30 Ideas of Minimalist Christmas Decoration

Is Christmas stressing you out? Every year, it’s the same thing – what style of decor to choose, when to find the time to install everything, impossible to get your hands on the cardboard with all the decor from last year …

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to go for a minimalist Christmas version.

For many, sometimes without even realizing it, the holiday season is a real source of stress. Preparation, winter fatigue, last-minute shopping… Yet Christmas is also the perfect opportunity to spend time with the family and to enjoy it. A minimalist Christmas decoration, therefore, seems to be an obvious solution! let’s see the 30 inspirations of minimalist Christmas decoration.

1. A minimalist Christmas tree

A Minimalist Christmas Tree (1)

No need to spend hours decorating your Christmas tree! A plant pot that you already have, a small tree, and some hanging decorations create a pleasant atmosphere for the end-of-the-year celebrations.

2. A minimalist & original alternative

A minimalist & original alternative (1)

As I explained in the introduction of this article, the minimalist style is not so sad! Above, an original alternative to the Christmas tree made with planks of pallets. The light garland brings a warm touch. An easy DIY to make for a Christmas with ease!

3. With a few branches only …

With a few branches only ... (1)

You have neither tree nor the time to devote to the creation of a DIY? A few branches in a vase are enough for a minimalist Christmas decoration …

4. For small surfaces

For small surfaces (1)

The minimalist style is particularly suitable for small areas. Above, a trendy alternative if you lack space for a real tree! This wall decoration proves that the minimalist style can also be of character.

5. A minimalist tree, without thorns

A minimalist tree, without thorns (1)

If you are tired of spending your time picking up the thorns of your tree, opt for this original alternative with masking tape! And if you’re the type to set up your tree at the last minute, this one shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you …

6. In black & white

In black & white (1)

A Christmas decoration in black & white, refined, simple, and effective!

7. The little minimalist decor

The little minimalist decor (1)

A few ” small decoration ” objects to diffuse the Christmas atmosphere in the living room, in a minimalist way. For example, we find candles on the coffee table as well as wooden letters on the open shelf.

8. A simple & elegant garland

A Simple & Elegant Garland (1)

If you are used to ” traditional ” Christmas decorations, often very colorful, this garland will certainly surprise you. We love its simple and elegant look!

9. A minimalist Christmas wreath

A Minimalist Christmas Wreath (1)

To replace the classic Christmas wreath, go for the minimalist style! Above, a very simply decorated star to hang on the door.

10. A minimalist & natural Christmas table

A minimalist & nature Christmas table (1)

The minimalist style is also invited for the decoration of the Christmas table! It goes perfectly with a natural look.

11. Advent calendar

Advent calendar (3)

Have you ever seen such a minimalist advent calendar? For the warm touch, do not hesitate to add a light garland …

12. Geometric mini trees

Geometric mini trees (1)

An idea that is both trendy and minimalist, we love the look of these DIY mini trees!

13. A small DIY wooden decoration

A small DIY wooden decoration (1)

If you like idea no 12 – you are definitely going to love this do-it-yourself DIY, in a similar vein.

14. Very chic Christmas “ balls ”

Very Chic Christmas balls (1)

Are you tired of traditional Christmas balls, looking for a simple idea to change up a bit this year? What do you think of this minimalist, chic and elegant Christmas balls?

15. A garland of pine cones

A garland of pine cones (1)

The minimalist style gives pride of place to nature – for example with a garland of pine cones.

16. A minimalist decorative corner

A minimalist decorative corner (1)

If you don’t like the idea of ​​” transforming ” your whole house for Christmas, you can dedicate a decorative corner to highlight a few objects or creations. Then it’s up to you to choose the ideal location, in your hallway, living room, bedroom, etc.

17. Illustrated advent calendar

Illustrated Advent Calendar (1)

It’s not just kids who love Advent calendars; we want one too! Why not combine business with pleasure with beautiful illustrations made by a talented graphic designer. Take the opportunity to add the ornaments you want to the set.

18. Simple and natural decorations

Simple and natural decorations (1)

To blow the north wind into your home, accumulate items in a balanced way. The natural wood and white paint combo are very present in the decoration of minimalist or Scandinavian inspiration. The same goes for natural materials, such as carefully selected tree branches, pine, fur, and jute twine. Play with heights and layer! The final touch: a golden accent to make it all shine!

19. Minimalism for maximum effect

Minimalism for maximum effect (1)

A wall tree is ideal for small spaces. Thanks to it, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect corner for the tree. And above all, the cat will have no chance to scatter the balls everywhere!

20. 3D cardboard decoration

3D cardboard decoration (1)

The festive period is a good pretext to decorate with our child’s heart! In addition to being eco-friendly, the cardboard deer family evokes the playful side of Scandinavian decor.

21. Enchanted jars

Enchanted jars

These jars transport us to the world of enchanted forests! There is nothing better than bringing the magic of Christmas into our home.

22. Rainbow pompom garland

Rainbow pompom garland (1)

If you like colorful fantasies, know that they have their place in minimalist settings. Very easy to make, the pompom garland will instantly add cheerfulness to the room!

23. Christmas balls and plants

Christmas balls and plants

Plant lover, you’ll love this idea for literally incorporating a little greenery into your Christmas ornaments. Just put real (or fake) green leaves on or in transparent balls.

24. Personal packaging

Personal packaging (1)

Everything you need to reproduce this minimalist gift wrapping: kraft paper, a few brushstrokes covered with white or black paint, jute rope, and a piece of a fir branch. The gift-wrapped under the tree will be a decoration in itself until Christmas!

25. The minimalist Christmas wreath

The minimalist Christmas wreath (1)

It has become very easy to make your own Christmas wreath, and the time has come for very refined wreaths. With a few very inexpensive sprigs of plants that you will have bought at the florist or found in nature, on a pretty golden circle that you can reuse year after year …

The minimalist Christmas wreath 1 (1)

Hanging on a doorknob, or hanging on the wall, it will immediately give the your… We use the branches of conifers of course, but for a little more unexpected: the eucalyptus, the olive tree, the statices, the baby’s breath… which will all be just as pretty once dried…

The minimalist Christmas wreath 2 (1)

You can choose a simple circle or with a candle holder, but if this is the case, be careful not to light the candle that you will place there !!! Simple circles are very easy to find: either in a creative hobby store or in the lighting department of DIY stores …

26. Improvised vases and candlesticks

Improvised vases and candlesticks (1)

It’s hard to find an idea simpler than this one, and at the same time what a breath of poetry in the house than simple branches in an improvised vase…

Improvised vases and candlesticks 1 (1)

We will reuse our transparent glass bottles, the little jars, the jars, the Jeanne ladies, to stage a few branches in a little freshwater, or candles, all over the house, on the table, the coffee table, the console in the entrance or the hallway, the bedside tables, all the places are good to recall the magic of Christmas …

Improvised vases and candlesticks 2 (1)

Besides, I can only advise you to do this throughout the year, to beautify your living spaces …

Improvised vases and candlesticks 3 (1)

We compose, we play with shapes, sizes, and above all we recycle and give a new utility to objects …

27. “Hand made” decorations

Hand made decorations (1)

Making your own Christmas decorations may seem obsolete, but here too, a wind of novelty is blowing on the decoration and makes us see things differently …

Hand made decorations 1 (1)

First of all, it is eco-friendly as an approach, and then it is well worth the flashy balls from our childhood and other plastic decorations, which we can no longer support our dear planet, so on this side too, we make it simple, refined and poetic !!! We reduce the decorations to light garlands (with led that consumes less energy) and pretty “homemade” decorations that the children will be proud to have made with you…

Hand made decorations 2 (1)

A piece of branch in a glass ball, wooden beads, boiled wool, natural twine… Everything is there, and it is quite enough, believes me !!!

Hand made decorations 3 (1)

You can also test the hardening dough, which you can make yourself, it’s even better, on which you print the imprint of plants for example… Poetic effect guaranteed !!!!

28. Decorate with dead firs

Decorate with dead firs (1)

Like me, do you have a tear at the idea of ​​seeing all the dead fir trees litter the sidewalks of our streets at the end of December? Certainly, now they are recycled in many municipalities and that’s good… The plastic tree ??? No more ecological if we are to believe the comparative articles between natural and synthetic trees… What to do ???

Decorate with dead firs 1 (1)

Choosing a living tree that will last over time, serve several years, and have a happy holiday in a jar between each Christmas period, don’t you find that more comforting ???

Decorate with dead firs 2 (1)

The “root fir” trend is not to displease me, even if, I grant you, we are more on the Bilbo the hobbit format than the Rockefeller center… But never mind, we put several, like that it’s Christmas everywhere !!! And then some potted trees are still a very good size to slip the gifts under !!!

29. Hand-made packaging

Hand-made packaging (1)

In this area too we can make some efforts for a more “green” Christmas…

Hand-made packaging 1 (1)

Kraft paper, strings, branches, and even fabrics, anything can be used to make pretty gift wrapping if you are inspired …

30. Neutral colors

Neutral colors (2)

The traditional Christmas colors are red, gold and green but you can also easily bring a wintery and cocooning atmosphere to your decoration with objects in white, beige and brown tones that recall the outdoor nature and which blend in with the perfection. Zen atmosphere guaranteed.