30+ ideas of paper crafts for Christmas (1)

Collecting good ideas is our specialty! In this post you will find 33 creative DIY paper Christmas decoration ideas. Some of these ideas are similar, others surprise us with their originality. With such a large gallery of suggestions, it’s hard not to find at least one that suits everyone’s taste. Then, we have all the materials needed for most of the projects presented here: paper or cardboard, scissors, glue, paint and others. Our advice is to use recycled paper or cardboard if possible.

1. Paper Christmas balls? It’s easy!

Paper Christmas ball (1)

DIY paper Christmas decoration has never been easier! When we talk about DIY projects, we always imagine something complex and difficult. Indeed, it is really very simple to create a pretty decoration easily with paper. There are several designs of Christmas baubles that you can try to make at home. The string is very practical and can be used for the realization of a large number of projects. It allows you to hang your most beautiful creations. Finally, you can also use it to wrap your most beautiful Christmas gifts.

2. Use old baubles with designed papers

Use old baubles with designed papers (1)

Do you have old Christmas balls that don’t shine too much? Instead of throwing them in the trash, re-dress them with paper of any color, tape or fabric. Recycling is modern. In addition, it is practical, economical and ecological. Here are some really good reasons to recycle and reuse things. There is nothing cooler than items made from reclaimed materials. Imagine that you would be proud of your creation! Why not also make Christmas presents?

3. Making a paper Christmas wreath is that easy!

Making a paper Christmas wreath is that easy! (1)

The wreath is one of the must have items for the Christmas party as well as for Easter. In addition, it is very easy to achieve. You can use any kind of paper or cardboard. For the majority of the DIY wreath projects offered here, all you need is the scissors, glue, and string to hang your pretty creations. The Christmas decoration has never been so easy to achieve! These tiny trees are perfect for decorating the table or the fireplace.

4. Little paper trees

Little paper trees (1)

The alternative Christmas tree has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Sustainable and ecological, the alternative tree is the choice of responsible consumers. You can make alternative trees from anything: paper, cardboard, books, pine cones and many more. Since the shape of the tree is easy to recreate, it allows the use of a large number of various materials.

5. Garlands: a superb DIY decoration!

Garlands, a superb DIY decoration (1)

Who doesn’t like easy and creative projects? The garland is one of the easiest decorative objects to make yourself. But how to make a garland? Well, there are several different projects. You can make it from paper, fabric, cardboard, pine cones, acorns, and many more. We have written it several times: there is no festive atmosphere without garlands!

The paper is easy to handle and the basis for many creative Christmas decor projects. The paper garland is a beautiful decoration that you can put anywhere at home. To make the beautiful all-white garland, in the photo above, you will need to have: thick paper or cardboard (the color has no meaning), a rope and scissors. For fixing your garland, it depends on where you want to install it.

6. What a beautiful Christmas decoration!

What a beautiful Christmas decoration (1)

Dare the colors. If you want a different Christmas decoration, do not hesitate to mix the colors. But beware, even in kitsch there are limits and elegance! The decor must above all match the style of your home interior. The key to successful design is the harmony of the elements.

7. Paper stars

Paper stars (1)

Are you looking for a Christmas decoration for your walls? Great ! We have a project for you: paper stars. They are very beautiful and moreover, easy to manufacture. You can install them anywhere in your home: the bedroom, living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen or anywhere else. They create a very pleasant atmosphere of soft magic, don’t you think? Look :

8. Origami is so cool!

Origami is so cool (1)

The majority of adults associate origami with creative projects for children. Indeed, origami is an art apart and many people practice it as a serious hobby. It also has a relaxing and calming effect. Working with your hands is relaxing. And when the pleasant goes hand in hand: we create a festive decoration in origami! These pretty blue origami stars are an elegant decoration for the walls of any room in the house. And if you’re not good at origami, try kirigami: it’s like origami, but you’ll also need the scissors. The paper stars, which you see in the image below, are indeed easy to make. They can be integrated into various decorative compositions.

9. Wall decor

Wall decor (1)

This pretty black star can decorate any wall in the house. It is not necessarily reserved for winter festivals. If you want a light and DIY decoration, this type of decoration is ideal for you. Buy cardboard and design your beautiful stars!

10. Hanging cardboard stars

Hanging cardboard stars (1)

Here’s a really creative project: an alternative option to the Christmas tree made of hanging cardboard stars with the days of December indicated. It’s like a rider schedule.

11. Fairy lights for a magical party

Fairy lights for a magical party (1)

There is nothing more magical than the soft light of Christmas garlands. You can install them anywhere in the house. In addition, it is a discreet way to light up your indoor or outdoor space. This time around, it’s not just the paper garlands, but the fairy lights. It is really practical and a magical idea for the garden or the terrace.

12. Decoration for gifts?

Decoration for gift (1)

Decorating your gifts is just as important as decorating your home! We all love freebies, don’t we? Decorating them is very simple: you will need paper, fir branches, ribbons and anything else that you associate with this celebration and that you think is suitable to integrate into your gift decoration. We particularly like these prints:

13. Minimalist garland

Minimalist garland (1)

A minimalist garland that’s really easy to make.

14. Mini paper tree

Mini paper tree (1)

This mini tree is not only a superb winter decoration, but can also serve as a gift for someone.

15. Alternative Chrismas tree

Alternative Chrismas tree (1)

It is time to become a responsible consumer and to realize that our actions have an impact on the health of the global planet. So recycle and give gifts that are like no other. Dare to be different and say welcome to the green Christmas party this year. Instead of satisfying yourself with a single tree, create several! You can then decorate your entrance or living room. In addition, small trees are ideal for small living spaces.

16. Little crowns

Little crowns (1)

The little crowns below are really cute, can’t you think of them? This creation technique is very effective and can even be used for the creation of kits and bags.

17. Carboard plate Christmas tree

Carboard plate Christmas tree (1)

A Christmas tree made from cardboard plates? It is a beautiful project to do with the children during the cold winter days. For the realization of this project you will need: cardboard plates, more cardboard for the balls and stars, scissors and glue.

18. 3D effect Christmas tree

3D effect Christmas tree (1)

The Christmas tree is the greatest symbol of this celebration. What a pretty paper Christmas decoration! You can recreate its shape in many ways and in all sizes. We love these cardboard trees with a 3D effect.

19. Paper Christmas tree garland 

Paper Christmas tree garland  (1)

The garland is a classic decoration. It is one of the first decorative solutions that we think of. Buying a garland at the store is easy and you can find it everywhere. But creating it yourself is even cooler. To make any paper Christmas wreath you will need: paper or cardboard, rope, scissors. And for fixing the paper decorations, you can use glue or thread. This garland made of small cardboard trees is a great way to decorate your fireplace or one of the walls at home.

20. Colorful 2D model garland

Colorful 2D model garland (1)

This paper tree garland is not only pretty, but also relatively easy to make. First, you have to make the cardboard trees. Then, you can fix them in different ways to the rope and hang them wherever you want. You will need the scissors and glue for the trees. It is better to go for thick paper or cardboard. If the 3D tree model seems difficult to achieve, you can also make the 2D model in the photo below. We love how it was painted afterwards.

21. Origami garland

Origami garland (1)

We really like the models of paper garlands with origami. You can choose a simple tree or star origami model, or you can do something more complex. It all depends on your origami skills! It is quite possible to design a garland made up of different origami models: star, tree, flower and others. Finally, you can mix it up and make several models at the same time!

22. Christmas decoration to make out of paper with cardboard plates

Christmas decoration to make out of paper with cardboard plates (1)

Cardboard plates make a great base for a variety of creative projects. Their shape makes them perfect for making a Christmas wreath, tree or garland (like the one pictured above). We advise you to opt for recycled cardboard plates. Usually this plate model is only available in white. So you can color it as you want.

23. Making paper rosettes

Making paper rosettes (1)

An easy creative project ? The pretty decorative ornaments, in the photo below, are just a few steps away. By using the old technique of decoupage, we manage to create a pretty decoration in just a few minutes. How about using the rosette technique? Have you ever done such a project when you were a child?

This is indeed the cutting technique to create rosettes . To make rosettes, you will only need: paper (not very thick so that you can easily fold it), double-sided adhesive tape, scissors and a hot glue gun. With this technique, you can not only create pretty decorative ornaments, but also a whole Christmas tree! It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

24. Pattern paper tree

Pattern paper tree

This little tree was made with paper

25. Cone shaped trees

Cone shaped trees (1)

These pretty alternative trees are very easy to make. Instead of settling for just one tree this year, why not make a few? You can make it in many ways: paper, cardboard, fabric, books, or other items.

26. Wall tree

Wall tree (1)

Many people choose a wall tree. It is a smart solution for small spaces.

27. Mini cardboard trees

Mini cardboard trees (1)

To make a paper or cardboard tree, you need two things: cardboard (paper) and scissors and little bit glitter if you want more decoration. Cardboard is ideal for making an alternative tree. You are free to choose its decoration.

28. Paper wreath

Paper wreath (1)

The crown is also one of these classic decorative objects. It is also very easy to perform. This year, we decided to make a cardboard wreath. The latter can serve us for a few years. Its manufacture costs three times nothing. It is even better to do it from the salvage material. Old newspapers can easily be transformed into Christmas decorations, for example. To create great decorations, you don’t need a lot. Above all, you have to have imagination!

29. Paper suspensions

Paper suspensions

Hanging decoration is a great way to decorate while optimizing your living space. Hanging furniture is also one of the space saving tips. Fortunately, paper is ideal for this type of decoration as you have already seen. Besides classic Christmas trees, wreaths and balls, there are other creative and interesting projects.

30. Decoupage

decoupage (1)

When we were kids, we all spent a lot of time cutting. This simple technique is much more than a fun activity for children. It allows the realization of a large number of creative projects, and for all these projects you only need a few basic tools: cardboard or paper, scissors and possibly glue.

What if we made this pretty, simple garland? You can do this project with the help of your children. It is a creative project that we all carried out during our childhood. Here he is back, as an adult, this time in the form of a Christmas decoration to make out of paper.

31. Paper Christmas village

Paper Christmas village (1)

To decorate your Christmas tree , the small paper houses and bright inside are beautiful. Placed on a shelf or on the carpet at the foot of the tree and surrounded by garlands , these little houses give us the impression of spending a night in an imaginary world.

32. Recycled decoration with toilet paper rolls

Recycled decoration with toilet paper rolls (1)

Make original decorations with the rolls of your used toilet paper . The cardboard characters , especially the Santa and Snowman are very popular with children. The toilet paper rolls can also be transformed into small toy storage for your children. An element as decorative as it is functional.

33. Christmas card

Christmas card (1)

It is also possible to obtain a beautiful original envelope thanks to origami.