30 Inspirations of Modern Living Room (1)

A modern living room can be declined in different styles, while remaining very contemporary. If you prefer a more industrial, cocooning, hyper-design, colorful place… No problem, the only code of modernity is the minimalist. The most modern living rooms are also the most refined! No more accumulation of furniture, objects, trinkets, room for large spaces that breathe. And you will see, this rule has many additional advantages.

1. Contemporary style

Contemporary style (1)

Clean lines, light colors, designer and functional accessories, designer and practical furniture, these are the main characteristics of contemporary design. In an interior decorated in this style, everything revolves around the triangle “space, comfort and performance”. Indeed, beauty and practicality go hand in hand in this decoration spirit. The goal is to feel good at home and find all the features that meet your needs. If there’s one room in the house where this style fits perfectly, it’s the living room!

2. Open and warm

Open and warm (1)

No futility, trinkets or bulky furniture, a contemporary living room is open, refined, spacious and friendly. Thus, the essential is preserved and arranged so that the movements remain fluid when moving around the room. To benefit from this comfort, it suffices to preserve at least 80 cm of space around the armchairs. The corner sofaas well as daybeds are preferred, because they can accommodate several people without being bulky. They are also comfortable and suitable for reading, watching TV or taking a nap. Instead of sideboards that take up too much space, low TV tables with storage shelves are preferred. Between a non-essential piece of furniture and space, the latter is to be favored. The furniture must meet two criteria: comfort and functionality. Any clutter is eliminated to save space.

3. Clean, warm, open and friendly

Clean, warm, open and friendly (1)

Clean and warm, open and friendly, minimalist , the contemporary style has everything to seduce. The choice of furniture plays a key role in this style of decoration. It must be in phase with the available space. Too large furniture in a small area should be avoided. Modular and multifunctional furniture has its place to reduce space as much as possible. Thus, a sofa can act as a bookcase and a storage ottoman.

4. Light colors

Light colors (1)

If there is one rule to respect in the realization of a contemporary decoration, it is the use of light colors. These make the space brighter and more pleasant to look at. They also allow the space to be visually enlarged . Thus, the dominant colors are white, blue, gray and beige. However, black also incorporates the must in terms of contemporary decoration. It provides a nice contrast with light colors and helps structure the space by breaking the coldness created by white.

5. The brightness

The brightness (1)

The brightness of the room is very important to create a serene and friendly atmosphere in the living room. Thanks to large openings such as bay windows, the sun’s rays easily penetrate inside during the day. Optimized by the light shades used to decorate the room, there is enough natural light to illuminate the interior.

The sofas are placed so that they face the bay windows so that you can admire the view outside. This openness from the inside to the outside environment is particularly important. It increases the impression of space and eliminates the impression of confinement in a small living room. Ideally, this room should not be closed on itself. Open, it is delimited from the kitchen or from a reading corner by an imaginary line or by glass roofs.

6. The materials

The materials (1)

The contemporary style is also characterized by the use of materials such as steel and treated concrete . However, natural materials such as wood and leather are not excluded. Staircase handrails, bars, lighting and furniture legs are readily available in steel. The sofas can be fabric or leather as desired. Solid wood tables have their place in a contemporary living room as long as the lines remain clean and the appearance sober.

7. Timeless, black and white is an association that is coming back to the fore

Timeless, black and white is an association that is coming back to the fore (1)

It must be said that this style has many advantages: sobriety and elegance are in the spotlight in this very pretty living room with clean lines. We like the lacquered furniture that plays with natural light, the low lines that make it possible to enlarge the space and a few objects arranged just where it is needed. Obviously, you can add a few touches of color to this set, without overdoing it, yellow and red being the colors that will best enhance this type of decor.

8. Little bit green in the room

Little bit green in the room (1)

Almond green or fir green are about to dethrone the different shades of blue that had invaded the pages of decoration magazines. If you like green, now is the time to let go! We like in this living room: the small touches of green, the furniture with clean lines, the very successful mix, green and gray being two colors that respond very well and the soft and relaxing atmosphere that emanates from the room.

9. With natural materials such as wood

With natural materials such as wood (1)

This soft living room with neutral shades showcases natural materials such as wood. The sofas remain classic, but very welcoming with the multitude of cushions arranged here and there! The coffee table has a resolutely contemporary design. But the icing on the cake in this room is the ottoman. On its own, it gives all its character to this space.

10. This living room with its purple solid on one wall is typical of the flagship trend of this winter

This living room with its purple solid on one wall is typical of the flagship trend of this winter (1)

Indeed, purple in all its variations, from purple to eggplant, makes a remarkable entry into our interiors. Associated here with a few touches of green, tempered by gray, the color brings warmth and elegance to the whole for a cocooning spirit . As you can notice, the furniture remains sober with straight lines and graphics.

11. This almost monochrome living room is splendid with the absolute simplicity of an immaculate white

This almost monochrome living room is splendid with the absolute simplicity of an immaculate white (1)

It could be impersonal and cold, but it is warmed by the two paintings exhibited in the style of a gallery, the two Scandinavian-style armchairs and the light wood parquet. The rug offers a lot of user-friendliness as well.

12. Velvet makes its show

Velvet makes its show (1)

Completely different atmosphere for this show, but still so trendy. It puts the spotlight on velvet, the star material of our interiors this winter. Its softness, its velvety and enveloping aspect are perfect for a universe that is pleasant to find after a day of work. Imagine a fire in the fireplace and all you have to do is relax or have a family chat while sipping a drink! We see it in all of this winter’s collections in the form of plaids or cushions.

You will notice in this photo another very strong trend, the brass or copper aspect that continues to adorn our homes. Here it is displayed on a spectacular light fixture. The long acclaimed metal look is gradually disappearing in favor of this trend which brings more warmth to our interiors. The very fashionable Art Deco style is certainly not for nothing in this new fashion.

13. The strong colors of winter

The strong colors of winter (1)

The one that comes out on top is undoubtedly yellow and especially in its curry yellow variation . In addition to its very warm character appreciated during this cold and gray period, it is invigorating and gives life to your living room . Play with it through a few cushions, furniture or pretty vases to give an industrial effect to your living room . Once again, the total look in the matter is not happy.

The strong colors of winter1 (1)

We have already talked about green and purple, but there is still a great forgotten one which nevertheless makes a remarkable reappearance, light pink or powder pink . You can go for a strong bias with this shade by applying it to a wall. And of course, the marriage of white and black is still relevant, this timeless still occupies a prominent place in the collections. The brown cashmere is your ultimate relaxation this season. It is not only warm, but it is also relaxing and welcoming. Without forgetting the blue which comes in all tones, from light blue to navy blue.

14. And why not add a little ethnic touch?

And why not add a little ethnic touch (1)

A few ethnic elements can wake up an interior that is too contemporary and too cold. Invitation to travel … but not only, it is above all a good idea to give all its personality and a unique side to your stay. Proceed by touch as with this very pretty glass cabinet which retains a relatively modern line. A beautiful ethnic-style rug, a few cushions or a small piece of furniture will also do the trick. All these accessories correct the somewhat cold aspect of modern style and design!

15. XXL sofa or the corner sofa

XXL sofa or the corner sofa (1)

The central part of your living room is of course the sofa , the one that offers you arms for a moment of rest after a day of shopping or work. The one that allows you to receive family and friends around the traditional convivial aperitif… If making a choice is not always easy, a few tips can help you. Today’s fashion is for the XXL sofa or the corner sofa, but there is a downside, your space must be large enough to accommodate it.

16. Opt for two sofas

opt for two sofas (1)

Opt for two sofas of the right size for the surface area you are installing face to face. It’s very practical for entertaining, but much less for watching your cult movie at 4 or 5. If your television is in the living room, create an angle with your two sofas. And if two sofas really don’t fit in the room, put just one, complete with space-saving armchairs and occasional ottomans.

So when you receive everyone can sit around the coffee table. In this case, do not try to match the sofa and armchairs: rather play on a style or different colors, it is what will bring charm to the whole.

17. Unique coffee table

Unique coffee table (1)

The coffee table is obviously an essential element, there are such a variety of models, shapes and sizes that it is difficult to go around here. It is a purchase that works especially at the stroke of the heart! The large square, rectangular and very low tables are very contemporary, they are often in lacquered wood, bringing a lot of light to your room.

If you only have a small area, opt for two or three small tables that you can adjust to suit your needs or desires of the moment. The advantage of this space-saving furniture is that it can be moved around without any problem. If you like change, you definitely appreciate them.

18. TV cabinet with library

TV cabinet with library (1)

Of course, most living rooms accommodate the television and therefore the TV cabinet that receives it is essential. Low furniture is recommended in rooms with a small surface area. However, in a space with generous dimensions, you will easily have a larger and higher piece of furniture housing a niche dedicated to it. The advantage in the latter case is that you can store your books, photos, glasses, etc. As you have seen above, there are many designer models in different price ranges.

Finally, lovers of reading who like to have their books always on hand opt for a library containing all the treasures they own. There are many models, but you may also prefer a custom bookcase, if your ceiling is very high for example.

19. Contemporary living room by opting for black on the walls and exposed beams

contemporary living room by opting for black on the walls and exposed beams (1)

The bet was daring in this contemporary living room by opting for black on the walls and exposed beams, but it brings a lot of modernity. Few pieces of furniture and decorative objects, but bright in order to bring out the luminosity of this space which seems very vast, because it is uncluttered.

20. Whiteness in bright and cozy living room

whiteness in bright and cozy living room (1)

Immaculate whiteness in this very bright and cozy living room, a few touches of wood and colors, as well as the play of materials make it possible to wake up the decor and warm it up, because the disadvantage of white is often its coldness.

21. Metal and wood furniture, brick wall for an industrial spirit

Metal and wood furniture, brick wall for an industrial spirit (1)

Metal and wood furniture, brick wall for an industrial spirit in this living room with a very modern atmosphere. The chair is a real sculpture and a resolutely design object.

22. Minimalist side of large living room

minimalist side of large living room (1)

The minimalist side of this large living room fully contributes to its modernity. The works of art are perfectly highlighted. We note that all the furniture: sofa, sofa ends, coffee table and armchairs are available in the same colors. The sideboard stands out and recalls the details of the painting.

23. Classic architecture

classic architecture (1)

In this apartment with very classic architecture, the modern atmosphere is very successful. A great place has been made for contemporary art, which is fully asserting itself. The chesterfield sofas contrast with Ron Arad’s designer table and the superb chandelier that highlights the entire room.

24. A bit like an art gallery

A bit like an art gallery (1)

This living room looks a bit like an art gallery and yet it remains very contemporary because if paintings and statuettes are numerous, they are all black and this unit lightens the whole considerably. With its dominant black and white, it is perfectly in the codes of modern.

25. In bright red colors

In bright red colors (1)

The rounded shapes, anthracite and bright red colors work perfectly in this spacious living room. The glass table helps highlight the surface area, while a large apple is displayed like a work of art.

26. Living room with its dominant blue

living room with its dominant blue (1)

This living room with its dominant blue and its very clean, straight and low lines display a resolutely contemporary allure. The whole is highlighted by the three abstract paintings where the blue recalls that of the sofa and the ottoman. The patina on the wall gives it character.

To give your old living room a modern feel, start by decluttering . Remove massive, heavy and bulky wooden furniture, prefer low sideboards and overhead lines. You free up the volume and let the beautiful pieces express themselves fully in this large space. And if you don’t have a budget to buy new furniture, do with the existing one by repainting it or patinaing it with white, remove the top of your dresser, remove doors and alternate the empty parts, is a good way to lighten the whole.

27. Modern atmosphere

Modern atmosphere (1)

The modern atmosphere in this living room is provided in particular by these pretty pendant lights. The geometric designs on the cushions, the marble on the table further enhance the modernity of the living room. But it is all the same this chandelier that highlights all the space.

28. Atypical apartment

atypical apartment (1)

This living room is indeed a space in its own right of an atypical apartment even if it looks more like an art gallery. Very little furniture and decorative objects, but only very strong pieces like these extraordinary red armchairs.

29. Objects or a wall to punctuate a stay

objects or a wall to punctuate a stay (1)

Sometimes a few flat areas of color are enough on a piece of furniture, objects or a wall to punctuate a stay and bring it a little boost and modernity. However, don’t overdo it to keep it modern. The Too Much would give the opposite effect to that sought. If you are afraid of making mistakes, opt for large pieces in neutral colors and add color and life to decorative objects or furniture for example. Try to keep the same tones and do not multiply the tones.

Here, it is the cushions that set the tone with bright and deeper blue in a gray-dominated living room.

30. Few touches of yellow

Few touches of yellow (1)

A few touches of yellow are enough to give rhythm to this living room, no need to multiply this strong shade for it to play its role.