12 Ways to Position an Armchair in Your Interior (1)

Like the sofa, the armchair must be well positioned in the living room. For this, you must take into account the space available in your living room. If your room is large, you can position the chair almost anywhere. But if space is tight, be careful not to obstruct traffic. Consider choosing an armchair suited to the size of the room, both in terms of dimensions and shapes. You do not know how to position your armchair in your interior? Check out 12 super smart ways to showcase it.

1. Near the sofa

Near the sofa (1)

This is the most popular way to position your chair. Installing it next to the sofa provides additional seating, practical when receiving guests.

2. Near the bay window

Near the bay window (1)

If you are accustomed to reading, or if you simply enjoy admiring the scenery, place your armchair near the bay window. As a bonus, you will benefit from a pleasant breeze of air on sunny days.

3. Near the window

Near the window (1)

If you don’t have a bay window, you can also install your armchair near the window to make the most of the natural light.

4. Near the chimney

Near the chimney (1)

What could be better than a little cocooning moment near a fireplace? But if you want to place your chair near this heat source, be careful not to bring it too close so that it does not get damaged under the effect of the heat.

5. Suspended

Suspended (1)

Another surprising way to place your chair: in the air! Hanging armchairs are indeed very trendy nowadays, whether in the bedroom or in the living room. Cocooning effect guaranteed.

6. Against a wall

Against a wall (1)

Place your chair against a wall! Also, don’t hesitate to opt for a footstool if your living room is big enough!

7. Side by side

side by side (1)

If you do not have the space to install a sofa in your living room, nothing prevents you from opting for two armchairs side by side to create an illusion and spend moments together!

8. Behind a sofa

Behind a sofa (1)

How about placing your armchair behind your sofa? Be careful, however, to check that you have space!

9. Near the stairs

Near the stairs

For a rather unusual and original arrangement, you can place your armchair near the stairs!

10. Multiply the seats in a friendly atmosphere

multiply the seats in a friendly atmosphere (1)

This is the most classic use, but certainly not the least useful! In the living room, the armchair is in its favorite element and complements your sofa perfectly . It makes it possible to redefine the organization of the living room and thus to better define this convivial space by refocusing it around the coffee table in a more circular manner. It becomes ideal with family or when you receive friends to facilitate conversations by offering seats that face each other.

And in addition to its resolutely practical aspect, one should not neglect its decorative potential ! The chair allows you to add adynamic note to your sofa . Of course, you can opt for an armchair that matches your living room, but don’t hesitate to play on a mismatched model to awaken all the character of this piece of furniture. It will be ideal for adding a touch of color without overdoing it in the living room or even for adopting a more pronounced style. In short: the armchair is the personalization advantage of your living room.

11. Create a reading space

create a reading space in the bedroom (1)

We are inspired by hotels and we transform the bathroom into a real spa! And for that, nothing like an armchair to invite you to take your time and relax. You will be able to create a small space dedicated to beauty and settle there for a manicure or a hydration session.

We will then make sure to choose a practical model that fits into the style of his bathroom. Of course, we avoid models that are too bulky or that would not withstand the humidity of this room. If you opt for a fabric model, prefer a removable version that will go in the washing machine and will thus facilitate cleaning in the event of a stain.

12. Add a practical seat in the hall

add a practical seat in the hall (1)

The entrance is the first impression your guests will have on your interior so you might as well take care of this space . And what could be more user-friendly than an entrance which already invites you to settle in? We have a space-saving armchair that will dress this room and bring it warmth. We can even dare an original model! On a daily basis, the whole family will benefit from it: close to a shoe cabinet, the armchair will be ideal for settling down to put on and take off shoes, especially for children!