Nordic-Inspired Ideas of Scandinavian Living Rooms

The Scandinavian style is a great success, it must be said that the cozy, welcoming, warm and design side has everything to seduce us. Go home and relax in a restful atmosphere, it’s a moment of pure pleasure and the Nordic style contributes perfectly. If you too fall for this style and are wondering how to use it at home, here are some tips. They can allow you by keeping the current base to put the key that was missing. The hygge, more than a style, represents all the art of living.

1. Base is immaculate white

base is immaculate white (1)

In this Scandinavian-style living room, the base is immaculate white highlighting the natural materials, the sofa and the designer armchair. Black is present in discreet and graphic touches on the carpet, posters and lighting! The leather of the sofa is an element that also enhances this decoration, bringing conviviality.

2. Hygge style

Hygge style

Colors can perfectly find their place in the Hygge style , as you can see here where the powder pink sofa sets the tone, accompanied by some yellow, black and green accents, arranged in a very subtle way. The presence of wood and white is predominant.

3. Presence of a pale blue and wood

presence of a pale blue and wood (1)

Here we find the essential white base, the presence of a pale blue and wood on the furniture and on the floor to warm everything up. But what we also notice are the very graphic prints in different colors. The whole is friendly and warm.

4. Geometric patterns

geometric patterns (1)

Lots of colors here, and geometric patterns in this living room which nevertheless perfectly cultivates the Scandinavian style in its own way. Simple, but warm and friendly, it represents all the Nordic art of living with its cushions, plaids and rugs. A beautiful variation of the Scandinavian blue living room decor.

5. White, smoked gray and shades of blue

White, smoked gray and shades of blue (1)

White, smoked gray and shades of blue for a decidedly Scandinavian base. We added here and there a few touches of bright colors like yellow and pastels like mint green. It is then the black which makes it possible to highlight certain decorative objects. You just need to know how to dose the different elements wisely.

6. Nordic living room

Nordic living room (1)

Very pretty Nordic living room, whose conviviality is symbolized by the warmth of the flames and natural materials. Elegant and sophisticated, it is also very comfortable and cozy!

Do not hesitate to multiply the candlesticks and light them to warm up the long winter evenings. You will easily find it in large decoration stores at all prices. Placed on furniture, on windowsills, candles can be scented or simply impose themselves by their presence.

7. Multitude of candlesticks

multitude of candlesticks (1)

A multitude of candlesticks and white candles in pretty candlesticks of different shapes, arranged in the middle of white vases also on a rather dark wooden table. The Scandinavian spirit is very present in this living room.

8. Glimpse of Nordic design

glimpse of Nordic design (1)

A nice glimpse of Nordic design and its simple elegance. The round and pure lines bring the sought-after softness, the black armchair is an extremely famous piece brought up to date!

You probably cannot bet on a total designer look, but that’s not a problem, because big brands like Ikea, AM.PM, Habitat and many others also offer you furniture that reminds you of the big ones. names. As for the sofa, opt for white, beige or gray tones and simple lines. As for the armchairs, you play on large, comfortable models with a little fifties sides and for the coffee table, we prefer compass feet, but many other models are available.

9. Clean lines for furniture

clean lines for furniture (1)

Simple and clean lines for furniture that completely establishes the Scandinavian style of your living room. Note the presence of pale pink which softens the room while giving it character.

10. Characteristic of the Nordic style

characteristic of the Nordic style (1)

Furniture characteristic of the Nordic style. We recognize the concept of comfort and the cocooning spirit of this furniture as well as the raw materials such as the floor.

11. Scandinavian style does not exclude the color

Scandinavian style does not exclude the color (1)

The Scandinavian style does not exclude the color and it is indeed present in this living room. The rounded shapes of the typical furniture contrast with the graphic side of the carpet. A very beautiful harmony which brings a cozy and warm side to this room.

12. Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture (1)

Vintage furniture in particular with the armchair and the wooden sideboard reminiscent of the 50s. The mix with decorative objects in tune with the times and natural and cozy materials is perfectly successful. This room is comfortable and calls for relaxation.

13. Copper globe

copper globe (1)

Tom Dixon’s copper globe brings real added value to the room. This pendant light makes it possible to perfectly illuminate a place, it is also completely in the new trend which gives way to brass and copper.

14. Modern and graphic floor lamp

modern and graphic floor lamp (1)

A modern and graphic floor lamp that occupies part of the living room and adds a light source.

15. Decorative objects

Decorative objects (1)

Decorative objects here in dazzling whiteness, simple lines with textural effects that perfectly characterize the Nordic style. They could also perfectly have been colored.

16. Pretty objects either white or colored

pretty objects either white or colored (1)

Very pretty objects, either white or colored, and once again we find of course the characteristic colors blue and gray.

17. Hanging chair

Hanging chair

This pretty hanging chair sits a very comfortable and cozy corner in the living room. A place for example dedicated to reading that you decorate with an XXL e-reader.

18. Nordic-style

Nordic-style (1)

Soft rugs, cushions, throws and a knitted ottoman are the focus of this Nordic-style living room. It is these details that set the tone and allow us to switch in this spirit.

19. XXL-sized coffee table

XXL-sized coffee table (1)

A pretty XXL-sized coffee table in raw wood sits the living room part of this room. The wood is welcoming and immediately warms up a fairly neutral and refined atmosphere.

20. Contemporary Nordic living room

contemporary Nordic living room (1)

Clever and very contemporary Nordic living room with its low lines and this series of floor storage that transforms into potential seats. We always note the multiplication of cushions (a bit in the style of a modern Moroccan decor ) for comfort and the predominance of white and light wood, simply highlighted by an ice blue on the carpet.

21. Small collection of frames

small collection of frames (1)

We notice the famous and so characteristic trophy as well as a small collection of frames and the tone-on-tone garland animating the walls of this living room decorated in cold weather!

22. Graphic frames in soft hues

graphic frames in soft hues (1)

The graphic frames in soft hues are perfectly reminiscent of the cushions on the sofa.

23. Living room with a Nordic spirit

living room with a Nordic spirit (1)

A living room with a Nordic spirit, but very contemporary. Good ideas to draw if you want a modern Scandinavian living room!

24. White and wood living room

white and wood living room (1)

Scandinavian white and wood living room declined in a very modern and at the same time resolutely authentic way with in particular the rocking chair. Once again it is the serenity and simplicity that emanate from this space that make it so charming.

25. Scandinavian blue living room

Scandinavian blue living room (1)


Scandinavian blue living room decor mixed with a few touches of yellow for more energy and conviviality. If the Nordic spirit is present, here it comes in colors.

26. Codes of the Nordic spirit

codes of the Nordic spirit (1)

A gray Scandinavian living room that retains all the codes of the Nordic spirit despite the dominant gray. In particular, we find natural materials, especially with the carpet, furniture and rugs which further add to the super comfortable aspect of this space.

27. Mixture of styles

Mixture of styles (1)

Mixture of styles in this very Scandinavian decor with some designer pieces, slightly retro. The whole is superb and very welcoming, refined and elegant.

28. Scandinavian design lounge

Scandinavian design lounge (1)

A Scandinavian design lounge which retains the architectural elements of the old factory. Slightly vintage, but industrial in style, it harmoniously combines wood, metal, glass roof, some notes of bright colors such as yellow on the plaid, different tones of green and red on the poster. Softness, friendliness, serenity are what best characterizes this piece.

29. Designer furniture

designer furniture (1)

In this resolutely Scandinavian-style living room, we opted for designer furniture such as the Duvivier sofa by Nordiska and the “Cité 1930” armchair by Prouvé Raw. Both very cozy and stylish, it is colorful and cheerful. We notice the set of tables, inspired by the 50s and the very pretty pendant light coming directly from Copenhagen.

30. Carpet idea

Carpet idea (1)

Carpet idea to take up in a Nordic-inspired living room, especially if you do not have the possibility to change your floor and the latter is damaged or does not suit you. It can also be chosen with geometric patterns. We note the presence of yellow as well as the knitted poufs, emblematic of this style.