30 Tips to Organize a Living Room

With family or friends, it is in the living room that we spend most of our time. This is why we must not skimp on its layout. Whether spacious or more cocooning, the advice on furniture arrangement is the same. You find that your living room is poorly arranged. We give you some tips to make it well thought out and welcoming.

1. Separate without partitioning

Separate without partitioning (1)

Use trellises, screens or openwork furniture, suggests Pauline Glaizal, head of style at Made in Design. These elements help us to draw the circulation, without reducing the space or freezing it.

2. Free yourself from TV

Free yourself from TV (1)

Do not be guided by the location of the TV outlet. It is not always installed in the most convenient place in a living room. Place the sofa first, the TV will follow, suggests Elodie Sagot, interior designer. Another tip: paint the wall behind it in a dark tone to lessen the impact.

3. Play the comfort card

Play the comfort card (1)

The living room must, above all, generate a feeling of reassuring relaxation, while remaining elegant because it is here that we receive “, underlines Pauline Glaizal, head of style at Made in Design. “The sofa is the centerpiece to create this atmosphere. Which one to choose? The models with rounded lines, very trendy, guarantee great comfort.

4. Organize the office in the living room

Organize the office in the living room (1)

More essential than ever at home, it should nevertheless not invade the space. Try to hide it or have closed storage nearby, so that your files do not taunt you all day.

5. Use color

Use color (1)

A painted wall, or a niche, can be enough to personalize its decoration, remarks Marguerite Naudin. The color allows to mark graphically the border between the living room and the kitchen if this one is open. strong.

6. Create multiple spaces

Create multiple spaces (1)

Even in a small living room , observes Elodie Sagot, consider setting up a separate space, a reading corner, for example, with an armchair next to a bookcase or a magazine rack. This does not saturate the space. but gives the impression of a living room and more spacious than it actually is.

7. Multiply the bases

Multiply the bases (1)

Multiply the seats. The space is thus occupied without the majority of the furniture being stuck to the wall. You might as well take the opportunity to mix styles and create your own decoration. As long as you combine the colors to keep a certain consistency.

8. Use the corners

Use the corners (1)

Sometimes it is difficult to take advantage of a particular room configuration. Here, the owners had the good idea to place the sofa under the stairs . Exploiting every nook and cranny often saves space.

9. Delimit the space with frames

Delimit the space with frames (1)

The frame walls are very decorative and they have a double use. In a small apartment, studio type, they can be used to delimit the living area from the rest of the main room . And with style!

10. Declutter the floor

Declutter the floor (1)

The TV cabinet is a key part of the living room. You might as well choose it! In this photo, it hangs from the wall. Thus, it clears the floor for an accentuated feeling of space.

11. Use half-height partitions

Use half-height partitions (1)

To separate the living room from the rest of the space, screens or bookcases can be used. Even more efficient (and decorative): the low partition . Here in a palisade version, it also serves as a backrest for the bench.

12. Install a custom TV cabinet

Install a custom TV cabinet (1)

In this house, the library hugs the built-in fireplace and serves as both storage and decoration. We can be inspired by it to imagine a custom TV cabinet in his living room. Or to nicely frame an old, not very aesthetic fireplace.

13. Enlarge the room with a white sofa

Enlarge the room with a white sofa (1)

A white sofa against a white wall, that offers no contrast. Certainly. But this immaculate alliance creates an effect of space and emphasizes other elements of the room. As here, the coffee table and its two matching stools.

14. Divert outdoor furniture

Divert outdoor furniture (1)

Finding the perfect sofa is no easy task. The owners of this living room have chosen outdoor furniture. Why are we copying? For ease of maintenance and originality. More generally, it should be kept in mind that furniture and objects can have several uses.

15. And why not install a corner sofa?

And why not install a corner sofa (1)

The corner sofa has it all. It is big, comfortable and it occupies space intelligently. Having a lamp behind it, taking it off the wall as here, helps to reduce its appearance, which is a little too massive.

16. Beautiful lounge area

Beautiful lounge area (1)

A beautiful lounge area combines a sofa, armchairs and an ottoman. A tip for creating dynamism in your layout.

17. Coffee table should be wide enough

coffee table should be wide enough (1)

The coffee table should be wide enough that everyone can reach it, no matter how much seating position they occupy in the living room.

18. Eclectic style

eclectic style (1)

Similar or eclectic style, the side tables respond to each other.

19. Light points

Light points (1)

Light points should be placed above the highlights of your living room.

20. Delimit the space

delimit the space (1)

To delimit the space of the stay, we use a carpet.

21. Decorative objects and paintings

Decorative objects and paintings (1)

Decorative objects and paintings are placed at a height that allows them to be visible when you are seated.

22. Set up a small or medium-sized living room

Set up a small or medium-sized living room (1)

A ventilated space will be the key to a good layout. As in the case of the studio, focusing attention on one element of the room (in the center) will create a point of reference and structure the rest well. Well-separated furniture and seats will make their mark here. If your living room is not square, choose rather long seats to match the configuration of the living room.

23. Set up a large living room

Set up a large living room1 (1)

Take advantage of this large space to set up a living room to your liking, combining comfort and dedicated spaces. You are free to choose which will be the “second function” of your living room. You can set up an office area (useful in these times of teleworking) for example. Do not forget to space your furniture and seats to avoid this feeling of crowding (especially since the size of the room allows you).

24. The case of the square living room

The case of the square living room (1)

A living room of this configuration will give the impression of (a little too much?) Perfect symmetry. You will therefore have to occupy the space in a “regulatory”, almost geometric manner, occupying the space with a sofa at the back of the room, armchairs opposite and a coffee table separating the two. However, nothing prevents you from opting for furniture whose round and therefore “marginal” shape (given the configuration of the room) will contrast with the square shape of the living room.

25. What about a rectangular living room?

What about a rectangular living room (1)

Enhance the rectangular shape of your living room by taking advantage of the length of the available space. Occupying the entire space of a living room of this style will allow it to be more emphasized. While the center of the room is important, the rest should not be overlooked.

26. Set up a living room that also serves as a dining room

Set up a living room that also serves as a dining room (1)

Generally with a good surface area, the living room including a dining area must above all distinguish between the two spaces. Many solutions are available to you to do this: sofa, glass roof or partition (make sure that they do not plunge the room into shadow), small furniture, green wall … The delimitation of these two spaces must also be done. in the light of preserved passageways so that both spaces are easily accessible.

27. The importance of the brightness of the room

The importance of the brightness of the room (1)

Whatever the configuration of the room, know how to highlight it thanks to an obvious advantage: that of the brightness. A lighted room will serve the layout and decoration of your living room (even more if it is small). So do not obstruct the arrival of light and choose your lights well!

28. Do not overload the room

Do not overload the room (1)

As with all rooms, never overlook waypoints, regardless of the size of the room. An accessible living room is synonymous with a pleasant room to live in.

29. The sofa, central element of the living room

The sofa, central element of the living room (1)

It is most often around the sofa that will revolve the layout of a living room. Placed to separate two spaces, against a wall or in the center of the room, remember the living room around the location of the sofa, an essential element of this comfortable and pleasant room.

30. Create geometric space

Create geometric space (1)

According to Feng Shui art, it is advisable to create a geometric space: square, rectangular or octagonal. This will create visual stability.