow globes

Jars turned into snow globes (1)

Do not throw away your glass jars! If they transform into containers for starches, seeds, and more throughout the year, they can also become magical snow globes during the holiday season. It’s up to you to choose the element to stick on the cover (small animal figurine, tree, etc.) to compose your Christmas ball. The secret? Fill the jar with a mixture of distilled or deionized water and glycerin.

5. Fir branches transformed into a bouquet

Fir branches transformed into a bouquet (1)

During a walk in the forest or why not in the garden, collect branches (fir or not) to make a bouquet when you get home. It will then suffice to take a fairly high vase and place the branches there. To stick to the Christmas period, why not add a branch of holly found in the store.

6. Oyster shells transformed into a salt and pepper shaker

Oyster shells transformed into a salt and pepper shaker (1)

The seaside is full of nuggets for recycling and DIY enthusiasts. At the end of the year, oyster shells invite themselves to the table and turn into a salt and pepper shaker. It is enough to clean them and to cover their internal face with gold paint. Then, a layer of edible varnish and the shells will be ready! Another idea: the shell shells (well rounded) filled with wax as small candles.

7. Terracotta pots transformed into candlesticks

Terracotta pots transformed into candlesticks (1)

The terracotta pots are not only intended to accommodate plants, the proof with this luminous diversion! Just fill them with sand, put a few pieces of moss on the surface to hide it, and plant a candle. Result: candle holders at a lower cost for a rustic and warm Christmas decoration.

8. An old cake mold transformed into a table decoration

An old cake mold transformed into a table decoration

Rather than throwing away your old cake tin, turn it into a table decoration that will welcome plants but also tea lights. If it is very damaged, do not hesitate to repaint it. The individual molds are also items to put aside to distill bright touches on the coffee table or the fireplace. Another tip: use wine glasses! You just have to turn them over and place a tea light on their foot. And why not fill their balloon with a fir twig?

9. Foliage transformed into a chic decoration

Foliage transformed into a chic decoration (1)

Nothing could be simpler than to dish out the foliage in gold and distill it along with the fireplace. They will also make pretty table decorations. And for a tenfold effect, hang the golden leaves on the doors, doorknobs, and along the railing of the stairs. You can also dish whole branches. And if gold is too flashy for you, consider white, one of the great colors of the holiday season thanks to its immaculate style.

10. Scraps of fabric transformed into gift packages

Scraps of fabric transformed into gift packages (1)

To avoid the gigantic waste of paper during these end-of-year celebrations, we are finally embarking on the furoshiki, this zero-waste packaging straight from Japan. The idea: replace paper with fabric. Old tablecloth, sheet we got tired of, used tea towel, you just have to cut them to reuse them. Obviously, it is possible to dye them for a new look!

11. Christmas lantern with a tin can

Christmas lantern with tin can (1)

When it comes to recovery, no tool is too much to tinker with. Admire the charm of the bright red color of this tin can, transformed for the occasion into a Christmas lantern.

Christmas lantern with tin can 1 (1)

This DIY lantern for Christmas stands out from the previous one, still in a tin can, by the image it represents: a pretty Christmas tree. Projected images of light can be seen on the ground through this pretty pattern represented by holes. A light source candle placed at the bottom gives you perfect party lighting.

12. DIY Christmas lantern with glass jar

DIY Christmas lantern with glass jar (1)

Like the tin can, the glass jar can also be used to craft a DIY Christmas lantern. All it takes is a little light inside and the result offers a different perspective than the tin can. In addition, these 2 objects complement each other wonderfully. Its wall, if not pierced, can display decorative accessories.

DIY Christmas lantern with glass jar 2 (1)

Enjoy the beauty of this glass jar beautifully surrounded by wallpaper with Christmas designs. The light diffused by the garland placed inside offers a sublime and pleasant image. What could be more beautiful to complete the finish of your party decoration?

DIY Christmas lantern with glass jar 1 (1)

Here the decorative accessory installed rather inside with the light source offers lighting of a different aspect but absolutely cozy. All this also highlights the shape of the jar, well embellished by bows in very trendy colors.

13. Christmas lantern with a glass bottle

Christmas lantern with glass bottle (1)

Here’s how bottles of wine and liquor can be used to create DIY Christmas lanterns with absolutely stunning visuals. Here the light sources are arranged around the bottles. Then, the contact of light and glass in a black background leads to a result in all points attractive. This play of light is very elegant and classy.

Christmas lantern with glass bottle 1 (1)

The double interior-exterior lighting of the bottles enhances the decoration of the table on which these lanterns are placed. The ranges of colors offered by the garlands give the whole a touch of subtle finesse.

14. Decorated glass jars

Decorated glass jarsĀ  (1)

Decorated glass jars, even with the cheerful help of children, are wonderful. You can fill them with candy or make colorful candle holders.

15. Snowy glass jars

Snowy glass jars (1)

Ribbons, twigs, small pine cones, berries, and artificial snow: these are the elements necessary to make these jars romantic creations that enrich Christmas decorations.

16. Cork stopper tree

Cork stopper tree (1)

With the recycled corks, you can create really original little Christmas trees, which decorate the house with a lot of styles and a touch of whimsy!

17. Cork stopper wreath

Cork stopper wreath (1)

Here is a beautiful Christmas wreath, made with corks and decorated with red bows and fir twigs. The wreath hanging on the door of the house or outside is a real touch of class!

18. Balls of corks

Balls of corks (1)

What a charm this ball of corks! It can be used to decorate the Christmas tree or any corner of the house. A perfect shape for a very creative idea.

19. Paper roll Christmas characters

Paper roll Christmas characters (1)

Do not throw away toilet paper rolls! Start recycling them now to create fun and playful Christmas characters that kids will love.

20. Christmas tree outs of twigs

Christmas tree outs of twigs (1)

While walking in the street or in a park, we find many dry twigs which become, correctly glued together, really original little Christmas trees!

21. Wall decor

Wall decor (2)

Even a dry branch can turn into a pretty ornament. Just embellish it with Christmas decorations. The result will surprise you.

22. Wreath out of twigs

Wreath out of twigs (1)

With small branches, you can also create a beautiful wreath that is both sober and very elegant. It is a decoration that can be used both inside and outside your home, for a super glamorous Christmas.

23. Lighting pines

Lighting pines (1)

Fall is pine cone season. It’s fun to collect as many as you can, to create bright and cheerful Christmas decorations, like this one rich in lights and colors!

24. Pine cones as a centerpiece

Pine cones as centerpiece (1)

Arrange pine cones in a basket, decorated with a Christmas bow: you will create a truly refined centerpiece.

25. Fir in spoon

Fir in spoon

Glued one by one, the tablespoons form an elegant Christmas tree.

26. A Christmas capsule

A Christmas capsule (1)

Coffee capsules finally have a second life: to become incredible Christmas balls.

27. Crown in bottle

Crown in bottle (1)

Dipped with gold and well-cut, the plastic bottles transform into a magical crown.

28. A vase-bulb

A vase-bulb 1 (1)

Brighten up your ceiling with these canon joists made from recycled bulbs.

29. Colored tins

Colored tins (1)

The cans are getting a facelift and are available in pretty table candle holders.

30. Bottle caps

Bottle caps (1)

For an original decoration, nothing like Christmas balls in bottle caps.

31. A bottle-candlestick

A bottle-candlestick (1)

No need for a high-end candlestick when you have countless empty glass bottles.

32. Garland brushes

Garland brushes (1)

Old paintbrushes from the garage find their place on the Christmas tree.

33. A snowman in a sock

A snowman in a sock (1)

No longer be desperate with your single socks: turn them into snowmen!

34. A cardboard crib

A cardboard crib (1)

Note to shoe addicts, turn your box into an adorable nativity scene for Christmas.

35. Funny buttons

Funny buttons (1)

If you don’t know what to do with your buttons, assemble them into a funny snowman! To stick on a napkin or on a garland.

36. A crown of music paper

A crown of music paper (1)

Poetic, the music paper is found on the Christmas wreath, cut into stars.

37. A luminous wheel

A luminous wheel (1)

To change from the traditional sparkling garland, fall for the 100% original light wheel.

38. Painted tassels

Painted tassels (1)

The tassels take on color on the Christmas table.