30 Inspirations to Adopt Zen Atmosphere in the Bathroom

The Zen and peaceful atmosphere of these bathrooms offers us a few hours of pure relaxation every day. Plants, wood, light colors, we steal their secrets without hesitation!

1. Concrete for softness

Concrete for softness (1)

Think again, on the ground, concrete can bring softness and delicacy.

2. Zen white

Zen white (1)

This is the color for a Zen bathroom! We do not hesitate to decline it to play with the harmonies.

3. Relaxed raw materials

Relaxed raw materials (1)

Brick wall and concrete floor, raw is the trendy touch of this Zen bathroom.

4. Zen bathtub

Zen bathtub (1)

We love the black bathtub, the soft light and the cherry tree branch … Another variation of Zen.

5. A poetic decoration

A poetic decoration (1)

Vintage bottles and white flowers, we melt for this chic and poetic composition.

6. Gray wood

Gray wood (1)

On furniture, think of weathered wood, almost gray, softer than raw wood.

7. A pretty jungle

A pretty jungle (1)

In the bathroom, plants are abused to afford a bath in the middle of the jungle!

8. Light wood

Light wood (1)

Furniture, baskets and textiles, this bathroom plays with shades of beige.

9. Luxurious version

Luxurious version (1)

All in delicacy, marble offers a Zen and luxurious atmosphere to your bathroom.

10. A green wall

A green wall (1)

For a maximum of oxygen, resource to the maximum and reconnect with simple and natural things.

11. Minimalist version

Minimalist version (1)

Finesse and elegance are the hallmarks of this bathroom, minimalist par excellence.

12. The harmony between stone and wood

The harmony between stone and wood (1)

We bring nature into our bathroom by harmoniously mixing stone and wood.

13. Rustic version

Rustic version (1)

The piece of furniture brings a pretty rustic feel to the bathroom that goes very well with a Zen atmosphere.

14. Zen but modern

Zen but modern (1)

Mirrors, lights and rugs, here, the accessories are the modern touch of this Zen bathroom. 

15. Zen shower

Zen shower (1)

Relax in this walk-in shower …

16. Shingles

Shingles (1)

The pebble brings this zen side that can be found in relaxation areas.

17. Transparency

Transparency (1)

Opt for transparent shower doors.

18. A pebble tile

A pebble tile (1)

Do not hesitate to mix a classic tile with a pebble tile.

19. Candles

candles (1)

Nothing better than lighting a few candles in the bathroom for a Zen atmosphere.

20. Simple version

Simple version (1)

Keep it simple to recreate a cozy atmosphere.

21. A dark wall

A dark wall (1)

A dark colored wall in the bathroom? A good idea to give it a zen touch!

22. A bay window

A bay window (1)

In the Zen bathroom, light is let in through a bay window. 

23. Cement effect tiles

Cement tile effect tiles (1)

To energize the Zen bathroom, choose a beautiful tile with a cement tile effect.

24. Bamboo everywhere

Bamboo everywhere (1)

Opt for a bamboo effect wall covering in your Zen bathroom, the result is incredible! 

25. Candles around the tub

Candles around the tub (1)

To highlight the Zen decoration, don’t forget the candles in the bathroom! 

26. A landscape wallpaper

A landscape wallpaper (1)

Immerse yourself in a bath that makes you travel thanks to this landscape wallpaper! 

27. Gray green

Gray green (1)

For a bathroom with Zen decor, choose shades of gray and green colors. 

28. A bamboo wall

A bamboo wall (1)

A bamboo partition will transport you directly to the sought-after Zen atmosphere.

29. A marriage of materials

A marriage of materials (1)

Concrete, wood and pebbles combine wonderfully to enhance your bathroom.

30. Vegetation

Vegetation (1)

Placed sparingly, plants bring a real breath of fresh air to your bathroom.