22 Color Palette Ideas to Enhance Your Bedroom (1)

Are you redecorating your bedroom and not sure which color palette to choose? This post will give you some interesting ideas.

1. Gray – Chocolate – Teal

Gray - Chocolate - Teal (1)

It’s true that dark colors tend to visually narrow a room; however, this is not necessarily the case if you know how to use these colors correctly and if you combine them with other good colors. The gray – chocolate – teal trio, for example, is ideal for creating a sensual and pleasant atmosphere without making the room appear smaller.

2. Black – White – Red

Black - White - Red (1)

This color palette is undoubtedly one of the most classic for decorating a bedroom. Black brings elegant and dramatic notes, red offers a good dose of energy and symbolizes passion while white balances the whole and makes the bedroom relaxing.

3. Pink – Gray

Pink - Gray (1)

Pink is a color that is considered feminine. However, it is rather another style that emerges when light pink is combined with gray. This is the case with this beautiful minimalist bedroom.

4. White – Blue – Sand

White - Blue - Sand (1)

There isn’t much to add regarding this beautiful color combo other than that it is inspired by the sea and the beach. This is the perfect color palette for a relaxing and refreshing bedroom.

5. A neutral but striking color palette

A neutral but striking color palette (1)

Rooms decorated in neutral colors are not necessarily boring. If white and gray are part of the combo, you will first be sure to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Navy blue can bring a navy, masculine or even luxurious touch depending on the choice of furniture, fabrics and accessories in the room.

6. Cream – Gray – Mustard – Black

Cream - Gray - Mustard - Black (1)

If we simply state the colors, we immediately think of a masculine and rather dark decoration. However, it all depends on how you use each color. This room above, for example, is above all sophisticated.

7. Gray – Vivid color

Gray - Vivid color (1)

Gray is a popular neutral color in the bedroom because it sets up a serene atmosphere and is ideal for contemporary designs. The downside is that it can sometimes feel too cold. To avoid this in the bedroom, add one or a few accent colors.

8. White – Blue – Coral Orange

White - Blue - Coral Orange (1)

Here is a color palette that also seems to be inspired by the sea and its surroundings. If the navy and blue combo seems too classic to you, opt for these lighter, calming and refreshing colors instead.

9. Brown – White

Brown - White (1)

Some dark colors are very pleasant in the bedroom. This is the case of chocolate brown which creates a warm atmosphere. Nevertheless, it is better to combine it with white to balance.

10. White and light blue

White and light blue (1)

Freshness and serenity are what describe this bedroom. If this is what you are looking for then this is the color scheme for you.

11. Monochrome white

Monochrome white (1)

There is nothing better than white to create a calming decor and ambiance. Why not try the monochrome style?

12. White – Gray – Ocher

White - Gray - Ocher (1)

This color palette is recommended for those who appreciate subdued, neutral colors but don’t want to be bored in their bedroom.

13. Pale yellow

Pale yellow (1)

It is difficult to properly dose a pale color in a bedroom or in a room in general.

14. Rising sun colors

Rising sun colors (1)

You will wake up in a good mood in this room.

15. Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue (1)

This orange board is a good reminder of the cover color.

16. Yellow and blue

Yellow and blue (1)

Yellow stands out very well when accompanied by dark blue.

17. Blue and white

Blue and white (1)

Blue is a color that makes other colors stand out.

18. Red and white

Red and white (1)

Think about curtains, which can also serve as a color reminder.

19. The color of love

The color of love (1)

This all red room is rather daring, but everything works.

20. Patchwork

Patchwork (1)

This duvet cover makes the orange wall behind it stand out.

21. Orange and white

Orange and white (1)

Orange is a popular color for bedrooms.

22. Oriental trend

Oriental trend (1)

This room is very welcoming and its decoration very successful.